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Rapper Mykki Blanco accuses Britney Spears of exploiting gay fans

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Reader comments

  1. Cause referencing the people you’re trying to make a point to as “u f*gs” is always a surefire way to win people over

    And having heard the song I can’t say I’m in the mood for getting out my face on ecstasy either

  2. Although the way he articulated it leaves something to be desired he actually has a point. Many gay people are obsessed with celebrities like Gaga or Britney and I cant for the life of me see what makes them such good role models… personally I think a gay icon should be those who risked their own freedom or lives fighting for our cause or someone who brought about big changes with regard to equality legislation. I don’t begrudge Gaga the title so much because she has done a lot for the gay community and although I cant stand her music or dress sense I’m still grateful for that but the whole Britney thing basically sums up why I personally feel a bit annoyed about the people considered to be “gay icons” because they always seem to be random bimbo pop singers rather than the scientists, writers and activists who helped our cause significantly and improve society’s understanding of homosexuality.

    1. Not me. Baynard Rustin, James Baldwin and the hustlers trannies and drag queens from stonewall and all the cast of Paris is burning are my heroes.

  3. He seems really bitter. Is this the same rapper that dissed Macklemore for having the audacity to release a song/video supporting gay marriage?

    1. Erm no! That was a different person lol!

      1. All black are probably the same to Liam

  4. britneys exploiting gay people (like myself) and yet he is using the term f*gs,, ok douchebag

  5. Oops!! Thanks Mikey!

    Still sounds bitter. I know certain female acts and boybands are marketed towards gays, ie Britney, 1D and McFly, but they still have to agree to it. Good on them!

  6. My comments have been voted down. So what is wrong with girl singers and boy bands supporting gay rights??!

    1. In what world do singers like Britney Spears and 1D support gay rights? just because these products are marketed to us doesn’t mean we’re so foolish as to swallow it; and the way in which some of these artists commodify LGBT people is vile quite frankly

      Fair enough for people like Gaga who make speeches and donations and start foundations, maybe then I can tolerate the pandering, but Britney and one direction???? please

    2. I don’t recall 1D or Britney Spears “supporting gay rights”, just being relentlessly marketed to us like the products that they are.

      Some of us know better than to buy into such tack

  7. I also can’t figure out for the life of me why Britney is supposed to be a gay icon. She’s a pop starlet that used to be popular around the turn of the millenium, that’s it.

    Lady Gaga has spoken up about a zillion times when it comes to lgbt* rights, and has always been praised accordingly. Thumbs up for Lady Gaga!! Now, did I miss something or did Britney ever speak out for the rights of non-straight people?

    1. Due to systematic oppression, suppression and censorship; the lack of LGBT role models combined with the lack of out spoken straight allies in the media means that the only way to become a gay icon is if lots and lots of gay people simply like you.

      It’s a joke really

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Sep 2013, 12:07pm

    Blanco who?

  9. I have never for the life of me understood why we would idolize such people as a cultural group. Spears? REALLY!?

    I can’t even see what she’s actually DONE for LGBT people other than irritate them with her music being on repeat in every gay venue around the US and UK, over and over and over again, until we’re so fed up with it we migrate to a local pub to play pool instead – just me? lol

    I don’t know who he is, but he is correct. The marketing machine behind these acts has crunched the numbers and knows that the pink $ is worth the effort.

    In a manufactured pop world, it’s clear that the audience is manipulated at every turn.

  10. I have yet to work out what boxes must be ticked for someone to be declared a ‘gay icon’ and if these icons cross over to both men and women in the gay community!

    I believe as a gay woman I am meant to have a thing for Just Bieber….God knows why! The man’s (I use the term man VERY loosely ) an dammed idiot! Maybe it’s. His music?…no no its crap! I wonder what it is?! Lol

  11. Never a truer word spoken, young man.

    Why is it that gay men are drawn to the trashiest, clearly psychologically disturbed “divas” like Britney and Gaga and insist on worshipping at their altars?

    Do we see them as a mirror to our tormented selves, or is it simply that where we once led in setting the trends, we now just follow the lowest common denominator, assimilated as we have allowed ourselves to become into the cultural mainstream that is symbolised by tack and chintz?

    Very sad, and a damning indictment to boot.

  12. “Ultimate gay icons of all time” are for Christmas, not for life.

    1. Nick Billingham 26 Sep 2013, 3:38pm

      I went to see Mykky perform in London earlier this year and tho its not my preferred music (I’m a child of the sixties!) I was bowled over by his performance. He went on moving and rapping non-stop for over an hour in an explosion of energy as an uncompromisingly gay drag artist who made no concessions to anyone’s sensibilities and the mainly young straight audience loved it. It put many of the rather tired old drag artists on the gay scene to shame and I think he’s doing more to challenge the stereotype of homophobic black rap artists than anyone.

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