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Gay man jailed for attacking husband on wedding day following row about mother-in-laws

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Reader comments

  1. Oh well, on the plus, at least he found out what his partner was like before they had a chance to consummate the marriage.

  2. So, full marriage ‘equality’ has now definitely been achieved ….

  3. The correct plural of mother-in-law is mothers-in-law.

    1. Keith in SALFORD 18 Sep 2013, 5:23pm

      No it’s not…!
      It’s OLD-BAGS-in -LAW…

      Sorry for laffin’ at me own jokes….


  4. Shouldn’t it be wedding bliss?

    1. …or wedding blitzed… A heavy drinking session just hours after the wedding? Must have been quite the reception!

    2. Actually it’s a splendidly appropriate typo since the French blesser = to hurt, wound, injure.

      Wedding bless: headbutting in a row over mothers-in-law.

  5. That There Other David 18 Sep 2013, 4:41pm

    And gaoled instead of jailed, given that this happened in Northern France.

  6. Yay, we can be just as trashy as straight people now.

  7. Stephen Mole 20 Sep 2013, 9:02am

    This rather reminds me of the Glasgow wedding which ended in a brawl. The kilt-wearing groom sat on the bride’s knee and left a huge skidmark on the wedding dress.

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