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Rugby star Stuart Reardon: Anti-gay laws in Russia ‘disgusting’ but I don’t support a boycott of Sochi

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Reader comments

  1. Unfortunately, it seems he’s another person asked for his opinion while he doesn’t know that much about it.

    For instance, he obviously doesn’t know that the IOC has already threatened all athletes with punishment if they dare to make any political protest or statement at all.

    It’s great to believe that LGBT people might be able to speak out and use the Sochi Games as a podium to force attention and discussion, but he clearly doesn’t know the facts and doesn’t know that participants are being refused that opportunity.

    The Sochi Games will “help” those being attacked in Russia just as the 1936 Olympics stopped the persecution of millions, and just as the Beijing Olympics stopped Human Rights abuses in China – THEY DIDN’T.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I’m sick of hearing the opinions of people who don’t seem to know what the hell is going on.

    1. oh look, what a surprise

      here is someone saying exactly what johnny weir said in the other article

      but does he get personally attacked and called disgusting etc?

      no he gets reasoned and respectful argument against his position

      (and i imagine that will be the theme of other comments on this thread, not just yours)

      could it possibly because he is muscled and closer to the masculine ideal of society?

      hmm let me think about that…

      1. What the hell are you blabbering on about?
        At what point did I call him “disgusting”? And at what point did I “insult” him?

        He ignored several important facts in his interview about this, which suggests that he doesn’t know the full story. I pointed that out, and I made clear my frustration at the fact that we have yet another person suggesting Sochi could be positive for the LGBT community while ignoring that it cannot be used in such a way due to the restrictions the IOC and Russia have placed on participants.

        And, what the hell does his build have to do with anything? You know nothing about me at all, for all you know I’m a kick-boxer and competitive weightlifter.

        Are you just a rabid fanboy, or are you Mr Reardon himself?

        1. you missed my point entirely

          i am saying this:

          when johhny weir expressed the same opinion about a boycott you called him disgusting and a lot of other personally disparaging names

          when stuart reardon expressed that opinion you respectfully disagreed with him and said “i’m sure he’s a nice guy”

          it just shows some of your prejudices that’s all…

          never mind – we’ve all got them

  2. Asked about the attention he sometimes gets from gay men, he says: “It seem to get some gay guys’ attention… I don’t know what they like about me.” mm.. let me think – nope .. no idea either! ;-) But he is right of course – the games should not boycotted. Athletes should stand up to Putin and show solidarity to those in need of support.

    1. Agreed, what would it look like to our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia if we just didn’t show up? The best way to support them is to be there at the games and show our solidarity.

      1. The boycott should focus on people not watching the games and not buying products from the sponsors.

        The athletes seem to believe that their ability to win a medal trumps human rights.

        That is a truly despicable attitude

  3. Sorry, what was he saying?

  4. Dave North 11 Sep 2013, 4:33pm

    “Anti-Semitic laws in Germany are ‘disgusting’ but I don’t support a boycott of Berlin.”

    Doesn’t sound very nice does it Mr Reardon.

    By your support you are complicit.

  5. I don’t support a boycott … because I know that won’t happen (as the international community just doesn’t seem to consider the human rights of gay people as important). What I DO support is MOVING THE WINTER GAMES ELSEWHERE!!!!! This is what Steven Fry advocated – this is what millions of others have demanded. But the athletes seem to ignore this alternative to a boycott. WHY???

    1. Beelzeebub 11 Sep 2013, 4:48pm

      “Power, Money and Glory” and to hell with everyone else.

    2. In a word, money

      1. Yes – but they could STILL achieve their glory – and presumably their money – if the games were held elsewhere. Other countries which have previosuly held the games could EASILY make ready their facilities. So, as amply demonstrated by the IOC’s inaction, is it just that the world is not actually bothered about the human rights abuses of gay people? If Russia had introduced anti-black or anti-Muslim legislation, wouldn’t the IOC step in and say, “These laws are against the spirit and explicit meaning of the Opympic Charter. Unless you repeal them, we’ll take the games off you”? It’s an absolute disgrace that the IOC are even CONSIDERING holding the games in a country which is so blatantly flouting its rules, which are to honour diversity and not discriminate. And I believe, if they allow the games to go-ahead in Russia, the IOC will be FOREVER TARNISHED.

    3. “as the international community just doesn’t seem to consider the human rights of gay people as important”

      Well, in this particular case of the Sochi Olympics, I agree. But, historically, gays are not the only ones. A recent example: What about Tibet? China has been trampling on Tibetan people’s rights for more than half a century and that didn’t stop the IOC from holding the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The IOC ignores human rights, period. Having said that, I don’t support the boycott, precisely for the reasons Johnny Weir gave, which I thought were excellent.

