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Man in Lancashire ‘flipped’ and attacked his ex-girlfriend for having an affair with a woman

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Reader comments

  1. … and the sex of the other party is relevant? Would he not have ‘flipped’ had it been a man whith whom his girlfriend had an affair?

  2. Perhaps this assault was very slight (I couldn’t find the details), but on the face of it this seems a questionable sentencing decision by magistrates.

    The tone of the Lancashire Telegraph article implies that the light sentence may have derived from a sense that Ms Smith somehow “deserved” the assault because she had been having an affair.

    When you use your fists to express your feelings, you should entirely lose the sympathy of the law. This is domestic violence, whatever the “provocation”, and this case (or at least the reporting of it) sends out a very bad message.

  3. £75 to each of his victims, it should have been at least double that amount.
    He got off far too lightly. with the supervision order too.

  4. Domestic violence is never acceptable so he deserves his sentence.

    Cheating on a partner while in a supposedly monogamous relationship is also unacceptable (not that it excuses violence).

  5. Keith in SALFORD 12 Sep 2013, 8:22am

    Just go to ‘Acky’ as it is fondly know oop ‘ere in t’ north.

    You won’t believe your eyes…

    I could go on but I would have all the Boards of Jobsworths in creation on my case…


    1. Keith in SALFORD 13 Sep 2013, 8:24am

      2 Jobsworths on me case alweddy, I see..

      Luv it..

      A toute a l’heure…

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