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Lady Gaga: ‘I’ve taken a few dips in the lady pond – lesbians are way more daring than straight men’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Sep 2013, 12:18pm

    I would say both gay men and lesbians are far more daring than straight men. We’re far less hung-up about sex for starters and we don’t denigrate or vilify the sex lives and relationships of heterosexuals or wish to deny them equality or use religion to justify it. In short, we’re far better than most straights in many ways.

    1. floridahank 13 Sep 2013, 8:02pm

      Hey Robert , where did you come up with this weird line of sexual performance. Apparently you haven’t been around horny hetero’s.

      1. lol you are such a loser. does your “wife” know you like to frequent gay forums and talk about anal sex? do any of your straight boy pals know you like to do this also? *whistles*

  2. Interesting discussion Gaga has raised.

    I am thinking bisexuality is generally poorly understood. Even within the gay community.

    Personally, on the continuum I am way down the gay man end.

    Then as an older gay men, traditionally I think it was widely thought that those who called themselves bisexual were just a bit wobbly about coming fully out of the closet.

    However, I have come to understand that there are those who are in the middle and can go either way.

    I can understand that being in the middle raises its own joys and dilemmas ?

  3. Oh button it you silly moo.

    You are no longer relevant and your tripe no longer gets to number one, so enough already with these ridiculous, despeate gasps for free, crass publicity.

    Whatever next!

    1. Funny, you could almost apply what you’ve said to yourself…

    2. Wow you have got a nasty little mouth you. What’s wrong, have your undies gone too far up your crack ?

      What exactly have you done yourself to be relevant apart from developing such a ugly bitch attitude ?

      What’s churned your

  4. “Dips in the lady pond”?! Oh, good grief!

    1. Hampstead Heath?

  5. i think Leigh Bowery said it best when he said “the agenda isn’t beauty or ugliness…that’s all your idea!”

  6. Why not say something constructive for once you fetid, self-obsessed dingbat, such as:-


    Nope, thought not…

    1. I wonder what The Pink would resemble without Gaga trivia du jour?

      A credible news site of gay interest, perchance?

    2. She was answering a question put to her by a fan.

      If she made overtly political statement, hundreds if not thousands of people would come down like a ton of bricks on her, declaring that pop singers should stick to entertainment and not involve themselves in things they don’t understand.

      1. Exactly, Rehan, so what are her musings to a can doing on a news web site?

        Isn’t that the very definition of scraping the barrel of trivia?

        Oh well, the “silly season” as they call it is almost at an end so perhaps we. An look forward to some credible and meaningful journalism on these pages after a rather lacklustre summer of journalism at The Pink replete with goddamn annoying pop-up ads!!!

        1. I see Pink News as a service that, among other things, highlights any news item worldwide that just has the word ‘gay’ in it. That means there’s an awful lot of trivia regurgitated, but it’s easy enough to skip if it seems unlikely to be of interest.

          1. To true, but it seems that The Pink operates within no given boundaries as to how low it is prepared to stoop to fill its pages.

            Why not commission some investigative journalism and find its own news, or fill the pages with more opinion pieces from respected scribes?

            Yes I know that costs money, but judging by the growing intrusiveness of advertising around these parts and advertorials masquerading as news items about gardens patios and exotic holiday destinations, The Pink must be raking it in.

            But that is not evidenced in the quality of much of its content!

  7. Gaga – phony who loves pink dollars.


  8. Well, she always identified as bisexual, and having attraction to both genders is kind of the definition of that. It would be disappoitning if she hadn’t, as that would suggest she was only identifying as bi to seem cool, quirky or just totally down with the gays (that thing where people claim to be bi on the grounds that they have never been remotely attracted to the same sex, but could hypothetically see it as being a possible thing to happen). But she is as bisexual as bisexual is defined.

  9. I don’t know why, but I’ve never actually believed that she was bisexual. I never doubt someone is bisexual when they say they are usually, yet I get the weirdest feeling that gaga really, REALLY wants to be LGBT (her target market don’t forget) but just isn’t

    1. Have to agree with this. It’s curious given how famous Gaga is that no woman she’s slept with has spoken to the tabloids about it. Sure, she may well have given a female friend a peck on the cheek but I’d be surprised – very surprised – if it had gone much further than that. Indeed, are there even any gay women that she’s friends with, or who are part of her entourage?

      The overall impression is that she courts ‘the gays’ purely for her own gain, rather than because she has any genuine connection with the LGBT community.

  10. Oh, please, some of you are so gullible. Lady Gaga is a fake. She is not bisexual. She’s using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy to appeal to sleazy straight guys.

    It’s amazing how gay guys keep getting sucked in by her marketing ploy. If she were so open-minded, why doesn’t she talk about male bisexuality? Why aren’t there any commercially successful male performers out there today who discuss their bisexuality?

    Women like Lady Gaga are using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy. Don’t fall for it.

  11. Lady Gaga – using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy…just like Britney, Madonna, Rihanna….ad nauseum, ad nauseum.

    Hasn’t this marketing ploy run its course yet? We’re over it, girls.

  12. Lady Gaga has taken a few dips in the “fake lesbian” pond, of that I am convinced. Her “lesbianism” appears to be part of a marketing strategy designed to titillate sleazy straight guys. She’s not doing it for us gay guys.

    Her formula is eerily similar to that of Britney, Madonna, Fergie, Rihanna, Katy Perry etc. It’s centred on claiming to be bisexual. This way, she gets to appeal to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action while at the same time suggesting a link to the GLBT community.

    It’s fake. Don’t fall for it.

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