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Austria: Kissing banned on board Vienna train network

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Breen 17 Sep 2013, 6:23pm

    Stuff em. Keep on kissing and go for the long deep toungees that make the boring old farts GAG!!

  2. petermantle 17 Sep 2013, 6:37pm

    Hardly surprising for the grotty little country thay gave us Hitler and supported his Fascist regime.
    Banning kissing? I ask you!

  3. floridahank 17 Sep 2013, 6:43pm

    The restriction, “Kissing has been banned on trains in the Austrian capital Vienna alongside talking too loudly and eating smelly food.” is a great thing. Nothing worse than these stupid things people do. When you’re on a train, you like to relax, maybe read, and you don’t need the “intrusion” of obnoxious people doing their selfish behavior. I would hope that the USA would do something similar.

    1. WHat is so selfish about kissing? I really don’t get that and I do think the prudes should shut up

    2. What if I complain that seeing you reading is offensive to me? How about if I don’t like what you’re reading?
      What if I find your clothes irritating to me? How about a screaming child being an irritation to others?

      This is completely irrational. What happened to minding your own damn business? Why is it that for centuries we haven’t been “offended” by other people’s actions, but suddenly millions of people are using their own dysfunctions as a method to limit and restrict others from doing things that should not be THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU.

      If all of these minor inconveniences are such a massive problem for you, perhaps the problem is with you rather than those around you? The world cannot be remade to suit the needs of whiny minority with too much time on their hands.

  4. Just make sure your ankles don’t show from below your hem, the church elders will be REALLY annoyed then !

    1. Don’t think you can pin this one on religion. I think it’s just about common consideration and not having to see anyone eating each others faces off right in front of you with nowhere for you to escape. It puts me right off my smell food…;-)

      1. just who do you think made the complaints in the first place? not about the food or the music but the smoochy

        1. Pure conjecture. Let’s stop looking for problems where there aren’t any and start focussing on the real ones.

  5. Fair enough… I don’t have a problem with this as long as the rules apply to everyone although I don’t have a problem with kissing unless it’s really full on foreplay type kissing!

    1. Given that society is homophobic the rules would not be applied to everyone equally. A same-sex couple kissing would be more likely to be fined than a different-sex couple.

      Why has the company received so many complaints about kissing? A disproportionate number of these complaints may well be about same-sex couples kissing. If so this draconian measure may not have happened if it were not for homophobia.

      It is unfair to ban all kissing now. Different-sex couples have been able to kiss on this train without repercussions (such as violence or stigma or fines) for a long time. Same-sex couples have only recently begun to have this liberty.

      1. William,
        Whilst I understand your view but I think your statements are pure supposition and therefore disagree.

        I agree with Graham S. in that as long as the rule applies to all, it isn’t discriminatory.

  6. Talking loudly, bringing pets, eating… I can see how those are inconsiderate of the other passengers. Kissing? I do understand about the “making out” being a no-no, but if you are talking just kissing?

    What disturbs me the most is the statement: ““Our controllers are well trained to recognise what disturbs other passengers.”

    How do you train someone to read minds? It is for that very reason that the laws evolved to read that “a police officer’s peace cannot be disturbed”. The officer may act upon a complaint of a citizen, but not of their own personal dislike of the music, etc. I suspect you would see hetero kissing overlooked, but same-sex kissing frowned upon.

    Require headphones on sound devices, keep the voices to a dull roar, allow no open food or eating on transportation, and have a no pets policy (except for service animals).

  7. Watch out Paris. there’s a new capital of romance.

  8. Whilst there is no discrimination issue and I can understand this, there is something that makes me sad to think that long- parted lovers cannot meet for that romantic reunion on the railway platform…it’s the stuff movies are made of…:-(

    1. Paul Essex/London 17 Sep 2013, 11:54pm

      True, but I don’t think having a snog on the platform is going to cause much of a problem. It’s the not so long parted couples that insist on eating each other’s faces off non-stop whilst on the seats facing you that is bit much. I don’t have problem with this rule, it’s just saying there’s a time and a place for everyone and anyone and that’s when other passengers see their tonsils because they’re sat less than a foot away.

      1. Paul Essex/London 17 Sep 2013, 11:55pm

        *not* when other passengers…

  9. We’re not the nazis Austrian. This is totalitarian. Where are the statistics. Where is the proof people complained. Sounds like the usual Austrian rubbish. PEOPLE. Stop using the trains.

  10. “I hear you calling me, lovely Vienna so gay so free.’
    Tales from the Vienna Woods.

  11. Christopher Coleman 18 Sep 2013, 5:08am

    It is a cultural thing. Public displays of affection have always disturbed Central European people. My Czech uncle was never comfortable with young couples kissing in public in London. Manners differ from place to place, and that is all it is — manners.

    Now the Austrians were always adamant that no one should ever walk on the grass in public parks. I hope they still adhere to that rule. Then I can be happy that Vienna is still waltzing and that the Tales from the Vienna Woods are not just idle gossip.

  12. Roll on a ban on smelly food and mobile phones across the entire transport network.
    A polite kiss is ok but full on tonsil swapping should be done in private with any sexuality.

    1. here here!

    2. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 9:22am

      Yes. I agree with you. Hate the control and fines attitude. A quick phone call no problem but a drunk girl or boy talking rubbish is annoying.

  13. I live in Vienna. I have never seen a gay couple kissing in public transport, so I don’t think it’s about that. Probably old people getting uncomfortable.
    Ban on loud phone conversations is clearly aimed at immigrants, though.
    Lots of smelly food around, mostly wurst sandwiches.

    1. Ban on loud phone conversations is clearly aimed at immigrants, though.

      How did you work that one out?

  14. I think this is pretty pathetic.

    If I ever got to the point where I was supporting bans to stop something that maybe irritated me once a month, but actually had no bearing at all on my own existence, I would be checking myself in to the nearest psych ward for evaluation.

    I’ve just decided, I find slamming doors incredibly annoying when I experience it maybe once a month – BAN SLAMMING DOORS AND FINE PEOPLE WHO DO IT!

    I must have a fuller life than many others, because these things have no bearing on my existence, and minor irritations are just that – minor, and inconsequential.

    1. I think the people who complained about kissing where probably crusty old squares, but as someone who rides the bus regularly I have to say smelly food and people shouting their mouths off becomes more than a minor irritation when it’s 2 or more hours a day, every day.

      I don’t eat food on the bus and keep my music down. I’m also not going to suck the face off another boy while on the bus, I think we all know most same-sex couples are still too frightened to do such things in public anyway

  15. GingerlyColors 18 Sep 2013, 1:17pm

    As the ban applies to straight as well as gay couples we cannot complain that it is discriminatory.

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