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Elton John: ‘I need to perform in Russia to help gay people’

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Reader comments

  1. dont you think they are suffering enough ! …or one of your oligarch friends paying too much to refuse?

  2. Like playing in aparthide South Africa helped Black Africans. Greedy nasty selfish man.

    1. Please keep your stereotyping to yourself. It was the nationalist Afrikaner Broederbond organisation that ultimately opened up to Blacks and us gays, paradoxical as it might seem.

      I’m hoping for a true Russian patriot group to follow suit

      1. Stfu. The Afrikaans had to let Mandela go if he died in prison there would be civil war. You filthy racist skidmark. Bet you liked nazis too

        1. Like tell me a fairytale. Mandela the godfairy my soft behind, he’s the man responsible for Afrikaner kids’ deaths. Yup, I was in AB and my granpa in Ossewabrandwag. It’s Nazis like me who put an end to apartheid. Like tell me I’m racist you twerp. My name is Zen de Vrees

          1. now now girls – MAN UP AND SHUT UP stupid bitches!

          2. I think it misrepresents history to suggest that it was the Afrikaner Broederbond that ended apartheid and anti-gay discrimination. The reality is that international pressure forced South Africa, nearing collapse, into ending apartheid. F W De Klerk showed statesmanship certainly, but in many ways pulling his party with him rather than them driving the change. I think it was after the ANC got power that the anti-gay legislation was ended, and the influence of world changes in young opinions.

            Whether a cultural boycott of Russia would work is arguable. They could probably survive without having Elton in person.

            I wonder if the KGB guy did whatever he did in the interests of his motherland or out of genuine excitement. Of course, he may have just stood there and thought of Russia. 30 years on, might this KGB man be … Putin? What did you do, Elton, to turn him so nasty?

          3. I couldn’t give a flying fûck who you are. Trying to tell me that nationalist Afrikaans ended aparthide is like deny the holocaust. I imagine you do both. Nasty person yuk!

          4. Safes ex. Suck my nuts punk

        2. @Dan Filson

          Anti-gay legislation was removed a good nine years before Black emancipation solely due to efforts by Eugene Terre’blanche and other Nazis like yours truly. Homosexuality was officially decriminalised in RSA in 1985-1986. The rest was to follow. You can’t say “A” without a “B.” No twisting history around here

          1. Defending Terreblamche? Hhahahahahahahahhahshwnwhwhwn…….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahwhahwh…………hahahahahahahhahshhshshshshshahahahahahahahah…….muppet

      2. To all you thumb-downers: the Russian opposition leader Navalny is a nationalist borderdering on Nazi. He threw Nazi salutes on more than one occasion and is known for xenophobic statements on record. There, put it it in your pipe and smoke it.

    2. Etien de Lamothe-Cassell 17 Sep 2013, 7:47pm

      Wow James, did you forget your electroshock therapy appointment or did you just overdose on bitchy queen pills? I suggest you increase your electroshock therapy to hourl.

  3. Colin (London) 17 Sep 2013, 11:14am

    I can see both sides and I think this is a hard one.

    Personally I want the games moved from Russia and have no difficulty in my thinking on that one.

    However if we all boycott every event then then the gay community in Russia feel isolated instead of what we want…comforted, supported, that others see and feel for their lack of human rights.

    On this one I’d support Sir Elton going but possibly ask him to comment afterwards when the concert is televised on human rights in Russia. He in his own way is a world leader as well you know.

    1. Elton John whorl leader? On what planet? He is a greedy amoral man he did South Africa in aparthide and has not apologised. He did a cynical duet with eminen and now this.

      1. Colin (London) 17 Sep 2013, 12:05pm

        James and we will not agree here.

        Money matters. Try living without it….. It is how it’s created and used thereafter that counts. Elton is loved worldwide for his talent, showmanship and music. With his money as Robert in S. Kensington says…he had done more for Aids research and outreach than many of us including governments.

