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No nudity, erections or underwear at Dallas Pride, say organisers

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  1. Likewise, I don’t see what public lewdity has to do with Pride. Surely it is possible to express yourself and your sexuality without showing off every little bit of your body. Perhaps at a Pride Camp on the edge of the city or in a park dress codes could be more lenient so that LGBT people can have fun with each other and express themselves, but on public streets at a loud parade where anyone including can see, some things are best left hidden.

    1. I often used to wonder why there was so much emphasis on sex on the Pride matches but then I realised, it’s about defiance and personally I think that there’s nothing wrong with revealing a bit of flesh at a parade because when I’ve been to Notting Hill Carnival I’ve seen women there wearing as little as the men at London Pride do.

      There’s also another double-standard that still exists, when straight men go down the pub and make lewd comments about women or snog loads of women on a night out they’re just “being lads” and it’s generally accepted, when gay men do the same we’re “flaunting our sexuality” or “shoving it down people’s throats”.

      Showing off erections (as the article states) is an entirely different matter altogethee but let’s be honest, we get criticised for doing exactly the same thing that straight people do.

  2. A bit of modesty can go a long way toward being accepted and eventually embraced by society as a whole. There is nothing wrong with having fun but showing a bit of restraint in the open public helps tremendously to take the wind out of the sails of our detractors.

    1. Admittedly the sight of gay pride parades might not endear us to the more reactionary in society but it’s them who have the problem not us. As I stated above in my response to Evan we don’t do anything on pride parades that straight people don’t do.

      1. You are correct in your analogy BUT we are still not viewed as equal by the rest of society and the world at large. Yet there is something known as opportunity. Opportunity to show that we can be better than those that condemn us. Case in point: in the United States the divorce rate is roughly 50%. This percentage climbs noticeably so with each subsequent divorce. The States with the highest divorce rate are (very predictably) the social conservative States. The States with the lowest are the more liberal States like those in the upper Northeast of America. Ironically these same Northeast States all have marriage equality. You see our straight counterparts take for granted what we are struggling for and this in and of itself leads to opportunity. Opportunity to set an example for them to follow by us having a lower divorce rate then they have. With this current subject we are talking about is also opportunity to show them that we have the capacity for morality even more so then they.

        1. Yes but what does a bit of fun at a parade have to do with all this? If they’re too thick to separate that from how gay people conduct the sleeves in everyday life that’s their problem. Gay people don’t have to prove their morality to anyone. Not in this instance anyway.

          1. I myself have a strong zeal to see this heterosexual propaganda crap come to an end. Maybe what I say not everyone agrees with. But one thing I do know for certain and that is our detractors are always searching for something to throw in our faces. Particularly the aspect of “off the chain hedonism” that their always accusing us of. I for one do not like to see fuel added to their fire.
            The majority of us do not have children. As such we continuously live in our adult oriented world. For those few that do have children, they are very familiar with keeping certain things away from and out of the sight of their children. That is keeping adult play out of the sight of children’s play. Our heterosexual counterparts are very familiar with this very same thing. This is a root instinct of all (biological or not) parenting to protect the innocence of that child. So when we have a public parade that suddenly includes public nudity, therein lies the issue. In retrospect, there is an old sa

          2. Continuing the last little bit from my previous post, there is an old saying: there is a place and time for everything.

      2. Really?
        I don’t ever recall seeing a “Straight Pride Parade” through a major city with men in Baseball uniforms and women in power suits, gyrating to Eminem or Moby, while simulating straight sex and child birth as graphically as possible.

        All through these comments I’ve been imagining a great comedy sketch where it was all inverted, with straight people demanding rights and equality.
        If we replace all of this with a heterosexual equivalent it really starts to look completely ridiculous. And yet, we still scream about equality, while shooting ourselves in the foot.

        1. HappyHeart 14 Sep 2013, 3:14pm

          I wish people would stop acting as if our rights are contingent on our behaviour at Pride. Rights are supposed to be inalienable. You don’t see people passing judgement on the participants of Notting Hill Carnival’s right to be treated equally just because they’re wearing skimpy outfits.

          Moreover, we shouldn’t be forced to hold ourselves to a higher standard than the general population just because some people view us as inherently inferior. So what if our divorce rate ended up being the same or even higher than that of straight couples? Don’t we still deserve to marry just as much as they do?

