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Critics warn ‘Right Behind Gay Footballers’ slogan relies on ‘innuendo’ about gay sex

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Reader comments

  1. Glad someone mentioned it, when I read about the campaign I thought it was a bit too tongue in cheek which could either work very well, or be used very wrongly. As it stands, I am neutral, as I can see it as both a very good thing, and a potential bad thing.. time will tell.

    1. “Tongue-in-cheek?” Hahaha!

  2. I see their point, but at the end of the day, it’s just a couple of words. The cause of the campaign is much more important than the apparent sexual innuendo some people may find behind five words.
    Surely they realize that?

    1. *four words, rather.

  3. there is also the bend over to tie your laces aspect… its a gift to homophobic fans…

  4. Kerry Hollowell 19 Sep 2013, 2:30pm

    we are with you would have been better

  5. They’re right. And what have paddy power got to do with gay rights?

    1. So if you’re not gay then keep your opinion and support to yourself? I’m sure that would work out well for us

      1. Yeah because paddy power have a great reputation for LGBT rights, especially after that anti-trans advertising campaign. I like the campaign, and the laces are okay, but…..

        all I know, as someone who goes to matches, is that lads on the terrace will take the plss out of the slogan, and gay guys like me who go to football will become a figure of laughter with the ‘get behind him’ slogan, rather than one of equal respect. I can hear the jokes already. Have you ever been to a match, do you know what it’s like? No, thought not, because if you did, you wouldn’t have that opinion.

        1. So they can’t have realised the error of their previous actions and made a decision to do something positive instead?

          And butt sex jokes and “keep it out of football” wouldn’t happen if the catchphrase was something else? Of course it would, Morons are morons.

          And lastly, two weeks ago I was stood in freezing wind and rain cheering my national team on so in answer to your question yes, I have been to a match. Numerous in fact, and I’ve never had any issue with homophobia at any of them.

  6. Well, I think the innuendo-laden slogan is actually a good thing, because underneath a lot of homophobia is the childish, stupid, ignorant fear of being in the changing room with gay players. That needs to be tackled head-on. I hope this ‘behind you’ campaign gets that kind of nonsense out in the open in order to extinguish it.

    1. Totally agree. By making people face-up their homophobia with a slogan full of inneundo, perhaps they may see how childish they are being? Of course, the main reason for most homophobia is because homophobes are desperately trying to hide any outward signs that THEY might be gay. But what they fail to realise is that their homophobia says MUCH more about their inner-feelings than they would ever dream. The more homophobic someone is, the more likely it is that they are attempting to ‘project’ their self-hatred onto someone who represents that which they fear most in themselves – ie: same-sex attraction.

    2. The problem is that they imagine a gay man in a male changing room equates to a man in a female changing room. They don’t realise that extending that analogy, a male in a women’s room is likely to feel vulnerable and (metaphorically) exposed, rather than aroused.
      Not being out, I felt less like that, but still uncomfortable in strange situations, among strangers.

  7. Just as Stonewall’s “I’m Gay, Get Over It” sought to antagonise homophobes and therefore defeat its ultimate objective, so this latest campaign attempts to score an own goal (excuse pun!) by inviting more derision than serious consideration from onlookers.

    Is the charity really so inept that it can’t string an effective campaign together, or is it looking to provoke reactions any which way?

    Perhaps Stonewall would do well to send its copywriters on a crash course in tact and diplomacy!

    1. Gary Powell 19 Sep 2013, 7:14pm

      I agree with you, Samuel, that supporting this campaign, with wording that plays into the hands of sniggering homophobes, was very bad judgment on Stonewall’s part. I also agree with you regarding the bus adverts: the “Get over it!” was simply gratuitous rudeness towards people who might be on a journey to overcome prejudice programmed by their parents or culture, and who are doing their best. I also think it is unfair to bus drivers to expect them to be agents for circulating campaign posters they might strongly disagree with, and that includes fundamentalist religious posters and atheist posters as well. Let bus drivers concentrate on transporting people. Stonewall seems to be getting out of touch with the needs of LGBT people, and its initial failure to support equal marriage is a glaring example of this. Stonewall needs to remember that, if it is to be a true campaigner for LGBT rights, then it must be a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Otherwise, its funding should stop.

  8. Like it or not, the campaign is certain to cause ribald jokes, more or less sympathetic, among football supporters. Far better to get our joke in first and seen to be part of the bawdy fun.
    I have more of a problem with the phrase “Football v Homophobia”. The word homophobia was coined by an unlettered American. Its Greek roots mean literally “fear of the same”. Maybe a homophobe therefore is one who thinks there are too many repeats on TV!

