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Obama named ‘hero of Russia’s gay rights movement’ by The Moscow Times

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Reader comments

  1. I do not like the Russia’s anti-gay policies on the slightest, but I have to say that the fact that Obama wants to stand for the rights of LGBT people (if he really cares about it) won’t change that he’s a warmonger who wants to invade Syria and he promotes the spying of millions of people, even the citizens of his own country.

    I do not care if he claims to support the LGBT, he’s still a filthy man who supports the violations of human rights.

    1. Anonymous – you clearly have a very poor grasp of international politics and don’t even begin to understand the complexities of the different muslim communities in Syria. Please keep your ill-informed and crass comments to yourself – President Obama is a thoroughly decent, highly intelligent and honourable man who is worth a hundred of you.

      1. Exactly Thomas !!! Preach !!

      2. “President Obama is a thoroughly decent, highly intelligent and honourable man who is worth a hundred of you.”

        Obama wants to attack Syria and to do that he blames the Al Assad government for the chemical attacks, when there is no proof of it. Obama also helps the FSA, which has many Al Qaeda members, and who force children to behead people between other atrocities.

        Yeah, you’re all for LGBT rights (and so am I) but it seems you wouldn’t care if a lot of innocent people in Syria were going to get murdered. Or if your privacy gets blatantly violated.

    2. Are you a Catholic by any chance anonymous?

      1. No, I’m not even religious. I love how you assume that for speaking against this criminal.

    3. I’d be fascinated why anyone who dares to mention facts in this Russian pseudo-debate always gets bombarded with ‘dislikes’.
      Always happens when someone points out Russian LGBT campaigners are urging people NOT to boycott Sochi.
      Anyone know why?

  2. Yes, and Time Magazine named him their Man of the Year while Norway handed him the Nobel Peace Prize before he had even settled into The White House.

    How daft and short-sighted are they looking now?

    Obomber is a lame duck president:- is assault on all our freedoms via his sponsoring of the NSA and his sabre-rattling for total US hegemony of the Middle East reveals him as the New World Order place man and puppet he really is.

    It was Russia that narrowly trumped Obomber and Kerry and averted catastrophe in the Middle East, and who provided shelter for Ed Snowden from a vengeful US administration!

    For gay people to still be clinging to this charlatan’s coat tails while harbouring the daft delusion that he somehow supports our rights while abusing and trashing basic human rights the world over just shows how narrow and self-centred and obsessive the gay rights movement’s world view really is.

    It is time it woke up, smelt the coffee and saw the bigger picture for what it really is.

    1. I agree with you. Obama is a criminal war and a liar, and I dare to say he makes Putin look like a saint, even when I loathe Russia’s anti-gay culture.

    2. Anonymous and Samuel B – all these analogies between Obama and filthiness and coffee are thinly veiled and very ugly racist slurs – please keep your BNP sympathies to yourselves.

      1. How jolly well dare you Thomas!

        Typical neo-Liberal trying to find racism where it doesn’t exist.

        If that is the only way you can attempt to slur somebody then it says more for your mentaity than anyone else’s!


    3. War criminal. LOL. What has he done? Obama has been consistent in his support of GLBT rights. Those in our community who look for reasons to hate him seem to me to be right wing self-loathers.

      1. Your comment is a sad refection – and proof – of exactly what I was saying.

        Zero awareness of what is going on in the world beyond your own selfish demands and desires.

        Wake up for heaven’s sake, man!

  3. keith francis farrell 18 Sep 2013, 7:45pm

    This is very good.
    I still however believe that we should be telling our governments that we will not support our teams being sent to Russia, there needs to be a total boycott of all things Russian. LGBT people from Russia should be offered asylum. Coke, Visa and all the other companies giving support to the Olympics should also be boycotted.
    The only real and meaningful way to get our full equal rights is to make sure that our money talks for us.
    Putin, t5he evil monster must be made to stand down and take his whole homophobic group with him. Those guilty of harming LGBT people need to be given a swift trial and sent to Siberia for life

  4. Obama made this comment on American
    Television and only to people who happen to watch the Jay Leno Show. NOT in Russia
    where it would have made a difference.

    1. Bob. The cup is always half empty, eh?

  5. Smart use of Obama by the Russian activists.

    1. Negative points for giving a compliment to LGBT Russians? Silly.

  6. Quite stunned – though not that surprised – you prioritise Obama over the Russian campaigners.
    Why have you done this please?

    1. And you usually prioritize Putin over everyone.

      1. Erm, I prioritise Russian LGBT campaigners.
        Apparently a great thought crime for PN commenters..

  7. Elston Gunn 19 Sep 2013, 12:46pm

    To be honest, if I had to, I would have gone for President Hollande or PM Cameron, Obama hasn’t been nearly as brave domestically, although I’ll grant you he has a bigger presence internationally. It’s hard to be a pin-up for a rights movement when your somewhat impotent due to the US federal system.

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