        2. That’s because straight pride isn’t needed, straight people have all the rights that gay people are still fighting for. You’re talking nonsense,

          1. Stop being disingenuous, you stated that we don’t do anything at Gay Pride events that straight people don’t do, that is what I was responding to. You have tried to discredit my point by trying to insinuate that I meant something else.

            You were wrong, there is plenty that goes on at Gay Pride events that we do not ever see from a straight community. I don’t disagree that we need pride to further our equality, as you suggest. I stated that there is no straight equivalent, so you are therefore wrong in your assertion.

  3. Pride Celebrations have always had the dual goals of promoting greater awareness and acceptance in the general population while also celebrating who we are. Too much of the later results in too little of the former.

  4. Ary U. Gaetu 13 Sep 2013, 9:12pm

    World Naked Bike Rides have been able to circumvent local nudity laws by proving that the nudity is an integral part of the event, such as protesting against anti-nudity laws or the subject of art (the whole 1st amendment rights thing). It is up to the local municipalities to determine where to place the bar before they decide to make arrests. As with everything else, it’s a matter of money, and the cities decide how much they want to spend on litigating nudity. They usually give tickets to make revenue for the town, rather than arrests which is an expense.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the parade committee can make such justifications. As with any time you try to corral people’s “morality”, they always find a way to creatively dance up to the line. I do expect some rather impressively tight, skin colored, very low cut Speedos on many depilatorized torsos. Probably more erotic than if hey were nude.

  5. The human body is a sin NOT

  6. Vo Dong Cung 13 Sep 2013, 9:26pm

    Jesus Chris nude everywhere

  7. I was about to lambast this article but upon reading I find myself agreeing with the authorities. I like looking at hot guys in underwear as much as the next guy but tits? ERECTIONS? Some people really cross the line and being gay and free and proud does not mean you have to take liberties and perpetrate a stereotype by over sexualising a day like pride. It should be a family thing and I think erections through wet undies is bang out of order and irresponsible. If you want to behave like that, save it for some dark room in a sleazy club.

    1. Rudehamster 16 Sep 2013, 12:30pm

      If there is one thing that Pride is NOT, it’s a ‘family thing’.

      It’s a gay thing and NOT for the delight and happiness of the hetrosexual families who come to gawp.

      Incidentally, you sound like a prude.

      1. I said it should a family thing, I didn’t say it was. It’s my personal opinion, but I would like all Pride parades to be an inclusive celebration of diversity rather than a parade of horny gay men and women with their bits out… call me prude but I reckon most sensible people would agree! I live in Manchester and thankfully I believe our parades are family friendly. I love seeing families watching the parade. Hopefully those kids won’t grow up to be biggots.

  8. I have maintained that Gay Pride events originally and now should be though of as “events for Gay people, to which others are welcome.” I never ascribed to these events being bridges to the straight community. However, I agree this sort of behavior should be banned from the outdoors and expressed in filthy bars and baths… ;) No seriously the only reason I read it was because it seemed to suggest underwear would be outlawed which could have the opposite of th eintended effect, plus how do you define underwear legally so that you could ban should of course say “WET underwear” or “translucent”…

  9. Cade in Aus 13 Sep 2013, 11:17pm

    Give us equality then we’ll abide by your stupid rules.

    1. Been there done that. Your methodology applied over the years has been proven to be an utter failure.

    2. Cade in Aus 15 Sep 2013, 8:42pm

      18 dumbasses.

    3. Rudehamster 16 Sep 2013, 12:32pm

      Actually, you do have a point.

  10. Neon Genesis 14 Sep 2013, 1:24am

    Is the nudity at Pride parades any worse than the nudity that goes on at the MTV Video Awards? Regulate the sexuality in the straight community (*coughmileycyruscough* first and then maybe we’ll talk about doing the same for pride parades.

    1. If I may offer a different viewpoint –

      Almost no one thinks Miley’s display of sluttiness was okay. Therefore, acting just as inappropriately at the parades isn’t going to be received any better.

  11. Christopher in Canada 14 Sep 2013, 1:57am

    No reality, please. We’d rather pretend that humans are like plastic toy figures, like G.I. Joe and Barbie.

