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Northern Ireland Health Department to fight to keep gay adoption ban at Supreme Court

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Reader comments

  1. What the flying fvck?! Im so sick of this why ishe our health minister?! How.much money does he have to waste?! Thats it as soon as im back from holiday im going to stormont and im gonna forcible remove his stupid ears amd beat him with them. Fvck me.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      This guy is charged with ensuring the health and well being of the entire region and yet he appears to be struggling to identify myth from reality.

      He has an absolute right be believe (without out any actual proof) that God exists, but when he arrives every day for work he needs to park those beliefs and make every action and every decision based entirely on cold hard facts.

      Where’s the bloody tax payer alliance, or whatever they’re called, called.

    2. Actually, it may not be the worst thing in the world for the minister to get leave to appeal, lose, be held responsible for misuse of public funds and surcharged. This may be a long game.

      Every cloud…

  2. Good luck to him, he’ll need it. As UK law has already been decided on this, and Northern Ireland is in the UK, he has his work cut out for him. He must either be hoping to change UK law or he’ll be trying to claim that his sky-daddy best friend has special jurisdiction in NI and therefore they should be able to ignore the law. Either way, his chancing of winning are nil

    1. Hang on Mike- but UK law on equal marriage does not apply to NI – so Putts must be thinking that he can impose this discrepency also.

      I mean it was in the Same Sex Marriage Bill-recently passed-that the Province of NI could exempt themselves from that legislation.

      1. Not so sure that will stand, once Scotland enacts Equal Marriage, I’m not at all sure that a minority of the UK can sustain different fundamental rights, and marriage is a fundamental right.
        The only reason, (from an EHRCt. ruling) that marriage is still under the “margin of appreciation” throughout the CoE is that a minority of States have so far enacted same sex Marriage. And I believe that also applies to devolved Administrations within a State, ie. once the majority allow it, then the rest can loose that margin of appreciation.
        I’m not fully sure of this though; if this applies entirely because marriage is in a separate clause in the ECHR. But I do believe it applies to Adoption and other parts of discriminatory laws related to sexuality, within a State.
        Is any one well clued up on this?

    2. i would assume that supreme court would make the judgment based on NI laws

  3. CH Brighton 13 Sep 2013, 7:10pm

    This is not to do with trying to work out what is best for adoptive parents or for children placed for adoption. This about using public funds to try and impose a set of prejudices. It’s truly disgraceful that this action has been allowed to go ahead.

  4. I’m presuming the same checks on suitability are done on all potential adopters. So what is this guys problem. You’d think the way he acts people were queing up to adopt kids in care when they’re not. In the London borough I used to work of the 570 kids in care in 2011 only 10 were lucky enough to be adopted. Does this man have no idea the damage life in social care does to a child and this for most carries on into adulthood. Maybe he should be looking at the best interest of children rather than his own hateful bigoted life.
    All the same sex families I know were giving their children as much if not more love and support than most. This man is stupid and poorly informed.

    1. keith francis farrell 15 Sep 2013, 11:30am

      This is what makes me so sad. I would love to have a child, but I don’t want to be told what sex a child in my home must be. I am gay and so is my husband. I know nothing about woman and I don’t want to know anything about them. I don’t care if a child in my home is gay or straight. all I care about is that they are happy and doing well. I will protect and nurture them to the best of my ability. But for me to adopt or even foster, I have to jump through so many hoops and it will take another two years to get it approved. that is longer than it takes to a woman to give birth and there are no checks and balances on what the parents will turn out like. they could be thieves, jailbirds, or even heaven forbid child molesters. I want to give a home to a child, I would be ecstatic if the child was gay, because I could then advise him on everything. my hubby could keep him in fashion. too many children live in limbo, and too many rules make it impossible for us to give them homes.

      1. de Villiers 15 Sep 2013, 4:56pm

        Every child that is available for adoption is so because their original family has broken down. That may be because of violence, sexual assault, neglect, rejection, disability – all of which damage the child and their sense of self-worth, aside from the trauma of being removed from their natural birth parents.

