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UNISON set to challenge workplace biphobia by launching new fact sheet for Bi Visibility Day

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Reader comments

  1. I fully support this, as a bisexual person myself I have experienced far more discrimination and prejudice from gay men than I ever have from straight men and women and also judging by the lack of comments on this article it comes as no surprise.

    Gay people in general are more bi-phobic towards bisexuals than straight people are and you would think that after all the homophobia and discrimination that gay people have suffered and continue to suffer they would be more understanding and sympathetic but no instead they choose to be hypocritical and bigoted which in turn makes them no better than the homophobic bigots who attack gay people.

    As bisexuals we have stood by the gay community for decades and fort with them and joined them in the fight for equal rights yet this is how we get repaid in return its completely unacceptable and its this hostile attitude that has lead many bisexuals to break away from the LGBT movement in recent years

    1. Sinead Harkin 17 Sep 2013, 8:06am

      +1 I’m bi and am fed up with bigotry

      1. I’m a bisexual woman and what I find particularly frustrating is that many of the misconceptions about bisexuals are caused and perpetuated by people who are not bisexual.
        I find it hard to get angry at the gay man who pretends to be bisexual for a while because he thinks it will make the process of coming out easier. I don’t think it works very well, but sometimes people are desperate.
        But then you also have straight women pretending to be bisexual to attract men. Two straight female friends making out in the bar so some guy will think “Ooh, I’ve got a shot at a threesome” and come over.
        I’m sick of people creating a mess for us, and then moving on and leaving us to clean it up! We have gays insisting that bisexuality is not real and we’re just scared to admit we’re gay. And straight people are suspicious that we’re just saying we’re bi for the attention!

  2. This is Triphobia and Octophobia in disguise by only addressing Biphobia.The Tri-Octo-Quodro-LGBT-OMG community will have to take a stand at the short- sighted regressive stand of UNISON.It’s the 21st Century after all .

    1. Locus Solus 17 Sep 2013, 11:29am

      This is just stupid.

    2. Elston Gunn 17 Sep 2013, 11:47am

      That’s right Ray, illustrate biphobia by belittling bisexual people, your comment only serves to demonstrate what Ciaran has said above. Unity for LGBT was always an illusion – some gays just used us up for their own purposes and then had the nerve to say we don’t exist.

      1. Elston Gunn 29 Sep 2013, 9:42pm

        ah, just realised Ray is a hetero-troll from another another comments page… my bad. Clearly the open format of PN attracts this kind of person, and I was naive in thinking that only lgbt people posted on here

  3. Locus Solus 17 Sep 2013, 11:28am

    I’m a bi guy too but I must confess that my partner and my friends, both gay and straight, are really supportive. I can’t say I’ve faced much in the way of discrimination, the odd bit of banter maybe (gay friends: “eeww you like vagina”).
    The only “issue” I have, and it’s pretty small, is that straight people tend to just say I’m gay, and it’s a bit of a pain to keep saying “I’m actually bisexual.” They know I’m bi, but they just see me as gay and keep identifying me as gay. This would really start to be a problem if I was single and trying to date a girl.
    Also girls/guys are a bit wary of bisexuals, I know quite a few who say they would never date a bi guy because he’d “run off with a girl/guy in the end.”

    1. Elston Gunn 17 Sep 2013, 11:59am

      I’ve experienced all the classic stuff – even from a bisexual female friend who said bisexuality doesn’t exist in men! Dating is problematic. I’ve heard stories of bisexual guys coming out to their girlfriends and being dumped on the spot. In my opinion the problem is less about the worry that a bisexual man might leave them for a guy (although that’s present for sure), but more about their revulsion at the thought of gay sex. It’s a problem with the “what someones does in the privacy of their own home” argument for acceptance – some still think its disgusting at the end of the day. Still a fair bit of work to do on this I’m afraid!

      1. That is what lies at the heart of most homophobia/biphobia. Most people (even people who are homophobes/biphobes) don’t have a problem with the ‘its ok if they do it behind closed doors’ argument but when anyone suggests that gay sex IS ‘natural’ albeit for only the small percentage of the population that is gay or bisexual then the problems begin.

        1. Elston Gunn 26 Sep 2013, 10:17pm

          yeah I agree, and its a really big problem that no ones seems to tackle head on. I honestly believe that religion isn’t necessarily the root cause of homophobia, as some readers seem to think on here. When phobic people (religious/or traditionalists) talk about “disgusting”, “vile” etc. – its seems quite clear its the sex act they’re talking about. Hence the Catholic Churches stance. It seems more likely that homo/biphobia is wrapped up in a fear of disease, even before HIV. Unfortunately for these readers who hope for the demise of religion, they may find that the problem remains. I guess that to really overcome it we need far better sex education – and the de-stigmatization of anal sex. I reckon that more people have become sexually liberal because of the availability of porn online, and its probably had a role to play in the changing attitudes towards gay sex. This may of course been why Peter Tatchell advocated relaxing the laws in the 90s – he’s a clever chap!

  4. I might have thrown a link into the Bi Visibility Day webpage there, pinknews –

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