  9. ItchycooMark 19 Sep 2013, 2:56pm

    I think a better slogan is out there somewhere but it also takes wind out of the sails for the jokers, getting in there first with it.
    Maybe Stonewall should put more thought into their phrases, I really hated the “Some people are gay, get over it” slogan, I thought its was unimaginative and unnecessarily antagonistic
    but this is overall a good campaign and it looks like its getting plenty of support

  10. get real! and get over it! everyone’s ALWAYS turn’n EVERYTHING GAY into an inuendo…not ALL HOMO’s are nympho’s…just like not ALL HETERO’s are A-double snake holes!

  11. Getting behind Paddy Power is the last thing I’d want to do, bearing in mind all the crap they put out.

  12. Colin (london) 19 Sep 2013, 3:32pm

    Hay it’s out there….be happy. It just may work and should and if it creates a little media hype all the better.

    Stop analysing your naval and put the same effort in getting the message out there.

    Time for action…this could catch the nations attention and take on a whole life of it’s own.. So hope so.

    Paddy Power I salute you on this one.

    Footballers have human rights and away with discrimination.

  13. The whole campaign while well meaning is a waste of time.

    it is the institutional homophobia of thw big wigs in the FA who are the problem. Not the fans.

    the bigots in the FA need to be identified and fired, and the players vtold that homophobia will get them fired.

    Problem solved.

    Then again why waste time on a practical solution when multicoloured shoelaces are involved eh?

  14. In the same way maybe a discussion about women in sport & a monthly column edited by women could be called, ‘cum on lasses, get it of yer tits’ EXACTLY – a play on words at taking something serious at our expense is not progress, it makes it a snigger, a laugh, call it what you want.
    Homophobia anywhere needs to be tackled head on, seriously, gimmicks are not welcome here.

  15. Would not “Supporting gay footballers” be simpler and less controversial?
    I thought at first of “Backing gay footballers” (honestly), then I imagined someone making reference to “bare-backing”, so any slogan is fraught with peril!

  16. E. Carpenter 19 Sep 2013, 4:18pm

    No matter the slogan, someone will find an innuendo. I think this is completely harmless.

  17. Paddy Power – responsible for the “stallion or mare” transphobic ad campaign. Are you really all that surprised?

  18. Let’s wait till the weekend and see whether the campaign works in terms of media coverage and attention.

  19. Sorry. I think the slogan is pretty cheap and disgusting. I don’t want to be defined by a sexual act. Being Gay is about so much more.
    Stonewall = useless.

    1. And, I can’t see what police effect this will have on closeted Gay players when the campaign to encourage them out is hung on a lewd innuendo. Not conducive at all.

      1. Sorry. ‘Police’- meant to say ‘positive’

  20. A poor choice of words….guaranteed to produce a snigger among homophobes.

  21. “Big Gay Following”

    1. “Big Gay Following”

  22. Gary Powell 19 Sep 2013, 6:57pm

    I’m glad to see this PN article. When I first read the slogan, I was struck by how a longstanding homophobic mocking “joke” was being used that would only trivialise the serious issues of the invisibility of gay players in football and of homophobia in football in general. I even wondered whether the campaign was a front for a practical joke to poke fun at LGBT people rather than support us. Really poor judgment on the part of Stonewall for supporting this. We don’t have to compromise in the campaign for equal LGBT rights by selling out to the snigger brigade, and providing ammunition for some very hateful and bigoted people who love to laugh at our expense. Get a grip, Stonewall, and get your priorities right.

  23. I agree the title of the campaign can effectively undermine the whole thing

    Considering the purpose is to show solidarity to closeted gay players, and knowing closeted gay men like I do, I imagine one of their greater concerns is having the mick taking out of them because they take it up the bum.

    It undermines the whole point, and it undermines are rather important component called love by once again focusing on the sex like children

  24. ““We did speak to Football v Homophobia about the campaign and we were hugely appreciative of their thoughts on it. We absolutely listened to their point of view and adjusted some of our creative based on their feedback.”

    How awful must it have been to start with?!

  25. see, this is truly the worst part of living on this Planet–because, when you know the number of men who are footballers, you then can realize and understand how many must be in the closet. A man’s exterior does not tell you anything about his sexual preference. FACT! It’s high time all humans were taught this….

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