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Filming begins on Alan Turing biopic with Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley

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Reader comments

  1. I suppose Kiera Knightley will play Turing’s great love…

    1. Well, the present face of Chanel (or some brand like that) is, after all, such an obvious choice to play a mathematician and cryptanalyst in wartime, isn’t she?

      (And in any event Joan Clarke was only briefly his fiancée, not his great love.)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2013, 4:35pm

        And Joan Clarke was certainly no beauty from what I’ve read yet here is Kiera Knightly playing the role. Typical bloody American approach having an attractive actor playing the role to attract audiences. Have you noticed that Hollywood portrays female actresses sleeping with their makeup on in bedroom scenes? How many women go to bed with it on I wonder? Certainly none in the UK that I know of.

  2. American production. Norwegian director. Focusing on Joan Clarke. What a load of cr4p.

  3. I’m surprised at Cumberbatch accepting the role if it transpires that it has indeed been ‘sanitised’ for the American market. I would have hoped he’d have had more integrity.

  4. Pink News: please, oh please, would you SPECIFY who this “Julia Turing” is other than “american scientist”.

    She shares a patronymic with the subject of the film, and professes to intimate knowledge about his life.. but WHO is she? and why would she have any particular knowledge about his life?

    is she his sister? his cousin? a long lost relative, many times removed, on his father’s side?

    I’m not saying this to downplay concerns about the rather obvious straight-washing that is going on here regarding Alan Turing, but rather to get an idea of WHO this Julia Turing person is and why her commentary matters, and to clear up any confusion regarding who the heck she is.

  5. When I originally read about this I thought Julia Turing was a relative. Seems not. She’s an admirer. Who felt the need to change her name. Seems a bit strange to do that in my opinion.

    Going on that score, the only ones allowed an opinion about this films are his actual family!

    I’ll wait to see more about it before I form opinions on who is who and how this is played out! Rather than go by someone who formed an option before anything. Was started and who changed their name to make some weird point!

    1. What a hijack. What a crime. The Turing family should sue the producer for playing down Turing’s gay identity.

  6.’s incredible that even now you don’t even get the true story of someones homosexuality relayed in a film…..because the majority of the public can’t bear it??

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