    I dismiss the opinions of anyone who has posted previous to me. Toronto’s Pride is not all about, but includes, topless dykes and men wearing nothing but sunscreen.

  12. sorry but i sort of agree- while i quite like to see a guy in wet tighty-whiteys with a hard on its not something i want my mum (a regular pride attendee) to see. I also have gay friends with kids who love to come to prides with their parents. You can be gay and proud without getting your knackers out!

  13. Socially imposed gymnophobia without a stitch of rationality. How is that any different than imposing religious standards upon everyone? If there were some sort of universal truth to it, there would be some resemblance of uniformity amongst all of the nudity laws. Today’s clothes “standards” are not any less silly than the full-torso wool swim suits of 1900.

    Children must be taught to be ashamed of their own body; taught there is some unexplained evil they must ignore, not unlike the mysterious evil in swear words. Evil all around us. Definitely sounds like religious conditioning. ,,,and we are the sheep.

    1. de Villiers 15 Sep 2013, 4:43pm

      > not unlike the mysterious evil in swear words

      Spoken like a true Anglo-Saxon with no understanding of the formal / informal signifiers in language.

      The mysteriousness of swearing is nothing more than the recognition that sometimes we should put ourselves second to the person to whom we are talking and to do so by deliberately altering our behaviour in deference to them. It demonstrates courtesy and distance.

      Not swearing is a form of this. So is using “vos” and “tu” in Latin, “vous” instead of “tu” when speaking French, “Sie” instead of “du” in German.

      1. Lion in Winter 18 Sep 2013, 2:38am

        Get a life.

  14. I can see how they might be able to stop nudity and people walking about in their underwear but they are going to have a difficult time clamping down on erections I would have thought.
    Will there be special wardens patrolling on the lookout for erections, sounds like a tough job but I guess someone has to do it.

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Sep 2013, 9:42am

      Ohhh now there’s a job! lol

      1. Some erections under the clothes are highly visible, some are somewhat visible and on rare occasions, totally invisible, LOL!!

    2. Is that just erections on show or all erections as and when they occur?
      I guess they could always keep a picture of Cardinal Ratzinger on standby in case anyone gets too aroused.
      So are they hiring hunky policemen with handcuffs to inspect these erections?

      Sorry, every time I think about it, I keep seeing Tom of Finland type scenarios.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 2:51pm

      The sex police have their jobs cut out for them then when they frequent any beach around the UK in the summer and see some hetero males displaying erections in ‘dry’ swim suits. Yet nobody complains do they and in a very public place too where there are children?

  15. Some behaviour on Pride parades are not family friendly. If we want the event to be inclusive then decency must be observed. I don’t see being Gay as being all about sex and drag. I no longer go to Pride.

    1. I atrened the equal age of consent rally some years ago outside parliament. As we waited for the result of the vote two people next to me in the crowd began blowing each other. There seemed to be a fair bit of it going on. I could not see how this would be an effective protest so I assumed they were both members of the “we are gay and can do what we want” school of sex piggery. I don’t think you need to be ashamed of your body to characterize this behaviour as vile.

  16. Jock S. Trap 14 Sep 2013, 9:39am

    Says the prudes who clearly are ashamed of their bodies and sex.

    I agree to decency but why do they feel the need to bang on the rules because they have the problem?

    1. I’m certainly not ashamed of my body or sex. I am as far from a prude as you could get. I write gay erotic fiction for a living, am involved in the gay adult business as a consultant, and I own a sex shop.

      Even I can see that a lot of what goes on at these events is offensive to others, parents especially, the general public, and it unravels much of the work campaigners do all year to promote tolerance and equality.

      How on Earth can we claim to want to be treated equally and have respect, while flashing our junk in a parade? Without the parade being there, this would be criminal. Go and walk down the street with your c**k out and see how far you get before you’re arrested.

      Pride parades do more to reinforce stereotypes other have of us than they do anything else. I would love it if they were just parades, about being equal, inclusive. They should be a party, not an excuse to get your manhood or tits out in public.

      1. Really? I’ve never seen people at London Pride getting their cocks out, at Notting Hill I’ve seen just as much flesh on display. It seems to me that you subscribe to the idea that gay people should hide their sexuality where straight people don’t.

        Given your opinions on sterilisation as well I’d say that you have the mentality of an average Daily Mail reader.