  6. I’m actually in two minds over this, but to clear up another point first, I thought what Stuart had to say was actually very well thought out and put together – whether you agree with the sentiment or not and he has reasoned his point through. As I say, I’m sure we won’t all agree, but I thought he showed himself in a good light in the interview – so beautiful with it as well.

    On the boycott or move it point though I think it will never come about because the pre games works are too much to just spring on another country.

    However the hoo-har being generated by the stream of statements from competitors and governments is without doubt damaging to Russia. They are not showing themselves as a good place to do business with or a holiday destination that is tolerant and open. Both will have a financial impact, so long may it continue.

  7. Justusboyz 11 Sep 2013, 5:46pm

    Boycott the games. People’s freedom, lives and liberty are worthier .shouldnt even be a discussion point to be honest.

  8. It’s called solidarity, honey.

    What would Ben Cohen do?

  9. The sheer greed and stupidity of these sportspeople is disgusting.

    They seem to think that their ability to earn a medal for being good at sport trumps the human rights of millions of people.

    As for a boycott, well does Reardon support viewers at home boycotting watching them?

    Does he support a boycott of the Olympic sponsors.

    Or are those precious athletes too important.

    And does he agree that a boycott is unnecessary if the IOC either moves the Games or bars fascist Russia for attending.

    He is a deeply unimpressive person – whoring after the pink pound, yet refusing to defend human rights.

  10. Did Gay Times ask him whether he would have played in apartheid era South Africa?

    If not then why not?

  11. So start a witch hunt against Stuart Reardon for not siding with the armchair militants why don’t you all?

    Disgusting and reprehensible behaviour reminiscent of the lynch mob.

    Russia has just averted WWIII and the barbaric slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian citizens for heaven’s sake!

    Yes Russia’s treatment of gays is appalling but let’s not make enemies of those who choose to oppose boycotting the games or we risk alienating everyone with our tantrums and hysteria.

    Gay rights in Russia will be won with tact and diplomacy:- not vigilance-style antics as ever stirred up by the Pink!

    1. Zzzzz…..

  12. Benjamin Bee 11 Sep 2013, 7:26pm

    He is incoherent.

  13. A rugby player says russia’s anti gay laws are disgusting, gives an interview in gay times which is pro gay and the majority of comments condemn him. What a pathetic bunch of armchair moaning losers. Get some perspective on life.

    1. And in what way does it hurt to avoid watching the games and telling the sponsors of these games that their products will be boycotted?

      Reardon’s comments are stupid because his arguement is simply “Don’t expect any sort of integrity from privileged sportspeople as their only concern is winning a medal for being good at sport”

      Quite frankly the consequences to the athletes are very minor and are not a valid reason to support these games.

      As for him being ‘pro-gay’ – well does Reardon have any sort of history in being supportive.

      Or does he have a calendar coming out at Christmas and is flogging it as hard as the neo-nazis are flogging the gays in Russia.

      1. “As for him being ‘pro-gay’ – well does Reardon have any sort of history in being supportive.”

        Are, politicians, slebs and sportspeople now meant to keep a record of their pleasantries and platitudes expressed to gay people?

        What are you for heaven’s sake, the Pink Stasi?!

        Listen to yourself:- it is people like you who make being gay darned uncomfortable and embarrassing at times.

        And I regret to say that, SteveC, because on other topics you are right on the money and get my green thumbs.

      2. moan, moan, moan. calenders and neo-nazi’s? wtf are you going on about? happy Christmas, I’m sure you’ll still be sat in your armchair in December doing nothing positive for Russian gay men and women, except of course still moaning on pink news comments.

        1. Beelzeebub 12 Sep 2013, 3:16am

          And what are you doing?

          1. Beelzeebub 12 Sep 2013, 3:23am

            And enough with the “moan, moan, moan.” crap you post on every news story on this site.

            You offer nothing of value. You criticize everyone on any comment they make.

            You clearly are in need of being of use to society somehow but you fail at every attempt.

            I recommend stopping using social media as it is all being recorded and your idiotic comments WILL upset your future job prospects.

          2. @Beezlebub

            Erm, how exactly, pray?

            They haven’t hurt mine in the slightest and my boss is an avid reader of these boards:- for entertainment value if nothing else!

