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Tony Perkins: ‘Allowing gay military couples leave to travel to where they can marry is discriminatory’

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Reader comments

  1. The man is a tool!

    1. but a useless tool.. like a rubber hammer, or a blunt axe.

      1. Mihangel apYrs 18 Sep 2013, 7:12am

        actually, from his side’s point of view, he’s useful.

        He’s stirring up envy between those whp can marry in situ (straight) and those who are helped to travel to whare they can (GL). He is making it seem like an expensive privilege, rather than a necessity to get around the homophobia of some states.

        Not good for morale, but spot on for maintaining division in the ranks – all he cares about since it can prove that getting rid of DADT was a bad idea

  2. How stupid can one person be? Seriously, discriminating against straight people because they don’t have to travel to another state to get married? Who in their right mine would buy such crap

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Sep 2013, 7:37pm

    Says the bigot who leads an official hate group so designated by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC). The same goon who said that allowing gays to serve openly in the military would lead to sexual harassment of other males when the complete opposite is true. 99.9% of all sex related crimes in the U.S. military are male on female.

    1. Not forgetting all the disgusting male on male sexual abuse that goes on in those macho hazing rituals.

  4. David Jordan 17 Sep 2013, 7:39pm

    Maybe if certain states didn’t discriminate against gay couples, then the US military wouldn’t have to introduce this leave in the first place.
    And contrary to what this would be theocrat says, its not extra leave, its grounds for leave to be granted.

  5. lukefromcanada 17 Sep 2013, 8:28pm

    nooo whats discriminatory is that many soldiers in same sex relationships cannot get married where they are stationed and are often forced to travel to a state that allows them to do so.

    1. who bears the travel expenses? Maybe the Family Research Council …LOL

  6. The family research council is opposed to any civil rights for gay, they are against adoption, civil unions , equal marriage and legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination in the work place and the provision of goods and services, and hate crime legislation, and all of a sudden call this policy discriminatory for allowing gay couples to travel to states that recognise same sex marriage so they can marry, this only apples to gay people because same sex marriage is only recognised in a handful of states, opposite sex marriage is recognised in every state.

  7. I can’t see how it’s discriminatory. Surely every enlisted person has the right to be married in a state that allows such marriages, and has the right for leave to travel there to get married. The problem for heterosexual couples is that they’re already in one of those states and don’t need time to travel there. But this is the same kind of logic that those nitwits used to suggest that gay people had the same marriage rights as straight people because they could all legally marry people of the opposite sex.

    1. It’s clearly a disingenuous and ridiculous claim of discrimination on the part of Tony Perkins and he’s fully aware of it, they no longer care any more how ridiculous the claims they make sound so long as it wastes time and delays implementation of pro-gay measures for however short a time, it is purely vindictive anti-gay animus.
      The psychology behind Tony Perkins obsessive and persistent anti-gay stance would be very revealing.

  8. P!ss off sad little god botherer.

    The sooner these freaks and their dusty cloud daddies shuffle off this mortal coil the better.

    Tiresome little men incapable of understanding the spectrum of human existence, applying there pathetic limited thought processes and coming up with hate.

  9. I think we have a winner. All service members are entitled to this leave, on an equal basis. As noted in a comment, equal marriage to them meant the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. Equal leave means if you will only choose a member of your own sex you have the right to this entitlement, and you don’t have to be gay, you just have to marry gay…fair and balanced, to coin a phrase…

  10. That he should breed is discriminatory…

  11. This concession to gay troops, you vile bigot, is because hets can marry in ANY state. The only ‘discrimination’ at work here is that which is defended by you and other homophobic ‘christians’. If ALL states allowed equal marriage, gay toops would be treated the same as heterosexuals and so wouldn’t need the extra travel time.

    1. I agree there should not be special treatment (descrimination) for any particular group. However until such time there isn’t any descrimination (i.e. equal marrage laws) stop gaps like this are needed.

  12. These people are to Christianity what the Taliban are to Islam

  13. He is certainly walking around with a big homophobia stick up his ass, no wonder he is smiling so inanely and has such a vacant look in his eyes.

  14. I keep thinking about the the film “PSYCHO” in which Tony Perkins starred which was first released in 1960.

  15. I hate to think what Tony Perkins has hidden away and sealed up in his closet.

  16. If he cares so much about family and discrimination then why is he supporting homophobia?
    If marriage was available everywhere in the US then this traveling to states wouldn’t be an issue

  17. Your so right Tony, I’m sure you will be pushing for equal marriage everywhere then so these extra days arn’t needed.

  18. Quite possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard ! If he honestly believes that then damn, lock him up and throw away the key because he is N U T S

    1. Yes, an homophobic psycho!

    2. he’s stirring sh!t. that’s all.

  19. I quite agree with Tony Perkins. If heterosexual couples need to travel to another state or country (if overseas) in order to get married as heterosexual marrage is not available where they are based than they too should be allowed extra time in order to do this. I cant think of a state where heterosexual couples cant get married tho….. :-)

    1. Absolutely Micky, equality for all.

  20. I love it when a public religious freak in America starts attacking their military, because with every swipe they take they loose another thousand listeners.

    These are right wing crazies who manipulate and capitalize on expressing “support” for their military, but only when it suits them – they then make it clear that they only support straight, Christian servicemen and women! lol

    It’s good to see these nutters twisting themselves into knots on these issues, hypocritical to the end, picking and choosing who to support.

    I hope he carries on with this nonsense, because just as the religious homophobes are pushing away the youth with their nonsense, he’s pushing away any decent American who believes in supporting their military – and there are millions of them who do.

    I hope he keeps digging that hole, until it’s so deep it caves in on him.

  21. Is there really a sympathetic audience for idiocy like this, even on the homophobic right? Maybe I’m overestimating their intelligence, but surely some of our opponents cringe when when they hear this garbage and think ‘Oh, come on! We need better arguments than this!’

    1. One would hope that that were the case, but in my experience no it is not they admire his audacity and wish they had the nerve to say such outrageous things.

  22. I suppose that all I have to say to the gentleman is that if equal marriage were recognized across the whole country, as it should be, then this would be a non issue.

  23. What the?!….just-..why?!…ARRRRRGHTHESE PEOPLE!

  24. Jim Nashville 18 Sep 2013, 5:48pm

    discriminatory I agree it is … but not in the way he wishes for us to see it ..
    tony perkins needs a lesson in what really is discriminatory
    but then he can just look in the mirror and see it in action …for years heteros have been treated like the prodigal son .. now its our turn .

  25. Just another one of our NUT JOBS! We just have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t hurt himself or others as he has no sense. He really ought to be under medication, most likely hears voices telling him what to say.

  26. Maybe the answer is for Massachusetts to have an embassy in Texas/Alabama etc so that people from those states can get married …

    Wouldn’t that just wind up the rednecks?

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