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Strain of HIV virus found in monkeys is cleared by vaccine

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Reader comments

  1. Kay Arnold 12 Sep 2013, 6:00pm

    I feel bad for the monkeys, but if this works their sacrifice will have been a life saver for those with this terrible disease.

    1. Nine out of sixteen can hardly be called a success.

      1. I completely agree. Success would be 100%. You can’t have a vaccine for HIV being released if it gives the false impression of some sort of protection against contraction.

        1. “may have successfully cleared the virus from infected animals, paving the way for research into a HIV vaccine for humans”

          are the important words, besides the statistics. This marks an interesting start to a line of research but is not, I think, a reason to get the flags out.

          Perhaps over the past thirty years since I seroconverted I’m suffering a little from good news overload. I remember how overdoses of vitamin C were going to save us, how AL721 was the answer…

  2. Christopher in Canada 13 Sep 2013, 3:13am

    A new phase one study has just passed with flying colours in Montreal…

  3. This is not a preventative like the mumps vaccine, it is a vaccine that would clear the virus from the those who are already infected. Albeit 100% efficacy would be ideal, but even to be able to cure 60% of those infected would be a huge step forward to eradicating this scourge.

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