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Premier League says ‘individual clubs and players’ can decide on anti-homophobia rainbow laces

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 18 Sep 2013, 5:04pm

    Or put it another way, the Premier League don’t support the campaign at all, and hope it will just go away.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Sep 2013, 5:08pm

    Personally, I think the campaign will be an entire flop. Rainbow armbands would have been better and visible to make the point more effective.

  3. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 5:18pm

    I will probably be wrong yet again but I will remain positive on this one.

    It’s subtle and just may be quiet enough for players to go there. To me most straight people don’t think about gay issues at all.

    Leave them in the changing rooms and lets hope the guys will rise to the issue.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Sep 2013, 5:20pm

      Colin, was that last line a double entendre….the guys will ‘rise’ to the issue? ☺

      1. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 5:23pm

        Oh sh–…Missed that one SORRY. If that floats the boat…lol

    2. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 5:21pm

      Come on the married players who are happy with your sexuality. Wear those laces as it’s no threat to your manhood……Encourage your colleagues to do like wise….Then the single ones may go there.

  4. The FA cops-out yet again. Seems their excuse not to back the gesture fully is ‘what about sponsorship contractual arrangements?’
    Yup – money certainly talks – even at the expense of human and civil rights.

  5. At least this way, we can see which players, and which clubs are homophobic and those which are not.

    1. @ Mark Y

      No, you can’t.

      Many players will rightfully be loathe to promote a bookmaker with an opportunistic, low-cost campaign of very doubtful sincerity. They have a very poor record with deliberately offensive advertising.

      Stonewall were just too dim to spot that they had been shafted.

      A genuine, high-profile campaign (at least rainbow shirts or whatever) backed by someone like Sir Richard Branson would be brilliant.

      Unfortunately, this silly prank isn’t anywhere near being in the right league and deserves to be relegated into obscurity.

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