        He like the rest of us is only human but he has the world stage at his feet and if he comments it gets reported around the globe.

        Try to see the good thats all.

        1. The man is greedy. aids research is done by many other organisations that deserve respect too.

        2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 17 Sep 2013, 2:25pm

          To me , Colin ( London ) you seem to be a very honest and sincere man. I do like your plea for fellowship ! My advice to Elton John would be that he contacted a Russian gay organization to inquire about things he is not sure of.

  4. Elton John is thinking about nothing but his bank account. He’s a coward and probably won’t say a single word about the horrific human rights abuses against the gay community. I’m very disappointed.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 17 Sep 2013, 11:35am

    Rush Limburgh’s wedding

    EJ would do anything for money and exposure

    1. David Myers 18 Sep 2013, 3:21am

      Are you purposely misrepresenting that story or are you just not informed? One million dollars from Elton John’s playing at limburgher’s wedding went directly to AIDS organizations.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Sep 2013, 11:48am

    It’s a difficult situation. The world of entertainment boycotting Russia could fire back with the authorities scapegoating gay people and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much since an alleged 85% of Russians support discrimination. They’ve gone through enough, why exacerbate it?

    As for the hateful rhetoric towards Elton John and I can understand some of the resentment because of his associations with several undesirables, he’s done more for AIDS research and outreach around the world than any other celebrity on the planet. What have any of us done?

    1. Colin (London) 17 Sep 2013, 11:58am

      Great points – Thanks

    2. Rubbish aids is fashionable he supports a cause that will make him money. He has done nothing to prove he is not a greedy fat pig. It’s the people at food chain, who volunteer, the buddies etc who make a difference. Princess Diana shook the hand of Adrian Ward-Jackson who was HIV + and did more than anyone. Before that people thought you could get it from a toilet seat. That was a year befor Reg came out.

    3. “what have any of us done?”
      Probably more than Elton John. All he’s done is give away the money you made for him.

      Others of us have volunteered. Others of us have participated in trials. Others of us have given of our time and energy. We’ve been there in the thick and thin of it.

      Elton John has been too busy singing for his Republikkkan friends at their weddings to take time out to actually ACT to effect change.

      Giving money is easy. It’s the most effortless thing in the world for someone who’s amassed the amounts E.J. has.

    4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 17 Sep 2013, 3:52pm

      People must meet to understand and love eachother. We all have the right to discard ( in a mild and polite way ) persons we don’t go together with – but it is when we meet strangers and enemies the possibilities for growth and friendliness arise. Nations must meet-individuals must meet ! I can assure you all ; there are millions of wonderful and nice persons in Russia—gays and straights-

  7. Meri Equality Justus 17 Sep 2013, 11:51am

    hope he doesnt end up in jail as many other LGBT people, or being tortured. might be the last the world sees him.

  8. Jock S. Trap 17 Sep 2013, 12:06pm

    Funny but when I saw the Cher story and I thought of Elton John doing Sochi or something.

    No surprise Elton considering who else you’ve sucked up to in recent years.

  9. I think he should go and we should wait and see to what degree his ‘support’ makes an impact. Is he intending to make some sort of protest while there? If he does, will he be arrested? If he does NOT stage a protest – THEN he deserves to be shamed.

    1. @ truth

      My thoughts exactly. The stage should be draped with rainbow flags, he should wear a rainbow suit and rainbow specs, and perform a specially written inspirational “Song for Russia” which looks forward to the day when gays and straights can live peacefully, harmoniously and in equality.

      That would give Putin’s authorities an enormous headache. If they do nothing, then their homophobic laws are made to look stupid and unenforceable. If they arrest him, then there’s worldwide bad publicity that shows there’s not even any artistic freedom in Russia, let alone human rights. It would be Win – Win for us.

      However, if he just goes and gives a standard performance then he will have just shown himself to be an unprincipled money grabber.

