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US: Teacher suspended for showing Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ music video to class

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Reader comments

  1. Critical theory class in god-bot country? Can see any excuse to get that shut down – can’t have the next generation rejecting the religion-promoted anti-LGBT animus by asking questions and being exposed to diversity and tolerance.

    Let’s not forget that actually being like their invented Messiah and living up to the expectations takes time, money, energy and commitment. Hating LGBT people is easy and free. Both are considered “holy” and dogmatically endorsed, of course people pick the easier path to feeling “righteous”.

    And after all, the one thing religion needs is a perpetuating pool of ignorant gullible unquestioning fools to fill its coffers and keep its shiny-suited grifting class in Bentleys.

  2. Kay from New Zealand 12 Sep 2013, 1:03pm

    WTF? Shades of Russia!

  3. Very telling. And yet I bet if the teacher showed a video of the US invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan there wouldn’t have been a murmur of protest. Equal rights appears to be too advanced a concept for a depressingly large number of people.

  4. “outside the bounds of the curriculum”. That’s a nice, generic one-size-fits-all reason, isn’t it!

    Still, it’s nothing less than we’ve come to expect from many Schools in the US.

  5. These are educational systems that have one purpose – to indoctrinate a states religious and moral opinions on the young. Wherever a teacher is punished for presenting reality, you have an overbearing theocratic system attempting to brainwash the young into believing their Bible bashing nonsense.

    This is probably another one of those schools where kids are force fed bullsh*t about creationism over science and fact.

    These “schools” should not exist.

    I hope that teacher leaves and goes to another school where real education about science, society, nature and reality is actually encouraged. They cannot do their job properly in a school as severely messed up this school seems to be.

  6. I trust that any teacher who shows videos that contain mixed race couples will also be suspended or thrown out the profession, or is that taking bigotry one step too far?

  7. Margi Corbett 12 Sep 2013, 10:59pm

    Sadly, this sort of behaviour by school administrations is not uncommon in some places. And people wonder why some teachers are afraid to bring up the subject of LGBT rights in their classrooms. AAAARRGGHH!

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