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Lithuania: Parliament to consider five separate anti-gay and anti-trans bills

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Reader comments

  1. Lithuania needs to be immediately suspended from the EU and all EU funding stopped

    1. Exactly. The EU should throw their asses out!!!

      1. Agreed!

        1. That There Other David 11 Sep 2013, 1:31pm

          These bills have not been passed yet. The threat of sanction should be clearly made, but at this time it should be left at that. The Lithuanians for some strange reason seem to be proud of their medieval ways, probably because that was the last time anyone else paid them any attention.

          1. Lucius Malfoy 11 Sep 2013, 2:59pm

            No EU funds
            No Schengen Access
            No Acces to the inner market
            No NATO Air Policing

          2. Agreed. Wait and see what happens, then if passed, send them back to their soul mates the Russians.

            They can be reminded of the view from behind the iron curtain.

            If they approve this then they would be more at home in the Russian Federation.

  2. Jock S. Trap 11 Sep 2013, 12:05pm

    Bloody hell… it seems as some countries take massive steps forward in humanity, other take massive steps back in what just seems to be Anti-West.

    It’s not good enough.

    Shame on Lithuania!

  3. “Society is not ready to accept gender reassignment practices due to certain psychosocial reasons, and therefore the permission to undergo gender reassignment surgeries will lead to a number of medical and ethical issues”.
    Then I would recommend psychological treatment for the population.

    1. LOL right? They are trying to legislate against Gender Dysphoria but it’s not Trans people who are the problem, it’s the rest of the population who need psychological help? If it’s the rest of the population with psychological problems, why are you legislating against trans people? The crap some of these politicians come up with to justify their prejudice is laughable

      1. Homophobia (and I presume also transphobia) are now regarded as ‘psychological illnesses”. Any ‘phobia’ is an ‘irrational fear’ of something. Note the word ‘irrational’. Therefore, those displaying homophobic tendencies are in need of psychological treatment. That’s why ‘rational’ people find the behaviour of homophobics weird. So, what makes them ‘phobic’? They are in fear of their subconscious attractions …. and also their inability to accept their TRUE identity and sexuality. People who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic.

  4. There is no doubt about it, they can not remain a member of the EU if Nazi style laws are passed

    1. Unfortunately once you are invited to join the EU, there is no legislation that can kick you out again. It would take legislation from all members of the EU to agree to a law that would allow this. And I don’t think any of them would lest they see this as shooting themselves in the foot. Ironically, it would take the agreement of Lithuania to kick itself out. Therefore, they know that they can do whatever they like, notwithstanding what they agreed to before they joined.

      1. The EU funding can be stopped and should be stopped immediately.

        If they choose to enact any of these Nazi laws then the cessation of funding should be permanent.

      2. But SURELY, they must have had to sign up to the European Convention on Human Rights BEFORE they joined ….? If they are now planning to legislate in contravention of those rules, that would be enough reason to kick them out, wouldn’t it?

  5. I’m sure they’d rather be part of Russia again – the EU for some countries is about money nothing else.
    If Putin offered to rebuild the USSR I’m sure we’d see a rush for national referendums to approve the move in at least 10 EU countries.
    Moving forward and equality are little to do with wanting EU membership.
    Especially in those countries still ruled by old men who yearn for the high office and power the past brought them.

  6. And if any of these pass, Lithuania should immediately be suspended from the European Union.

    It’s time we started taking a stand on issues like these. Start petitions, start boycotts, start making noise about it, make it clear that this is what all decent people demand, and threaten their membership of international groups if they do it.

    We should not have any member states into international groups that inflict restrictions on their people through religious insanity.

    Lithuania out of the EU!

  7. Lithuania has been a member of the EU since 2004. These new laws are persecution via the back door (another Section 28 scenario). I suggest all LGBT citizens of Lithuania to flee their own country now (it is also part of Schengen Area), as Lithuania seems now to have more in common with the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
    May I also suggest that if any LGBT citizen of the UK are considering travel to that country to contact the Foreign Office in Whitehall and ask if it is safe for them to travel to Lithuania (it will be interesting to hear the advice they give out). And why is the EU allowing them to impose these “laws” when they are in direct contravention of the EU’s (and the ECHR’s) to not persecute minorities. Perhaps looking at a picture of their Prime Minister, Dalia Grybauskaitė, will go some way as to see who she seems to have modelled herself on.

  8. What the hell is wrong with these people?Science, evolution and enlightened civilizations are going in one direction and these people want to go back and rely on their Bronze Age thinking and beliefs derived from their questionable source religions.

    1. These laws are passing in nations where the religious hold power in government. These are Christian religions, you know, those folks who claim to be all about peace and love and forgiveness? lol

      Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania… all are dictated by a religious base, and most smaller satellite states (former USSR) follow Russia like lap dogs.

      Make no mistake about it, this is the work of an insidious fundamentalist religious core controlling former Soviet governments.

  9. Gender Dysphoria and LGBT people are NOT your problem.. In that their rights are not yours to decide, and wanting more time to work out the “psychological and ethical” issues people in your country has is not equivalent to legislating discriminatory policy.

    I wish the UN or the EU or someone, anyone would host some kind of world-wide “diversity training” event and give them the facts about LGBT people because we ain’t going away – we are here, we are queer, get used to it !

