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Joey Barton becomes first footballer to wear anti-homophobia rainbow laces

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Reader comments

  1. He’s a bizarre bloke. So often he behaves like an utter dick, and yet on this issue he’s a beacon of light. Bless his cotton socks.

    1. Yes, he is the archetypal ‘bad boy’. But on this issue he is a good boy. He doesn’t have to be living PC saint in order to rise above the rest of football and make a credible public stand. He has courage. ‘Joseph Take A Bow’ you’re a (sometimes) ‘Charming Man’ (apologies to The Smiths).

  2. Who on earth dreamed up this “The Right Behind Gay Footballers” campaign?

    1. Paddy Power, by the looks of things.
      Stonewall has been taken for a ride, and is being used by a company openly mocking something it purports to support.
      This is perhaps one of the most shameful displays of marketing I’ve ever seen. Stonewall might as well have supported a poster campaign depicting Julian Clary in a shower room full of footballers with a speech bubble saying “Oops I dropped the soap!”

      Shameful for both Paddy Power and Stonewall.

      1. And, Pink News, PLEASE stop auto-linking mentions of that company in comments. Judging by the lukewarm response this is getting from your readership it’s not a good thing to be advertising for them!

        1. I recall PaddyPower was criticised a couple of years ago about a TV ad where they asked people to guess whether someone was a transsexual. Stonewall, too, doesn’t have a very good record on equality issues, for example its long-standing opposition to “gay marriage.”

          1. Stonewall is anti-trans so there’s no surprise there!

          2. Dan Filson 17 Sep 2013, 2:46am

            Stonewall is not, so far as I know know, anti-trans, it just doesn’t purport to represent them as they are mostly not attracted to their own sex unlike LGB people.

            On equal marriage, Stonewall was hesitant to commit support until it was demonstrated by the LGB community that the majority did not think civil partnerships were enough, but then gave immense support to the campaign. Don’t knock them.

    2. Mrs Slocombe is on the Stonewall committee?

  3. I doubt any other footballers will follow Barton’s example. Be good to be proved wrong though.

  4. You do realise Joey Barton called Thiago a “shemale” whilst he was playing in France. The guy is an ass.

    1. Yeah, he’s a real ass for sticking his neck out for gay men by making a documentary and now supporting an anti-homophobia campaign. Fvck off.

      1. But it’s ok for him to post transphobic comments on twitter,

  5. Good for him. Barton has done a lot for gay men in football.

  6. Well done Joey.

    As for the ‘Right behind gay footballers’ slogan, ok, a bit crass but it’s Paddy Powers humour and not really offensive is it?

  7. ‘RIGHT BEHIND’? I’m not offended by it, but it does make it seem as though they’re taking the p

    Good for Barton, though.

  8. Whatever the motives behind this campaign – shameless commercialism or not – I think it’s great that someone with Batron’s ‘colourful’ personality is prepared to stand up and be counted. There are bloggers on here who will decry homophobia in football – yet who will also knock attempts to start a dialogue … which this surely is. I hope those players who DON’T support it will be named and shamed. And I wonder how much publicity the tabloids will give it …?

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