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Nick Clegg: I hope equal marriage in England and Wales will inspire those without such rights worldwide

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Reader comments

  1. We don’t have equal marriage yet. It will be next year and even then pension rights will not not equal.

    1. moan, moan, moan.

      1. Beelzeebub 12 Sep 2013, 2:20am

        Some of us have waited 50 years for this. So p!ss off with the cynicism.

        It was my generation that fought for the rights you enjoy you stupid child.

      2. Dave North 12 Sep 2013, 3:08am

        You really are a self appointed arbiter of other peoples opinions and experiences.

        You come across as a selfish self centered arrogant, opinionated without fact, prat.

        The planet does NOT revolve around you.

        I do hope that you are not gay as I would hate to be aligned with such an uneducated
        idiot as yourself.

    2. Benjamin Herbert 12 Sep 2013, 9:07am


  2. Although the headline and article introduction by Pink News refer to England & Wales, I see from the speech that Nick Clegg has joined the ranks of people who are incorrectly saying that Britain has equal marriage when it’s not the case. He repeatedly refers to Britain throughout his speech.

    I’m actually surprised by the number of supposedly intelligent people who have made this mistake since Westminster passed the equal marriage Bill – for example Ben Summerskill, Peter Tatchell, Julie Bindel and now Nick Clegg.

    Nick Clegg even makes the same mistake when talking about decriminalisation in 1967 in his speech, when that too only applied to England & Wales and not the rest of the UK.

    As a gay Scot, it’s really disapointing (to say the least) to be consistently overlooked by so many people in this way, but for the Deputy PM to do it is really unnacceptable.

    1. moan, moan, moan. Don’t worry when Scotland is devolved you won’t have anyone else to blame.

      1. Scotland already is devolved and has been since 1999. And I’m not blaming anyone for anything, least of all the fact that Scotland doesn’t have equal marriage.

        If I did want to blame anyone for Scotland not having equal marriage, I could hardly blame Nick Clegg since it’s a devolved power and the Scottish government has responsibility for it, not the UK government.

        I was pointing out how disappointing it is to see so many prominent and supposedly intelligent people who are so arrogant or stupid that they can’t use the term Britain correctly.

        If it had been Scotland who’d done it first, nobody would ever have said that Britain had equal marriage, would they? Or to use another example, you wouldn’t hear President Obama claim that the US had equal marriage because some states do.

      2. Beelzeebub 12 Sep 2013, 2:22am

        You are now officially a trolling ignoramus.

        Now F off.

  3. Yes nice fluffy and uplifting speech from Nick Clegg.
    After mentioning school bullying he negates to mention that our children in our secondary schools still do not have a RIGHT to an education free from mind boggling delusional prejudice and discriminatory practices and inclusive sex and relationship education which is relevant to their lives and sexuality.
    There is still lots to do at home and although Scotland’s Equal Marriage law is thought to be a done deal, its not done yet. In spite of Alex Salmons nice words about combatting discrimination and bullying in Scotland’s schools we still have not addressed the issue effectively.
    I agree that we need to pay more attention and aid those in other countries who are still fighting mind numbing discrimination; can’t we multi-task.

  4. Sochi will be hosting “The Olympic Shames”

    1. Maybe just “The Sochi Olympic Shame” reads and sounds better

  5. So why Nickyboy can’t we have it already? You’re supposed to be the DPM.

  6. Benjamin Bee 12 Sep 2013, 8:01am

    For now. Any business told LGBT FRIENDLY, secularist, anti-sexist, supporters of equality, that is selling products of Coca-Cola IS TRAITOR, and supports homotransphobic, theocratic, sexist and discriminatory policies OF RUSSIA.


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