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German football legend Oliver Kahn tells gay players: ‘Don’t come out’

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Reader comments

  1. The only way to ‘unmake’ a taboo, is to come out.
    If you’re secure and confident in yourself, then come out.
    The snowball effect begins with a single snowflake.

  2. If we hide away, like we did something wrong, bullies will take advantage. I can’t make anyone come out but, in my opinon, the more ‘visible’ we are – to our families, friends, work colleagues – they will see us for the PEOPLE we are and not judge us by what we may or may not do in the bedroom. If you stand up to bullies, they tend to retreat as, invariably, bullies are cowards.

  3. This is a very difficult situation. On the one hand, nothing will change unless people do come out. But on the other hand, these are peoples lives, their careers, their futures, all on the line if they do.

    It’s sad, but sometimes people just have to think of their own futures and not say anything that can risk that.

    It shouldn’t be the case, but it’s a matter of public record that Football especially is homophobic. FIFA itself has acted appallingly in recent years, with senior “old men” running the show exhibiting their own bigotry, and even acting like little school boys in a playground when giggling about it.

    There are so many ignorant, childish, pathetic men controlling the sport that it’s at least reasonable to expect that gay players will be attacked if they do come out.

    Anyone who has seen that video of Sepp Blatter and his fellow cronies giggling like children at a press conference when asked a question on homophobia in sport knows that there is a major problem in football.

    1. That There Other David 12 Sep 2013, 3:23pm

      The hierarchy of football is very homophobic, that’s true, yet the homophobes at the top of the game will always blame the fans.

      The fans mostly don’t care either way. Yes, there are some muppets, but there are some muppets outside of football stadia too.

      1. Christopher in Canada 13 Sep 2013, 3:48am

        It’s not easy being green…

  4. That There Other David 12 Sep 2013, 3:21pm

    You can guarantee that if a bloody good gay player came out, and was still bloody good afterwards, the fact that player was gay would be forgotten about pretty quickly.

    The status quo is always preferential to those not suffering from it. I read Herr Kahn’s comments and the only acronym that comes to mind is FUD.

  5. Its not a question of telling gay players NOT to come out. Staying silent about your true self just eats you from within. This story says more about the homophobic premier league’s around europe and have done nothing about it! They all sit on the fence, leaving the player isolated to make their own decisions. There should be an active declaration from the team as a whole to suppport any player that declares his sexuality, and if anyone shouts abuse from the stand, then their shouting down the whole team not just one player! This should leave the homophobic football supporter isolated, NOT the player!

  6. Derek Williams 12 Sep 2013, 5:48pm

    Staying in the closet perpetuates the perceptions that only heterosexuals play sport, and that being gay is too shameful to disclose. Someone has to make a stand or nothing will change.

    1. I recall when the very first black footballers got professional jobs, some coaches intimated that they didn’t have the stamina, couldn’t handle the tackles etc. They were soon disabused of that. Same thing with gay footballers. A few Eusebios or Peles and the world will change its attitudes (I don’t know whether either was/is gay, but they were darned skilful and a delight to watch playing).

  7. You know what – we gays will all stay in the closest if all heterosexuals stay in the closet. That means they must not tell anyone they have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife or children or ever say anything about these people. They must also never hold hands in public or, preferably, not be seen togther in public. I am sure those heterosexuals who think we should all stay in the closet would be thrilled with my idea.

  8. Helge Vladimir Tiller 14 Sep 2013, 6:32am

    Nein- NEIN, Kahn ! Dies ist allzu altmodisch.

  9. Not everyone is as strong as Donal Og Cusack.

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