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Azerbaijan: Gay man found dead in Baku in wake of first gay pride rally

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Reader comments

  1. Turkish Guy 17 Sep 2013, 7:49pm

    It is so unfortunate to record such a tragic incident at the first public event of Azerbaijani LGBT community. I’m proud of them but sorry for the dead man. It was not a hate crime apparently but a coincidence.

  2. Well, let’s clarify that there was no real “rally” in Baku, only few guys raised a rainbow flag in an almost deserted park, online coverage was much bigger than the event itself. And it’s too early to connect the two stories in my opinion.

    1. If you look at the backlash in the west like the stabbings in New York, it’s very easy to connect the stories. More visibility = backlash. The more you blend in the happier they are. When you stand out or speak out, they stab ya

      1. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 11:05am

        Right Mr Pink and I very much respect your comments on here. Going underground does not solve this. Thats when blackmail etc plays it’s part.

        We need a gay President or Prime Minister. We need high profile gay people showing their lives publically. We need proud gay people in the media and on TV who do good deeds, who relax in public, who take their kids to schools etc.

        To me and it’s only my opinion by projecting a good ordinary life others around us who feel threatened by us will relax. They will ask questions and see we are good people.

        I was 29 before coming out so I’m certainly not perfect. I’ve been beaten up, lost 2 jobs etc. Get these stories out there in the main media and in international papers as a disgrace that in this day and age these countries lack basic human rights. And at the G20, G7 etc.

  3. Colin (London) 18 Sep 2013, 9:07am

    This is when I so hate all religion. How can apparently intelligent people hold on to something no one has ever proven.

    People gave up dangerous ways of childbirth as doctors and society showed that change brought a more certainty of a good birth.

    Why cant our leaders the world over get together and ask the world to give up religion showing a better way for the masses. Our leaders need to condemn religion. It is holding this planet back.

    Killing someone because he was barn gay. It’s the equivalent of killing someone because they are disabled.

    Please muslim world and others modernise. You adopted the use of electricity, driving a car…look at personal relationships and modernise.

    Let your gods go and embrace a future.

  4. keith francis farrell 18 Sep 2013, 1:08pm

    It is tragic that another life gets lost though homophobia and religion. why can people not respect others rights to equality. would these homophobes really be happy if we returned the same sort of hate and hurt as they put us through.
    Funny some years ago I remember reading about LGBT people being attacked and murdered in an area where there was a large gay grouping. One day the gay people decided that was far enough. The next time the attacker suddenly found themselves surrounded. They were beaten up and sent to hospital. after the recovered, they admitted that they could only attack weaker victims and there were too many gay guys that were bigger, fitter and stronger than them they never had a chance.
    Maybe this is what’s needed again. imagine how these religious nut jobs would react when their leaders are taken out and beaten to within an inch of their lives simply because they are the ones teaching all the hat.
    As they always say “Payback is a bitch”

    1. Much as we’d like to live in peace and abhor violence, perhaps it’s time we sent the homophobe the message, by action, that his actions could possibly end with repercussions that could be physically damaging, and very possibly lethal. As long as they are able to attack without any retaliation, they lose nothing or face no danger. But as soon as they begin winding up with injuries that require hospitalization and the potential of it being lethal to them, their sense of self preservation will convince them to avoid us at all cost. It’s time for the Sleeping Giant to awaken.

  5. Frequently such kind of murders happen as a result of internal takedowns within the gay community.

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