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Amnesty report shows Germany, Czech Republic and Italy poor against hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. Germany is still a terrible place for Gay people, yet the media keeps ignoring this.

    Italy is the Vatican, so obviously…

    1. No it is not. I am German and I can assure you that it is fine to be out and proud in Germany. 75 % of Germans support equal marriage, that is more than in the UK, France or in the US. The problem is, that the CDU (CHRISTIAN democratic union) was the strongest party here for the last years and probably the next years cause Angela Merkel is so damn popular. That is why legislation is behind and courts have to step in. This year the highest court has ordered tax equality for gay couples and in a month or so it will rule full adoption equality. So “terrible place” is just wrong and dull German bashing. All other parties are for full equality anyway but they lack a Merkel.

  2. I was in the Czech republic last week, i cannot confirm for the surrounding countryside and cities but prague was extremely friendly and tolerent :/

  3. How relevant is it that these places were fascist for large parts of their history …. ?

  4. I can believe Italy but Germany and the Czech republic? Oh please. Face it folks, there is no gay utopia on earth.

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