        1. What are you talking about? Sterilization? Have you had some kind of mental break or are you just trying to troll or give others a false impression of me because I argue your opinions effectively?

          I’m more inclined to think you’re trying to tarnish me with bullsh*t because I make a more valid argument than you on this.

          Judging by your support of animal cruelty, I’ll assume you’re mentally ill – you see, two can play that game.

      2. Rudehamster 16 Sep 2013, 12:34pm

        I hate the word ‘junk’. It really pisses me off to hear another phrase from the low-life hip-hip cretins taking hold.
        It’s not ‘junk’.

    2. Rudehamster 16 Sep 2013, 12:34pm

      I agree totally.

  17. As long as all public parades are treated the same, I think it’s fair enough.

  18. I agree with John Aravosis.

    I’m sick of these events handing more and more ammunition to homophobes.

    I’ve had discussions with people who don’t call themselves homophobic, and are fully accepting of LGBT people in their lives, but will spend an hour ranting about our constant need to parade around in underwear and be as provocative as possible.

    It’s like we’re schizophrenic. On the one hand we crusade against the idea that we’re sex-obsessed, and we refute the notion that it’s all about sex, then we destroy all of that work every year by unleashing rafts of gym-toned men with their manhood on show, and drag acts with offensive names and equally offensive “jokes”.

    We spend 11 months trying to fight the stereotypes, then we destroy it all in one month of insane gyrating in public.

    We would probably be another ten years ahead in equality by now if we didn’t feel the need to parade around like something special once a year. We want to be treated equally, and then we do this?

    1. But BlokeToys! Didn’t you know that all that is internalised homophobia?! People who are ‘straight-acting’ are just repressing themselves to fit in!

      There’s my sarcasm quota gone for the day.

    2. I could not have stated this any better myself. This is known as shooting oneself in the foot.

  19. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Sep 2013, 2:21pm

    I don’t condone this sort of behaviour in public but sometimes double standards come into play. I’ve been at public beaches over the years and seen hetero men with female partners or friends sporting an erection in non-wet swimsuits, yet nobody complains.

    1. Thank you, that’s exactly the point I was making.

  20. And I also assume that all dancers will need to leave room between each other for the Holy Spirit – lol

  21. Why does everything have to be a family friendly event? Hold the parade in the evening and send the children to bed. I went to Rio carnival once, it was madness and amazing. So many women with massive tits in crazy costumes. If only we could have a male equivalent.

    My only criticism of any pride I’ve ever been to is that they look tacky, don’t have enough money spent on them, and the parades have no imagination.

    1. This is a cultural thing too, lets not be disingenuous and claim that all nations are the same when it comes to sexuality and nudity. What might be no big deal in Rio is not okay in Texas.
      As for having the freedom to be naked and it not being a family friendly event, there are plenty of places for that. Clubs, closed venues, certain geographical locations… just because you can’t flaunt it in Texas doesn’t mean the entire world wants you to keep your clothes on. It’s not a “right”, and people need to stop pretending that it is.
      This is no more unjust than being asked not to smoke in a restaurant, and people need to grow up and stop claiming that EVERYTHING is an “attack” on their rights as a LGBT person.
      If you want to dance naked, go to a club, do it at home, or find some appropriate venue, don’t just stubbornly suggest that the whole population capitulate to accommodate your private fetish.

  22. Bernadette 14 Sep 2013, 8:44pm

    I would like to know if we heterosexuals would be allowed to have a parade to celebrate us. Of course not. That would be violating their civil rights. They are a bunch of sinful, disgusting faggots.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Sep 2013, 2:45pm

      Well dear, heterosexuals never had to fight for their rights but we’re subjected to their sexuality every time they snog and deep throat in public, display gratuitous hetero sex scenes in films and on television and those women who’s naked mammary glands are on display in the tabloids for hetero males to give them erections and subsequently have a wank to get off, not to mention every sordid detail of hetero adulterous affairs. Give us a break with the sanctimonious prattling.

    2. Cade in Aus 15 Sep 2013, 11:03pm

      You sound so classy.

    3. Michael 2912 16 Sep 2013, 9:41am

      So why so full of hatred?