        It is quite proper that any person who wants to adopt a child, who will have very difficult issues and be potentially damaged by the experience, be thoroughly vetted and trained. It is no comparison to having a child using a surrogate mother.

        Talking about advising your child on matters such as fashion or clothes misunderstands entirely the relationship required for bringing up such children, the need to set boundaries, the need to be authoritative, the need to discipline and punish if necessary, all balanced by the need to provide love, care and stability.

  5. Edwin Poots – The Face of Fascism

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Sep 2013, 10:16pm

      Edward Putin sounds more apt.

    2. More like the Ears of fascism.

      Are those ears completely legal?

    3. Judging by the ears – the face of inbreeding.

  6. Adoption policy based not on evidence, but bigotry, and the waste of tax payers’ money to defend it. The man is a disgrace to public life.

  7. Potty potts!

    Do these retrograde idiots want to be part of the UK or not? Union -ist Phaa!
    Sounds like the God bothering fool would be happier in Saint Petersburg.. Can somebody pay his air fare?

    1. They could always join up with the rest of Ireland if they want but I doubt they’d be rocking that idea anytime soon. I do wonder who they hate more though, gays or Catholics/Nationalists? :P

  8. The answer is simple. Bill him personally for all legal fees, if he loses the case.

  9. The most depressing part of reading this story is that people like him are still being elected in NI.

  10. Paddyswurds 13 Sep 2013, 9:52pm

    This moron actually sat up on BBC Question Time a couple of years ago and declared that the Universe no less, was only 6000 years old and he was sure that this was true, no matter what Science said, because his buybul told him it was so…..!!

  11. “Under the current rules, single gay or lesbian persons can adopt children in NI, but a couple in a civil partnership cannot.”

    Error: Does not compute. Please try again

    1. It does make sense because a person’s sexuality does not impinge upon their ability to be a good parent-a point that I agree with entirely having known gay men and women who happen to be excellent parents.

      But this is different from deliberately and with forethought denying a child the opportunity to have two opposite sex parents -which is what two gay men/women who adopt are doing.

      It’s not homophobic to say that a child should have the opportunity to have two opposite sex parents; this need not have anything to do with religion, either, a secularist can believe this, too.

      I do see that two loving same sex parents are much better than abusive parents, sure I do so I sort have some sympathy, then again, why would anybody deliberately deny a child a mother or father? Surely teaming up with a close friend of the opposite sex is the way forward if gay people want to be parents? They don’t have to be in an sexual/romantic partnership to do this-look at Charlie Condou.

      1. Jaylo wrote:
        “It’s not homophobic to say that a child should have the opportunity to have two opposite sex parents; this need not have anything to do with religion, either, a secularist can believe this, too.”

        It remains an unevidenced belief-based prejudice rather than one based upon legitimate social science studies which now clearly acknowledges that children do equally as well with same sex parents as they do with opposite sex parents.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 11:25am

        Who exactly is denying adopted children opposite sex couples? Why don’t those opposed to same-sex parents put their money where there mouths are and adopt all of the children in foster care if they are so concerned that a gay couple shouldn’t be allowed to adopt? Now that would shut down all adoption agencies, orphanages and foster programmes. It is heterosexuals who abandon, discard or give up their children for adoption, not gay people. Stop buying into the crap pushed by religious loons, some of the worst people who abuse their children by indoctrinating them with religious crap and creating tomorrow’s homophobes and gay bashers.

        1. You don’t understand it’s not about the parents, it’s about the child’s right to opposite sex parents as being the ideal. Why is everybody who can see this a homophobe? It’s certainly not true: homophobia is abusing gay people, it’s about suppressing their right to relationships, it’s about denying them same rights as regards employment and housing it’s not saying that a child should ideally have to two opposite sex parents as men and women bring different things to the table. I, for one, do not care if those opposite sex parents consist of a gay man and a lesbian: it’s gender that is key. Sometimes I wonder if some gay people here even had a mother and a father judging by their attitudes. Surely some were lucky enough to have both? Why then are they denying others the same?

