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Obama was ‘energised and inspired’ by Russian gay activists at G20 meet in St Petersburg

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Reader comments

  1. “The Sochi Olympic Shame”

  2. It’s quite clear that there is considerable personal animosity between President Obama and Putin. I am convinced that Russian intransigence on LGBT issues is partly their way of being contrary to whatever line President Obama takes.

    Not that human rights have ever been high on their agenda anyway.

  3. “Energised and inspired” to do what, exactly? I’m so glad that Obama is supportive of Lgbt rights, really I am. However, he continues to condemn state-sanctioned persecution of Russian Lgbt citizens without actually doing anything to ameliorate the situation. Actions speak louder than words – If Obama called for a boycott of Sochi, then I’d be impressed.

  4. This is the type of meaningless PR that Obama is
    so good at.

    now that the fascist dictator Putin has saved him from invading Syria, Obama is going to do nothing more for the Russian gays.

    Just watch.

  5. Now that Chelsea Manning has made her gender status public, media should use square brackets around her former name – [Bradley] – or the word ‘sic’ even in a direct quote to indicate that name is no longer correct.

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