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South Africa: Gay couple attacked and called ‘fags’ after leaving nightclub

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Reader comments

  1. Unfortunatly this sort of thing happens every weekend in just about every town and city in the UK. It’s not really news is it

    1. You’re right, there are about 100 homophobic crimes recorded every week in the UK, that’s 14 stories a day for Pink News.

  2. I rather admire these guys for standing up for themselves, but another part of me thinks it was a foolhardy thing to do at a pavement stall in the early hours of the morning when everyone’s tanked up. Call me a wuss, but if I ever did wear a dress to a party I certainly wouldn’t risk it.

    The indifference of the police, when called, is appalling, though.

  3. Gang? Wtf I live down the road and seriously there are no ‘gangs’ here – drunk insecure guys who would jump at the opportunity to tease a guy in a dress well yes. Hardly worth bundling in with the murder of lesbian women in a township. I often see gay couples walking hand in hand in this area and there is no issue.

  4. Oh dear. More insecure homophobes out to prove how ‘masculine’ they are but who would no doubt LOVE a bit of furtive action with their ‘best mate’ so long as they could (a) justify it to themselves the morning after by blaming alcohol and (b) be confident no-one would ever find out. People who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic.

  5. I am South African and all I can say is my country is a cesspit! We have so much crime, poverty and joblessness and we are just continuing going down.

    Homophobia is everywhere even in the white communities! Many places say we are ‘liberal’ but really we are more homophobic than most countries in the world and fit right into the African continents ways of close mindedness.

    This country is a dump!

    1. Do you really still live in South Africa?

  6. I am sure the ANC ‘ELITE” don’t get mugged but the ‘real’ mugs are all of those South Africans who vote for the ANC! How long is it going to take before the populous realise they have been conned big time?????

  7. The Rosebank Police Station says that if the officers alleged to have ignored Sunday’s gay bashing in Johannesburg are found guilty, they will be disciplined.

    It was reported that Gerald Pereira was punched in the face by a man after defending his boyfriend from gay slurs outside of a cross-dressing themed party in Rosebank.

    Shockingly, when a bloody Pereira ran to a nearby police car for help, the three officers inside are alleged to have simply chatted to the alleged attacker and his friends for a few seconds before driving away, without taking any action.

    Pereira has since laid assault charges at the station and lodged a formal complaint about the officers’ behaviour.

    Rosebank police spokesperson Sergeant Bongi Mdletshe told Look Local that the station commander had met with staff to discuss the incident and allegations.

    “I can confirm a case of assault was opened, and our detectives hope to make an arrest soon.”

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