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Church of Scotland clarifies ‘there are no plans to stop weddings’ over same-sex marriage dispute

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Reader comments

  1. Lying to a Scottish Parliament Committee, I watched it live he definitely said they were considering not performing marriages at all.
    The other shoe must have dropped, the delusional fool realised how much income they would loose, when their accountants pointed out they could not pay his pension if they forewent a major source of their income!!!
    Wonder if the apology letter to the Equality committee is already in the post, or it only explains how they realised they might be misconstrued. Ha !
    I really don’t care what they do as long as they get out of my life and stop claiming to speak for everybody.

  2. It’s official. Church of Scotland speaks with the forked tongue of a rattlesnake.
    And I did watch what he said – it was a threat to go in the huff and stop all church weddings in the Church of Scotland. The implication was clear; they don’t like religious freedom and want all denominations, whether they want to perform same-sex marriages or not, to be banned from doing so.

  3. Oh, bugger off. Grizzling, pathetic,self-important, attention-seeking, mendacious toys-out-of-the-pram God-bothering crap. Like the Kirk has ever been forced to marry divorcees or pagan Moon-worshippers.
    Like any half-rational person would WANT to be married by these clowns.

  4. I love how dramatic religious folk are, the “controversy” of equal marriage is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened to them since “Jesus” rose from the dead

  5. Reverend John Nugent 17 Sep 2013, 1:08am

    People should be aware that the committee folks who are being quoted cannot speak for the Church of Scotland in a definitive way. That can only be done by the General Assemblt that meets in Edinburgh once a year. There are some of us ministers who are angry about the public stance taken by some committee chairs and who will be even more angry if the Church opts out of legislation permitting marriage for all. I, for one, look forward to conducting weddings for an yone who wishes to marry and seek God’s blessing upon their marriage regardless of orientation.

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