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US: Church stops boy scouts using building because of pro-gay policy

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Reader comments

  1. How very ‘Christian’ of them.
    I’m often told of how ‘charitable’ and ‘selfless’ the Christian church is, how it gives to the community. I guess that sort of thing ends once we start tolerating minorities and their human rights.

  2. ‘Loving christianity’ at its best. They’d rather have kids exposed to the dangers of having nowhere to meet because of some ancient and ‘selected’ passage in an old novel? Disgusting and demostrates onve again the totally irrationality and the power of religious ‘conditioning’.

  3. “…with scouts even installing an audio system and building a gazebo for them.”

    well THAT’S gratitude for ya.

    1. It would be interesting to see what this “Church” does for the community around it, it sounds like a con to me.

  4. Given the views of its owners, I would be very uncomfortable about my children meeting in such a building.

    I hope they find a more suitable place to meet soon.

  5. KKK Church stops boy scouts using building because of pro-back policy?

  6. Christopher Coleman 13 Sep 2013, 5:18pm

    This church has given the pack leaders a perfect teaching moment. They can talk to the scouts about prejudice and the boys will understand, through their own situation, how it works. They are young enough to be idealistic and it will disgust them.

  7. More proof, if any were needed, that many so-called “Christians” are anything but.

    All of us here are more Christian in our Humanity and attitudes than most religious bigots who claim to be following the spirit of Christianity.

    They’re hateful, bigoted, nasty wastes of skin, and real Christians are learning fast how to disassociate themselves from these nutters.

    1. floridahank 13 Sep 2013, 6:59pm

      The church is understanding the Holy Bible in its entirety — not exempting certain passages because the rest of society doesn’t like it. The Bible is the entire Truth of God and nothing should be added or taken out if you are a dedicated follower of Holy Scripture. Society should not try to tell the church what to believe and not believe — let it stick to secular problems which it cannot handle well anyway.

      1. Tim Chapman 13 Sep 2013, 8:05pm

        Society does not tell the church what to believe, it merely tells it that certain actions are not acceptable, such as discriminating against people on the basis of an inalienable characteristic.

      2. So will they advocate slavery, absolute monarchy, and condemn the lending of money at interest? You talk bilge, Hank.

      3. Entirety, really, hope you enjoyed your sausage and bacon today Hank, what utter rubbish, you are so blind I actually pity you.

      4. So, if you take the Bible seriously (even though it has been rewritten more than ten times in the last 2000 years by people in power with a personal ambition or goal to force on a population) then you also don’t eat shellfish, you support slavery, you would sell your daughter, you never cut your hair, you support imprisoning menstruating women, and you only wear clothes made from one thread?

        No? Thought not.
        These people pick and choose what they want to believe because this one thing gives them a sense of control and power over others. They’re no better than the Taliban.

      5. If a child abuser believes they have that right – should they be allowed?
        If a rapist believes they have a right – is that also acceptable?
        If a racist believes they have the right to attack others – can they?

        Having a belief does not immediately grant permission to abuse, harm, inflict violence upon, other people. The fact that these individuals think they have a “right” to attack others is what is seriously wrong here. And we, as a society, have allowed them to do it for far too long.

        Having a belief does not grant you special rights and freedoms to attack other people. Believe what you want, but the moment you use that belief to attack you should be punished by society as a whole.

      6. It was literalistic fundamentalists like you that were behind the murder of Jesus. This mindset blinded them like it has blinded you.

  8. They’re children FFS! What’s wrong with these people?

  9. Every time the church turns its back on the local community it puts another nail in its coffin and proves how right we are about them.

  10. ‘I’m taking my ball and I’m going home.’ Pathetic.

  11. Bpatists – a spin off of the dutch “reformed church” which created apartheid in south africca and justified in the USA slavery as per the bible

    Sometimes they are called here in the USA “white trash”

    I’m sure htat the scouts can find a love your neighborr church and think of all the str8 boys in the scouts as well as gays who will understand what these garbage churches are about.

  12. Beelzeebub 15 Sep 2013, 2:26am

    Past caring.

    NUKE the religion freaks.

    Let the rest of us get on with it.

  13. I disagree with the title headline that refers to the Boy Scouts Pro-gay policy. They don’t have a pro-gay policy. They have simply toned down their outright anti gay hostility so that it only applies to adults and not to the younger scout members. They will tolerate the presence of gay scout members but once they reach adulthood they will be kicked out of the organisation and not permitted to have any role in it voluntarily or otherwise.That doesn’t sound like a pro-gay stance to me.

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