          1. The legitimate social science studies show that you are incorrect, children do as well and even sometimes better with same sex parents, it’s the children who come first not the prejudices of persons such as yourself.

      3. I fail to see how opposite sex parents are in any way better than same sex parents at parenting. I have yet to hear of a same sex couple neglecting or abusing children in the way some heterosexual parents have. Additionally an Australian study shows kids from same sex parents are actually happier and healthier than their opposite sex counter parts so the science is simply not behind the idea that opposite sex parents are ‘better’ in one way or another

      4. Seems that you have absorbed the prejudicial nonsense peddled by some religious denominations as “fact” in recent discussions during the equal marriage debates, Jaylo.
        The “Belief” that children need to be, and fare better if raised by opposite sex couples is not supported by the facts in validated, well researched studies of children raised by gay parents and gay couples.
        The research indicated that gay parents raise children just as well.
        Children need a secure, warm, loving and caring home, not some “ideal norm”, which is very often a myth, a wanted child is a loved and cared for child.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Sep 2013, 10:14pm

    What galls me is that NI has a devolved assembly yet it’s bigoted DUPs sit in our Parliament voting on or against legislation. Not one of them voted for the marriage bill. If they want to remain part of the UK, then Westminster should have the final say in these matters, irrespective of devolved government. They’re not yet an independent country so therefore, the Supreme Court on behalf of Westminster should rule against them and probably will. I find it odd that unlike Scotland, there is no movement in NI to gain independence. Would that were the opposite.

  13. Vile homophobic bogot.

  14. Ethel Clutterbuck 14 Sep 2013, 7:22am

    There ought to be a specific verb for this sort of action ….. actually, there is. It’s to “poot” and Edwin poots.

  15. Objection to same sex couples adopting is entirely a religious -based objection seeing as single gay persons are already allowed to adopt.
    Edwin Poots is using public funds to impose his religious ideology and objections should be raised forcefully to stop him in his tracks.

    1. Sorry but this is rubbish: you will find secularist atheists who believe that a child should have the opportunity to have two opposite sex parents.

      And there is a clear difference between a lesbian woman and close male gay friend who team up to have a child and a same sex couple as the former provides two opposite sex parents and the latter does not.

      It’s not sexuality that matters; it’s GENDER.

      1. Why then are openly gay men and women allowed to adopt if they are single? Surely that deprives the child of either a mother or father just as much as if a same-sex couple adopted?

      2. Jaylo, as presently any unmarried person in Northern Ireland is eligible for consideration as an individual there is no logic to be found in your comment and it is not worthy of further response.

      3. Really, you’re going to have to try harder if you want to come here with your nonsense-based arguments.

      4. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 11:04am

        Put down your Regnerus report and provide us with the actual facts published in the ‘legitimtate’ paediatric literature. Regnerus’ deeply flawed report has been discredited by even the American Academy of Pediatrics, among others in several countries.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 11:05am

          …legitimate paediatric literature…

      5. Rubbish!
        You *may* find the odd atheist, but not a secularist. Unlike atheism, which is only the position one takes when they reject the claim of god(s) existing. Secularism is a philosophy.

        The fact remains that mainly single parents do a great job raising their children. My mother did for one. As do mixed sex parents. So do guardians of no relation. And, surprise surprise, so do same sex couples, which studies have conclusively shown. Most children get both motherly role models and fatherly role models even if they’re raised in a single sex household. They have uncles, aunts, grandparents and so on.
        Who don’t make decent parents, are neglectful ones, abusive ones, and ones who teach ill informed incorrect prejudices on their kids like ‘same sex couples can’t raise a child in an healthy way’.