      Let’s hope he makes the right decision !

  10. I personally think a boycott is the most effective way to get the message across but if he feels he has to go he could donate the total fee to The Kaleidoscope Trust which works for gay rights in homophobic countries & let the Russians know where the money is going.

  11. The idea that LGBT people will feel they’re being “abandoned” by artists boycotting the country is nonsense. In a country of so many millions of people, maybe a few thousand will be buying tickets to see him. No comments by him will be televised, nothing will be reported about any protest he makes in any Russian papers – Putin’s government now strictly controls all media when it comes to LGBT issues.

    His presence will not make a single bit of difference to the LGBT people there, but the cumulative impact of hundreds of thousands of performers, actors, politicians and regular tourists boycotting the country WILL have an impact – for each famous face that does go it will have an impact on their own reputation outside of Russia.

    Boycotting sends a stronger message to Russia, and existing fans outside of Russia too.

    Performers who go there are supporting the laws, and risking their own careers in the west.

    1. The Kitty Channel 17 Sep 2013, 1:24pm

      Well said!

      1. Agreed. His visit will only lend credibility to Putin and his homophobic laws. If a internationally well known gay entertainer such as EJ does not boycott Russia how can we expect straight entertainers to do the same.

        Enough is enough. Just retire already.

        1. But …. NOT if he makes a VERY deliberate protest. See Gerry above:

  12. Elton John is a man motivated solely by greed.

    he performed in South africa during the height of apartheid.

    He whored himself out as the wedding singer at homophobic extremist Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

    His greed is legendary.

    This pathetic man cares nothing about human rights.

    He is an utter disgrace

  13. I like Sir Elton. As a South African who has lived in Russia on and off for nine years, and one who speaks Russian with near-native profficiency — that is not to mention that I claim some Russian roots — Sir Elton John is hardly a person to be noticed by the overwelming majority of Russians other than a protagonist of lurid homophobic jokes. Russians go for the macho type :( Van Damme would do :( For want of that one Texan Ranger, butt of Amie jokes. That’s the way it shakes, folks.

    1. Fûck off

    2. Fûck off you add nothing to the debate other than your love for white supremacy.

  14. Very Disappointing. Very disappointing indeed.

  15. @James!
    Man, can you stretch ya mentals beyond being black. We share more than black and white, ye ken. James, why don’t we juss focus on the subject of Russian institutionalised homobia? Read my lips: Russia is homophobic because it is trying to fit on the condom of Orthodoxy on its vacuum of dick left after its raison d’etre kind of evaporated. Okay? You are Black, and I am White, so effing what? One blood, one planet. Eisj

  16. To all you thumb-downers: the Russian opposition leader Navalny is a nationalist borderdering on Nazi. He threw Nazi salutes on more than one occasion and is known for xenophobic statements on record. There, put it it in your pipe and smoke it.

  17. John in Toronto Canada 17 Sep 2013, 5:24pm

    If he’s going, he’d better be conducting enough propaganda to get himself arrested. Otherwise, he’s only helping himself.

    1. Indeed, I hear our recruitment levels in Russia have died right down recently. We need more propaganda to recruit the children of course, and then once we have our army of children, we can enact secret operation agenda ! The whole world will be ours ! Mwuahahahhahaha

  18. vversatile 18 Sep 2013, 3:10am

    I’d be less cynical about this if he donated any earning to Russian lgbt organisations.

    It’s hard to forget that he broke the South African boycott and played Sun City in the 1980s.

  19. soapbubblequeen 22 Sep 2013, 7:09pm

    I would advise Elton John to think very carefully before going there. They threatened to arrest Madonna over her show. They’re just crazy and corrupt enough that they might try to put him in jail alongside Pussy Riot.

  20. Elton played in the Soviet Union, in South Africa, in Chine, in Israel. He played to AUDIENCES not to their governments. To ordinary people who enjoy his music.

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