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US: Radio caller asked not to call in again after sounding off about Macklemore equal marriage song

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Reader comments

  1. The mental incontinence dribbling from the caller is such a hallmark of US evangelical thought process.

    The US is the land of the free – but only for the people they approve of.

    Jesus is most noted for who he hates (amazingly enough, the same kind of people that the individual invokes).

    And if this guy’s son hoped he would listen to the song and learn something, I feel great sorrow for that son and hope he stays safe, and gets as far away from the mouth-breathing ignoramus he shares DNA with as soon as humanly possible.

    1. Gene in L.A. 11 Sep 2013, 8:21pm

      Valksy, I’m an atheist and I hate what religion does to this country, but in point of fact, nowhere in the whole of the New Testament does it say Jesus hates anything or anyone, just as nowhere in the whole of the gospels does Jesus say a single word either pro- or anti-homosexuality.

      1. That There Other David 11 Sep 2013, 9:02pm

        I’m always reminded of this whenever that type of “Christian” mouths off :-)

        (Warning : Naughty swear word. Don’t click if easily offended)

      2. Yes, I know. And that’s the point I was making – that these demented freaks will re-write their own reality to suit their biases, while still claiming to use it as authority. The cognitive dissonance, the sheer mendacity, required to pull off such a mental sleight of hand is staggering.

    2. “The US is the land of the free – but only for the people they approve of.”

      This is the thing that really fascinates me too. All those Republicans who rant about freedoms and rights, but they seem to believe those freedoms and rights are solely for themselves.

      I especially enjoy seeing the messy mind-f**k of Republican Christians claiming that they have a “right” to be a bigot, but gay people don’t have the right to defend themselves against bigotry. It’s amazing to see them twisting themselves into bizarre nonsense to be able to justify their bigotry.

  2. Indiana is the Mississippi of the Midwest and the armpit of America.

    1. William P. 12 Sep 2013, 1:30am

      As a Mississippi resident, I usually hate hearing comments like this; however I have to agree with Hayden. With such an intense Bible belt state, my friends and I have many hurdles, yet we all have the desire to persevere! After all, Mississippi did eventually accept the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln’s declaration to end slavery, even though it was close to 150 years afterwards!

    2. That’s not entirely fair. They do have some positives.
      um, er, ah, hmm … no, you’re right – armpit.

      1. Hey, at least there’s a radio station there that’s willing to play Same Love, and challenge a caller with negative views.

  3. You have to wonder how old “Craig”‘s son is, and whether he was trying to get a message to his father by recommending the song – if so, unfortunately it seems to have backfired.

  4. Most striking to me is that the caller’s son made him listen to the song.
    I think we all know the reason, why…

    It’s these little, personal fates that fill me with the most sadness.

    1. You know that kid has tried, and he’s not likely to sit back and just accept it. The moment he can he’ll be out of that house and probably more determined to become something great.

      Long gone are the days when LGBT kids had to endure living in a violent and abusive family for decades. He can get support and will most likely leave as soon as he can.

      Feel happy that the kid is going to leave his nasty excuse for a father and make something of himself, and it’ll be the father living and dying alone because of his own bigotry and hatred.

      Ultimately these religious freaks only hurt themselves, they lose family, friends, opportunities, and they waste their lives judging other people and spitting bile. If anything, we should feel pity for them for wasting their lives in such a way.

      1. I wish I could be as certain as you are. The reports of the US teenagers who’ve committed suicide because of the lack of acceptance of their sexuality (the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure) in the last year alone suggest that the outcome is not a happy one for many many young people – especially, I would guess, in states like Indiana.

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