        1. I am an atheist and the point of adoption is that it tries to mirror what would be the closest thing to a natural biological parenting that there is: clearly, same sex parents does NOT fit this criteria. Not to mention the bullying that a child with same sex parents will endure; from the get go, it is ‘different’ from the other kids in its class. All the scenarios you describe can be called ‘making the best of a bad situation’-perhaps your father left for whatever reason or, sadly, died. I, too, had the misfortune of having a parent die and, while others tried their best, NOTHING could fulfill the gap left behind by missing an opposite sex parent. Same sex adoption (NOTE: NOT adoption by a gay man and lesbian-that’s fine) should be banned on grounds of child neglect. (No red herrings about straights making bad parents, either, please)

          Same sex parenting is simply ridiculous. Who does a young girl turn to when periods start? Dad can try his best, but he can’t understand.

          1. not sure what’s more ridiculous, you or your arguments. what young girl needs is proper sex education that starts early enough to address period situation well before it happen

          2. keith francis farrell 15 Sep 2013, 12:54pm

            I don’t understand your argument, does that mean it is better for a child to grow up in a mixed home simply because you think it is better, based on what authority. I grew up in a heterosexual home, my parents are still married and I am now 52. I have always been gay. I have to suffer for that as a child at home. I am dammed if I will allow a child to suffer a bad life in a home simply because you believe that there must be a mother and a farther. A child need to know they are safe and loved at home. I was not but according to you I would not have been better off in a loving gay household. I am sure I would have been a lot happier.

          3. From your use of words you are obviously a US troll Jaylo.

  16. Jock S. Trap 14 Sep 2013, 9:34am

    So granted leave to be homophobic in the UK Supreme Court.

    How does that work exactly. It shouldn’t be allowed and the courts should slam this man down for the nasty bigot he is.

    Also time to allow people in CPs to adopt.

    The one good thing that will come out of this is this vile mans behaviour will be seen and we will receive greater support.

    1. Unevidenced, belief-based bigotry and prejudice are hard to disguise when under the scrutiny of a courtroom. Poots’ bigotry and prejudice will be exposed for what it is in court, he is wasting money and the courts time on a fools errand.

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 12:01pm

    It’s about time the people of NI boot out the vile oligarchy and primary perpetrators of homophobia in the party of hate, the DUP and their bigots in arms including Poots Putin, as well as:

    Gregory Campbell (Londonderry East) Nigel Dodds (Belfast North)
    Jeffrey Donaldson (Lagan Valley)
    Rev William McCrea (Antrim South)
    Ian Paisley Junior (Antrim North)
    Jim Shannon (Strangford)
    David Simpson (Upper Bann)
    Sammy Wilson (Antrim East).

    Every one of them voted against the marriage bill I might add and all against gay couples adopting. Some of the worst rhetoric during the marriage debate came from Shannon, Wilson, McRae and of course, Paisley, arguably the worst of them all.

  18. Strasbourg, 28 April 2011
    Original version
    In the case of E.B. v. France, the applicant, a woman living in a relationship with another woman, had applied for adoption as a single parent. The Court noted that she was rejected with reference to, inter alia, her “lifestyle” as a homosexual, even though her “undoubted personal qualities and an aptitude for bringing up children” had been acknowledged. Since “French law allows for single persons to adopt, thereby opening up the possibility of adoption by a single homosexual”, the Court held that the domestic authorities had made a distinction regarding her sexual orientation that violated the principle of non-discrimination in conjunction with the right to family life.
    As NI currently allows adoption by single people the same decision on any challenge would follow in the European Court of Human Rights.
    This loon cannot win.

  19. keith francis farrell 15 Sep 2013, 11:16am

    What I don’t understand is why is this man using public money to fund his fight. Logic tells me that as it is public money, the very people he is fighting against allowing equal rights are the people being made to fund him. I think an urgent action would be to prevent him or his department using public funds to take this matter further, let him pay for it out of his own pocket. This is totally stupid. I hope that he can be voted out or at the very least fired for misappropriation of public funds

  20. religion again…

  21. What a total dick as are most of NI politicians…they should be sent to Siberia but that would be awful for Siberia…..

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