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WATCH: How an adorable guy proposed to his boyfriend thanks to a flash mob in a Home Depot store

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Reader comments

  1. Aweee thats cute *—* I want that too :O

  2. David Cade 13 Sep 2013, 6:12pm

    How wonderful! How moving! And this kind of thing spreads. There’ll be 100s of gays and lesbians in countries where there are no gay rights who’ll see this video and realise what they need to achieve, and CAN achieve.

  3. That was absolutely wonderful, adorable, sweet and very moving. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  4. Oh my goodness. I’ve gone all moist!

  5. Wonderful!!! I guess the FRC’s anti-gay boycott of Home Depot wasn’t as “successful” as they say it was!!

  6. I just cried in the office while watching this… Congratulations!

  7. Tom Jurgen 13 Sep 2013, 7:45pm

    And then he said….”I’m just not that into you”…..

  8. Justusboyz 13 Sep 2013, 8:45pm

    That was emotional …and I wasn’t even there! All best wishes Guys.

  9. Oh fuck that is cutest thing I have seen in… well since I saw a photo of a baby panda, but this is cuter.

  10. I wonder where they’ll get married? The Morons won’t let them get married in Utah. A marriage certificate won’t be worth the paper it’s written on in Salta Laka City.

    In fact the ludicrous cult that controls Utah has its right to discriminate against gay people in both housing and employment very firmly embedded into the Salt Lake City “Anti-Discrimination” ordinance. So I hope these boys don’t work for the “church” or live in a “church” owned property, if either of them do they’ll be eligable for a good sacking & eviction by the ‘Prophet’ just because they’re gay.

    While the World critices Russia for its new anti-gay laws the Mormons are still partnered with & major sponsors of some of the most homophobic organisations on the planet.

    1. They’ll probably get married in a state that marries non-residents (California is one) and the U.S federal government will recognize it.
      Utah won’t.

  11. Christopher in Canada 14 Sep 2013, 2:07am

    Wow. This, in the middle of Mormon Country.

    Saudi Arabia is next.

  12. I thought it would be soppy but I’m lying in bed with tears streaming down my face.
    Tremendous stuff.
    Good luck guys

  13. That is totally beautiful.

  14. Congratulations to Spencer and Dustin and also to The Home Depot for facilitating the event.

    Interesting that it’s already gone viral, with an amazing 3,873,367 viewings in less than four days.

    That’s fantastic free publicity for The Home Depot, showing that being gay-friendly makes excellent business sense.

    Eat your hearts out, WBC and FRC !

    1. .
      … and ninety minutes later it’s over 4 million !

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 2:30pm

    What a lovely way to propose. I wonder if we’ll see similar flash mobs in the UK once the Equal Marriage law comes into effect in 2014? Now that will send the religious nutters into a tailspin.

    1. Paul Essex/London 14 Sep 2013, 8:26pm

      An SSM proposal flash-mob at the Village Church Fete perhaps? Well it certainly beats the tombola and bric-a-brac stall.

  16. Oh god… If a girl proposed to me like this… just… just yes, a thousand times yes

  17. Handy that a professional film crew happened to be there…

    1. bobbleobble 14 Sep 2013, 4:52pm

      Except that they didn’t happen to be there did they? It was deliberately recorded so that it could be remembered. It’s what people do isn’t it? Certainly if I’d gone to the trouble of setting all that up I’d want to make sure it was preserved forever. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that this was an accidental capture of the moment.

      1. It’s also dated January 2013…

        1. bobbleobble 14 Sep 2013, 9:44pm

          And that’s important or relevant how exactly? I can’t read anywhere in the article that it says this happened recently just that it has gone viral recently.

          What point exactly are you trying to make?

          1. Clue’s in the name Pink NEWS!

          2. bobbleobble 15 Sep 2013, 1:18pm

            And the news is that a proposal between two guys in a very conservative part of the US has gone viral in the last few days. It’s not exactly earth shattering I agree but it is at least somewhat noteworthy.

          3. That it’s not “news” if it happened eight months ago?

            What next ‘Oscar Wilde arrested’?

          4. bobbleobble 15 Sep 2013, 3:37pm

            As I said, the news is that the video went viral not that it happened at all. It was posted to YouTube on Tuesday and has since received ove six million views. That’s what’s being reported.

          5. Dysentry goes viral every day…

  18. Just one of the many reasons why we call it Homo Depot – lol

  19. This reminded me of one of the most touching proposal videos I’ve ever seen. It’s another flash mob one where a guy proposes to his bf to Christina Perri’s A thousand years in Central Park. I found it through the Youtube gay rights spotlight thing back in June and I thought you guys might want to see it too, so: (And lol at the ‘str8’ in the url)

  20. That cheered up my sunday.

  21. Paul Essex/London 15 Sep 2013, 6:25pm

    I don’t do weepy….watched that for the umpteenth time and still makes me cry.

  22. Now over 7 MILLION views on YouTube in less than a week !

    That must surely be some kind of record.

    It must also be having quite a political impact worldwide: having seen such a wonderfully inspiring video, how could any reasonable person argue that Same Sex Marriage shouldn’t be allowed?

  23. Michael 2912 16 Sep 2013, 9:15am

    I defy anyone to watch that and stay dry eyed. Harvey Milk said: Let them have hope. Seems like it’s there in shed loads.

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