          3. When future employers do an internet lookup on you they will see what a prat you are.,

          4. And what are you doing other than moaning on social network sites. Joke.

          5. As for the ‘future job prospects’ threat. LOL. Pathetic.

    2. You keep calling pink news readers “armchair this” and “armchair” that but what makes you think you’re any less of an armchair militant? You seem to have the largest armchair of us all

      1. Are you some sort of armchair size queen? Sitting comfortably are you, whilst moaning, and doing nothing. Don’t worry you’ll be able to switch over the TV when the olympics are on, and stop buying Russian vodka – that’ll make a big difference to gay rights in Russia, Putin will be shaking in his boots.

        1. Do you really not see the irony in going around repeatedly calling people “armchair militants” and telling them to “stop moaning”?

  14. Michaelandfred 11 Sep 2013, 7:58pm

    Being punished? How about calling it standing up for integrity and decency and basic humanity? Punished are the ones living under this law, some with their lives, or freedom or soon the loss of their children while the country doing it basks in the glory and financial windfall these athletes performances will generate.

    And after this bargaining chip is gone, the world will move on and things there will only get worse. But hey, someone got their 20 seconds of fame. Can anyone here name a single athlete from the last Winter Olympics off the top of their heads?

  15. unfortunately sometimes beauty doesn’t always come with brains!

  16. I agree with him. This image of a black athlete in the 1936 Olympics is a lasting legacy against nazi Germany. Not that I think Russia is anything like Nazi Germany, it isn’t.

    If you’re not visible, you don’t exist, you don’t compete, you don’t triumph.

    1. Isn’t that Johnny Weir the figure skater giving the salute standing behind him in the photograph though?

  17. Common sense 12 Sep 2013, 1:05am

    well I agree with him. Boycotts have questionable outcomes and fuel the argument that it is the west and not ordinary russians that oppose these laws. This last point is crucial actually, clodhopping but well meaning western activism pointed at Russia looks preachy and makes it easy for the forces of homophobia within Russia to claim that the campaign is being orchestrated by the international “gay agenda” rather than something that ordinary russians also disagree with.

    And lastly, what a shame it would be for all the athletes who have trained for years with Sochi promising to be the pinnacle of their careers. they would be the real victims of such a boycott.

  18. I think opinion within the LGBT community is genuinely divided. Personally, I favour a change of venue, or else boycott – but a boycott needs to be more than one or two countries to make a significant impact. In the long term I see a boycott as being the only way of making the IOC take notice when awarding countries with games in future. Hit them where it hurts!

    My partner is against both ideas, he thinks we should attend en masse and make a noise, so forcing Russia to confront and deal with any diplomatic fallout while the world is watching. I’m not sure what it will achieve, except to entrench the position in Russia.

    1. “I think opinion within the LGBT community is genuinely divided”

      I don’t. I think people are just very selective over who they criticize for such an opinion. It seems to me that there are many here too busy drooling over his photos to pay any attention to the fact that what he’s saying displays an ignorance of the problem and the issues.

      It’s like insulting One Direction on YouTube, it doesn’t matter if you are right in what you say, the screaming girlies will start telling you all the ways they want to kill you for daring to criticize their precious idols.

      1. Just because he’s good looking doesn’t mean people are just going to agree with what he says – how shallow do you think we are exactly? Some may do but I like to think most of us know better than to be so immature

  19. “The Sochi Olympic Shame”

  20. Sochi looks set to host the most controversial Olympiad the world has seen since Berlin in 1936, while Germany was under Nazi control.
    Putin’s regime thinks the event will be an ideal place to showcase The Russian Orthodox church’s ideals of traditional sexual orientation and ‘heterosexual supremacy’ while continuing the ongoing persecution of lgbt teens, lgbt men and women and their families.

  21. So beautiful but dumb…i expect no more or less.

  22. I agree that athletes should not be punished, but I detest the idea that Russia should be rewarded – which essentially is what the Olympic committee is allowing to happen.

    1. Keep calling for the games to be moved elsewhere.

  23. How about a girlcott?

  24. Stuart McDonald 12 Sep 2013, 11:03pm

    Just because he’s gay and cute and a great athlete, he’s incredibly naive about what Russia’s laws are doing and where they’re heading, and extremely selfish for sacrificing the LGBT people in Russia and places where Russia has great influence because “athletes shouldn’t be punished.” Even most Russian LGBT activists say nothing but a boycott will get Putin’s attention and have any chance of stopping the momentum and maybe even reverse this scapegoating witchhunt.

  25. He needs to be spanked soundly on his reardon…..

  26. Oh mummy!!!!!! Did he say something?? LOL

  27. Wow he is HOT!!!

    I like rugby players!

    That is the only god I worship!

    I love men in uniform too!!!!!!

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