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Sara Gilbert: Dating Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki made me realise I’m gay

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Reader comments

  1. She ‘came out’ 9 years after getting in a relationship….and had two kids with her? I love, love, love her…but that’s just obnoxious.

    1. There is a difference between coming out personally, to your family and friends, and coming out professionally to colleagues and strangers. There is nothing “obnoxious” about what she did.

    2. People place such pressures on a person that they are virtually forced to live a lie, and yes often children are involved. It’s just sad that for some it really does take years for them to come to term with themselves. Don’t be a douche-bag judgemental wanker.

  2. Worst misleading headline EVER – come on guyz – Galecki is clearly a great friend and supportive colleague – way to make him sound so bad that women commit to a sexual re-evaluation!

    1. Great advice, Rupert – let’s tell everyone to lie about who they are. Coming out is a very personal thing and I think the most important thing is that they have accepted themselves before coming out. If you don’t even accept yourself, how can you expect everyone else to? Melissa Etheridge came out in the early 90’s and her record sales went from a few million to ten million. It’s all in how you carry yourself – people love a person willing to be honest and vulnerable and willing to be themselves regardless of what impact it has on their career – and when you approach life from that angle, as Melissa can attest to, you are rewarded.

    2. I thought the same JD, a very poor choice of words indeed!!!

    3. I also agree, the negative impression it creates of Galecki is unfortunate, to say the least.

    4. The headline, as we can read in the article, is completely accurate. Sara Glibert’s feelings of depression came about in conjunction with the relationship with Johnny Galecki. Any negative connotations to that are based on jumping to certain conclusions, and they are firmly put to rest by the text of the article.

      There is nothing negative, and everything positive, about being involved in a relationship which makes your partner discover who she really is.

  3. Watching ‘The Golden Girls’ had the same effect on me …. :)

  4. It’s quite funny, Galecki helped me to realize I was gay when I was a teenager too! lol

    What can I say, I had a thing for cute, geeky greebo boys from the 90’s.

    And I agree, unfair headline on this story. Everyone knows Galecki is a sweetheart, and it’s unfair to allude to the notion that he might turn women!

    1. Nah he did not me into a gay girl but Take That & Backstreets Boys did, well most boy bands do……………………………………. :P

      1. Also just wanted too say, I don’t think anybody turns anybody gay, in my mind it is just natural selection we are born the way we are…..

  5. I also agree – we should be praising him for being supportive, not try to imply that he was a crappy lover. Not the standard I expect from Pink News.

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