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Gay US figure skater Johnny Weir won’t be competing at 2014 Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Oh well karma sometimes comes quicker than you think.

  2. How will I ever find the strength to go on?

  3. So how was he planning to compete if he hadn’t registered?
    He didn’t put his money where his mouth is

  4. no surprise to find the usual unpleasant comments

    hard luck on having to withdraw and best wishes for the future johnny

    and thank you for being true to yourself – i know you have many fans who appreciate you for your art and ability to bring fun to many situations

    (after all we can’t all be serious, vodka-brand-changing activists; much as they may be important to the world)

  5. “before a gay man, before a white man, I am…”

    well, Johnny, right now it would seem you are nothing but a wannabe figure skater.

    Come to think of it, there are a LOT of things that you are a “wannabe” about. Decent human being comes foremost to mind.

  6. To think he was going to put himself before human rights. Some people only support LGBT right when it suits them, and half of straight people do get it at all but think they do

  7. Did he miss registration on purpose or was it an oversight?

    1. Okay, He missed the deadline to register which was Sept. 1.

      Weir also is not eligible for a bye into nationals, which begin Jan. 9 in Boston. Only skaters who placed in the top five at last year’s nationals, or won medals at the most recent Olympics or world championships, are eligible for this.

  8. Derek Williams 18 Sep 2013, 9:50pm

    If only gay athletes and patrons boycott the games then the result will be that only heterosexuals will appear at Sochi, and only heterosexuals will win medals.

    This is playing right into the Russian government’s hands. They didn’t WANT gays there in the first place, so ensuring an LGBT free Olympics simply saves their police the bother of arresting us, and upholds Putin as the national hero who rid sport of gays.

    1. LGBT athletes and visitors will not be in the spotlight anyway. Putin has already passed a new law banning any protests at all across Russia during the Olympics.

      The IOC has also already threatened all athletes with punishment if they dare to show any support to LGB Russians, whether that’s by clothing, symbol, statement or gesture.

      Even if there were 1000 gay people participating in the Sochi Olympics, they have already been silenced. Russian media is forbidden from reporting on LGBT issues unless it’s in a negative light.

  9. michaelandfred 18 Sep 2013, 9:57pm

    Now he’ll have more time to run around with his entourage in front of local cameras playing Russian pet American homosexual.

    Any bets on how many times he manages a cameo drinking Russian Vodka?

  10. I bet he wishes he had shown some principles now

  11. Well, at least now he has more time to dress up in tacky Russian military uniforms and appear on “news” shows to espouse his support for homophobic and intolerant Russia.

    Maybe they’ll hire him as a propagandist in the west and he can make some more money that way – it seems to me that he’s more interested in himself and his own ego than anything else anyway.

  12. Some of the comments on here are just so mean. Regardless of his personal opinion on the Sochi Winter Olynpics, do you people need to leave such harsh comments? You all sound so cold, it’s sad to read.

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