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US: New York man accused of stabbing 69-year-old to death because he thought he was gay

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Reader comments

  1. This is so disgusting and heart breaking I don’t even know where to begin

    RIP my friend

  2. Maybe I’m a cynic but I see a ‘gay panic defence’ argument being put forward to justify this horrific act.

    1. David Waite 17 Sep 2013, 6:00pm

      It is not a defence which a New York judge will allow to be even presented in a case like this. The (senior citizen) victim was putting coins in a parking meter. The 22 year old who repeatedly stabbed him won’t even be allowed to claim panic. Trust me on this; I used to work in and for NYC.

  3. Ok it time to fight back. An pensioner stabbed to death for no reason. Where is Dan savage and the rest protesting? New York murders are ignored but Russia is much better for ego maniacs

    1. My friend, this happens every day somewhere or another.
      If it’s not a knife victim in New York, it’s a glass victim in Liverpool, or a teenager sentenced to death in Iran.

      What I tell my gay friends is that no they are not safe, and they should consider protection. Whether that is a gun, a knife, or martial arts is their decision, but some kind of protection is a good idea.

      I also agree with the “time to fight back”. These people need to learn that if they go out “gay bashing”, then they will be bashed back !

  4. Until religion stops preaching that gay people are evil, I’m afraid some scumbag will always try the ‘gay panic’ defence. Until we are treated equally in EVERY aspect of life – marriage, employment rights, etc – we will always be regarded as ‘different’ and homophobes will try to scapegaot us. That’s why we HAVE to fight back against the truely ‘evil’ religious hate-mongers

  5. What a horrible, heart breaking story.

    I hope I live to see the end of this disgusting genocide; and once I do you better believe I won’t forget it

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