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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: It would be ‘really tacky’ of me to clarify whether I am gay

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Reader comments

  1. It is not tacky to acknowledge one-s sexual orientation.

    Straight people do it without thinking.

    It is incredibly tacky to be a closet case however.

    1. Straight people do not generally have to clarify if they are straight but rather they are not straight. The issue is… should it matter and should starts be hounded into a public confession? I don’t think it matters but it is nice to have gay role models. Wether someone chooses to be a role model of that kind is up to them.

      1. Straight stars don’t have to clarify their sexual orientation.

        It ia automatically assumed by the media that someone is straight.

        There’s no justification in the year 2013 for a gay star to be closeted other than greed and cowardice.

        This guy sounds like a closet case.

        1. Assuming you’re gay, how would you feel if you had people tailing you 24/7 waiting until you’re seen in public with a female so they can have all kinds of articles written about you and accusing you of being straight and simply trying to get into her pants? Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with being straight but why should you have to go out of the way to verify that you are not straight? It’s not really their business after all and vehemently denying it might make you look disapprove of it.
          Just because someone doesn’t want to declare their sexuality doesn’t make them a closet case. Plus we don’t have a fundamental right to know someone’s sexuality, it’s their decision whether they want to share it or not. Now why don’t you get off your high horse and take your petty little assumptions with you.

    2. john lyttle 16 Sep 2013, 4:44pm

      But it is tacky to be forced to.

    3. That’s easy for us to say, SteveC. If it meant that you would risk being typecast for ever more and the greater part of your potential career would be over, I wonder if it would be a level of tackiness that you would reluctantly go along with.

      Without a doubt, being closeted or perpetually ambiguous about sexuality is far from desirable, but I think we shouldn’t dictate to others what their priorities should be.

  2. The idea of making it sound like it’s “not an issue” by saying it would be “tacky” is all well and good when the day comes people actually don’t care about your sexuality, but with rampant and violent physical and verbal homophobia across every part of the world, it will remain important that anybody who is gay comes out and says it so we are seen and unafraid.

  3. If it is tacky, that’s only because too many bisexual and gay celebrities tell lies about their sexual orientation.

  4. Totally agree Steve – Straight people all the time announce their sexuality with little things without thinking, it takes effort on the part of gay and bi people to give the impression they are not. If they were being open as straight people are they would not need to announce it, they would just be seen hand in hand with their boy-friend or in a quick snog in a night club etc as are their straight compatriots. IT TAKES EFFORT to be ambiguous, if they are doing that they are deliberately concealing their sexuality and deliberately staying in the closet!

    1. JGL is not a gay/straight ambassador; he is an actor. The fact that his job puts him in the public eye does not entitle the whole world and his wife to know intimate details of his private life.

      If he does happen to be gay it does not automatically burden him with the responsibility for fighting for gay rights by revealing this to the world.
      He may be openly gay amongst friends/family, he may not be. He may be bi-curious, confused, experimenting or he may just be straight.
      In any case it should be his decision if/when/what to tell the general public.

      In fact many straight actors/celebrities manage to keep their romantic life private, this should be no different. Some people are very open about these things, some are not. It’s entirely their prerogative and it’s a bit of a leap to ascribe that to greed.

      The point he is making is surely we can move to a place where it’s not a big story if he is gay or not. I know that’s the kind of attitude I wish more people had.

  5. john lyttle 16 Sep 2013, 4:43pm

    He owns us nothing except great performances. anything else is his own damn business. And as we are coming to the moments were role models aren’t needed as they once clearly were you might consider that Levitt might be part of an evolutionary cultural process (in the West at least) rather than rather grandly dismissing him as ‘a closet case.’

    You still want a role model? Be your own role model.

  6. Christopher Coleman 16 Sep 2013, 4:57pm

    I understand the large impact on society of someone well known “coming out”. However, I do not find that biographical details affect my reaction to actors, writers, musicians, and other creative people. When I pick up a novel, for example, all I want to know is when it was written.

    It is always a pleasure to be able to point to a famous figure and be able to tell homophobes that the person they admire is gay. There is another side to it however, especially for actors. They never stop trying to impress the public with their performances, even when they are the top of their profession.

    We might want to know everything there is to know about actors we like, but we should be generous enough to allow them their privacy. Take the performance the actor offers; enjoy it or not, as you think it deserves. The performance *is* the actor. Personal details might matter only if we happen to know the actor personally.

  7. He very cool. I like his response.

  8. E. Carpenter 16 Sep 2013, 7:31pm

    Unless you, too, have had to deal with the kind of paparazzi attention he’s had to go through, how can you really understand his position?

    I’m happy to take him at face-value, and let him get some satisfaction out of making the paparazzi squirm. He’s obviously gay-friendly, whatever his orientation, so let’s leave him in peace, instead of adding to the gossip mongering.

  9. He never seems to make a big deal out of being gay or str8. There are no nudge, nudge, wink, wink media manipulations. So I say, more power to him. If he ever (or never) decides to talk about a special person in his life, that’s up to him.

  10. David Sepulveda 18 Sep 2013, 1:45pm

    I love him and always thought he was perfect!

  11. Scott Hester-Johnson 18 Sep 2013, 9:46pm

    “…they would win if I had to clarify.”

    They? Who is “they”?

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