  23. I’m clearly going to very different Pride events as the last one we had everyone wore onesies and despite being super hero themed there wasn’t any nudity really. You had the odd show off with his top off but you get them everywhere so…

    & a erections? seriously? i’m not even going to ask

  24. GingerlyColors 15 Sep 2013, 10:14am

    Some people have complained that gay pride parades are somewhat ‘in your face’ and I do not think it is unreasonable to ask participants to dress more modestly.
    After all you don’t get naturists parading through streets wearing what they like to wear!

    1. Colin (London) 15 Sep 2013, 11:33am

      Actually you do in some parts of the world…Takaka in New Zealand one weekend a year. And a naked cycle race with a police car at the front and one behind. All ages from kids to grandees.

      Live and let live.

      1. Agreed, but this is the choice of the community, obviously the people in Takaka have a different view.
        Why is it “live and let live” when it’s something in our favor, but “oppression” when we are asked to consider the needs and opinions of the greater community? Why is it always “their” responsibility? We have a responsibility to the larger community too, live and let live goes both ways.

        There is also a big difference between naturism/nudity, and thrusting your throbbing groin in peoples faces just because you WANT to get a reaction and attention.

        I don’t view nudity in public as an offense, but I at least understand that simulated sex, obvious erections accompanied by a desire to get attention and “flaunt it” in peoples faces is not the same thing.

        There are countries where sex in public is not a criminal offense, that does not mean that every community on the planet should accept it too.

        1. By your assertion, it would be okay for people in russia not have to accept gay guys, as you say, just because one country accepts it “that does not mean that every community on the planet should accept it too.”

          1. Getting your junk out in public is not a RIGHT. Why is there such confusion over this?

            Me being gay doesn’t affect anyone but me and the person I am with. Being naked in public affects the people of a community. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.

            One is a Human right to not be abused or treated differently for who you are, the other is a “want” that the greater community is affected by and which doesn’t change our lives if we are told no.

            You cannot possibly compare being told to get your clothes on in public to being abused and degraded by homophobic laws. That’s just BS.

            As I said before, you cannot pin everything on gay rights. You do not have a fundamental right to get your junk out in a parade, and it’s not homophobic or a breach of your Human Rights to be told to keep your clothes on. To suggest that it is in any way comparable reduces the bigotry in Russia to nothing more than point scoring, and I find that disgusting.

    2. For me it’s kind of like this:

      “We’ll give you one day of the year to celebrate your culture, but only if you do it in a way that we say is appropriate”

      I could understand the nudity thing, but considering you can’t even watch a music video or an advert without seeing some kind of nudity, to ask them to keep their clothes on during the 1 day they’ve been “allowed” to not have their sexuality censored of cleansed from existence is a little rich

      Start with Mardi Gras which is also a “family event”, and then maybe you can demand the same from pride !

    3. Rudehamster 16 Sep 2013, 12:55pm

      The people who complain about Pride being ‘in your face’ are the same bigots that accept all homosexuals…but only if we act exactly as straight people do…and look miserable…and dress like grandad…and not go too near the children…and have a dog. Yes we like people that have dogs, don’t we Arthur?…

  25. Colin (London) 15 Sep 2013, 11:31am

    This is rather sad to me.

    Leave us alone and allow people to be themselves wearing whatever they want or not as the case may be.

    Get over trying to control people. Another type of discrimination in my book.

    The human body is quite beautiful. I have no idea why people demand it be covered up. We only come in two models really…..and yes we do have sex as well…maybe straights should stop having sex as it’s disgusting when you think about it…

    Sad and mad.

  26. friday jones 16 Sep 2013, 10:31am

    “No Underwear?” Done and done! The community is always eager to assist in law enforcement efforts to reduce the amount of underwear on our streets….

  27. I do not know why some Gays think to prance about half naked is a strength of their homosexuality. Why is it ‘heteronormative’ to be modest, to think about the innocence of our children, to be DECENT? It is such stupid opinion like that which reinforces the stereotype that Gays are nothing more than sex addicts! I AM GAY and I welcome the law!

    1. It’s not so much about being modest but being invisible.

      At least with the guys in the speedo’s you KNOW they’re gay and you know they’re there for pride. If everyone turned up in jeans and t-shirts then all you’d have is a bunch of people who just look… “straight”

      Pride is about visibility. It’s reminding people we exist; that is why you see the crazy costumes or the lack of clothes, because they are a very clear reminder !

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