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US: Vice President Joe Biden calls same-sex marriage ‘the issue of our day’

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Reader comments

  1. While I guess it’s fair enough that he is making a point and going on the record (so many politicians will squirm off the hook so they have credible deniability) I don’t know that I can agree with the sentiment.

    I think there is a bigger and more important battle to come – Most notably federal recognition of LGBT people as a protected group, and a modern iteration of the Civil Rights Act 1964 that will outlaw, once and for all, acts of discrimination.

    I get that repealing DADT was a start, and marriage plays a part, as will anti-discrimination workplace laws currently being worked on (again, ENDA has failed to pass for many years) in that they all function to adjust the cultural zeitgeist and make bigotry less socially acceptable. It’s a slow process. And it is federal recognition that truly matters.

    Put simply – With a virtually statistically irrelevant number of exceptions all LGBT people will work, all will purchase goods and services. All need to be protected.

    1. Once again, Valksy ,you are “Spot On!

  2. Dana Taylor 16 Sep 2013, 3:01pm

    I thought it was transgender issues. Maybe he changed his mind.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many different issues he’s said this about now.

  3. Mohamed Salieu Kamara 16 Sep 2013, 3:28pm

    LGBT people are not protected in Africa and in some parts of the world.

    The molestation, discrimination and murder of LGBT in Africa is rampant, what would the two big countries like United Kingdom and the United State of America would do to stop that at once, to STOP the KILLING of LGBT people.

    Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 16 Sep 2013, 5:26pm

      Mohamed Salieu Kamara- THANK YOU ! I don’t like the unbalanced media in Our World ! Our main focus is towards ourselves, WE in the “Western society” must first and foremost improve our situation, forgetting those who suffers much more–THAT is very obvious if one look at the situation for LGBT PEOPLE in Africa and Asia. To a large degree they are pushed into the shadows. I wish we could judge ourselves more from what we do to others, and get rid of some selfishness.

    2. You make an important point Mohamed.

      It seems for every step we make forward in terms of human rights, there is a backlash somewhere else and LGBT suffer.

  4. Derek Williams 16 Sep 2013, 4:22pm

    Joe Biden is a kind and decent man and a true statesman. His support and that of Barack Obama and the entire adminstration is gold.

  5. He wants to have a chat to Shirley Williams!

  6. His stance on marriage equality is commendable and it may be the current battle being fought but the actual issue of today, yesterday and tomorrow is homophobia.

  7. Good man. The UK and US have got the best leaders at the moment they’ve had for a long time. Blair was good until he went into ‘I’ve had power for too long so now I’ve gone mad syndrome’.

    1. Does it not depend how you quantify good.

      Blair was certainly a good showman and persuader.

      However, over time, and to this day, he has repeatedly demonstrated incredible poor judgment.

      He is the type of person that has the capacity to lead a group of followers over a cliff.

  8. I totally 300 percent agree with him!

    However Congress must pass ENDA first, then the RFMA (“Respect for Marriage Act” that will repeal DOMA)!!!!!

    Civil marriage is very important in society for long term stable loving relationships – regardless of what sex of the spouses or partners are!!!!!

    Here in Australia we still have 1961 laws on marriage that are just completely out of date and must be updated and reformed – but then again that will never happen under a bigoted and hateful Catholic Church asslicker Tony Abbott Conservative right-wing Tory or Coalition Government!!!!!

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