  10. The Halcyon 11 Sep 2013, 12:38pm

    It’d be very embarassing for Lithuania to be censured at the moment as they currently hold the rotating Presidency of the EU and therefore control the agenda of all European legislation until the end of December. Any censure could result in retaliation by delaying legislation, including any future measures condemning Russia for doing the same. Tricky thing to manage.

    Two questions though – who proposed these measures (it could be some lone parliamentarian nut case rather than the main political parties) and Lithuania like all European countries has to abide by Article 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam specifically prohibits this kind of discrimination so passing it would break EU law and would be struck down with the first test case. The EU does have its uses.

  11. Please all take some time to ask the organization of the European Union what their position is on this.

    This needs to become an issue now, before the laws are even put to the Lithuanian parliament. We have to send a message to the EU that this is not acceptable and that we expect a response from them on this issue immediately.

    1. I have just asked the following:
      1: Did Lithuania sign up to the European Convention on Human Rights before admission to the EU?
      2: If they pass their proposed anti-gay legislation, will they be removed from the EU for being in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights?

  12. Lithuania – Russia’s little poodle: So glad my grandparents left!

  13. May I suggest dumping all beer and vodka originating from Lithuania? There are quite a few of them (too many to list), but I’m sure LGBT drinking establishments should be aware of what’s going on, and what they can do about it at ground level.

  14. GingerlyColors 11 Sep 2013, 1:08pm

    What is the most galling about all this is that while Lithuania is considering banning gender reassignment, Iran of all countries allows it! The European Court of Human Rights must intervene here.

    1. PantoHorse 11 Sep 2013, 1:34pm

      Iran goes further than ‘allowing it’ – it practically forces it on people, mostly against their will in order to ‘correct’ things like homosexuality

    2. PantoHorse 11 Sep 2013, 3:04pm

      Iran practically forces it in order to ‘correct’ things like homosexuality and to demean and destroy lives. I’d hardly hold them up as a beacon of enlightenment in this area.

  15. Anna Hayward 11 Sep 2013, 1:32pm

    Gender is not determined genetically in a significant proportion of people, since there are people who have XXY or XYY chromosomes, a single X chromosome, XY chromosomes but don’t respond to testosterone (hence develop completely female), XX chromosomes but are affected by large amounts of testosterone in the womb so develop male… Nature is amazing in its variation. So quite apart from the injustice and idiocy of this policy, its not even based on the truth. Also, gender dysphoria appears to be a neurological difference, not a psychological problem. It is incurable and since the brain cannot be changed, the only option is to change the body. To leave a person as they are is tantamount to handing them a loaded gun with which to shoot themselves. But I don’t suppose the fascists in charge of the Lithuanian government care two hoot about anyone who is politically inexpedient.

    1. Frank Boulton 11 Sep 2013, 7:49pm

      Yes, I agree. However, the wonderful workings and diversity of nature don’t enter into the considerations of religious fanatics. I can’t get my head around the paradox that these people believe that every living creature and inanimate object was created by a supreme and infallible being but the still reject most of his creation is “wrong”.

      1. That paradox keeps me up at night! The double-think that religious people have to undertake every day is quite fascinating from a psychological perspective. It must be really exhausting work to ignore reality, science and nature like they do !

  16. Georg Friedrich 11 Sep 2013, 1:36pm

    Actually Lithuania has already now an law against “propaganda of homosexuality”, just by another name. Under law “against negative impact on kids and not adults in the media and public space” from 2010, “any positive information about relationships who are not conform with family values and definition of marriage in the Constitution” is forbidden until 22 hour evening and after 6 hour morning. 38 article of Lithuanian Constitution from 1992 say: “marriage is based on free decision between man and women. State recognize also marriage conducted in the church.”

  17. And these proposals will stand for exactly how many minutes in the ECHR?

  18. Derek Williams 11 Sep 2013, 2:11pm

    So long as gay kids keep suiciding, they’ll be happy.

    1. PantoHorse 11 Sep 2013, 3:07pm

      Suicide is not a verb. One does not ‘suicide’, one commits suicide.

  19. Iain Logan 11 Sep 2013, 2:34pm

    Sanctions must be put forward now before this legislation is passed.

  20. Kathryn Leigh 11 Sep 2013, 4:09pm

    Does Lithuania and its Government and Parliament not realise that membership of the European Union has obligations as well as privileges and benefits?
    One of those is to have civilised behaviour and laws that do not discriminate and violate Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
    One of those is to comply with the ECHR and Rulings of the EHRCt. AND to uphold the Values in the European Charter of Rights EU Lisbon Treaty. Free movement and the rights to live and work in other member states for Lithuanians is dependant on the citizens of other EU states not being disadvantaged or discriminated against if they wish to live and work in Lithuania and that includes gay and transgender citizens from those countries.
    If Lithuania abrogates those obligations, they should not be surprised if other EU states seek to restrict free movement and rights to work in other EU States for THEIR citizens,
    or even to suspend their membership and privileges of EU membership all together .

  21. There are countries that seem to be more comfortable under totalitarian regimes, it seems to be a sort of “lets all be the same” comfort blanket. Of course they like the goodies that paying lip service to concepts such as equality, freedom and democracy bring. Their conduct during WW11 is often illuminating.

    1. You generally see a big lurch to the right and towards totalitarian values during uncertain times of economic turmoil and various other tensions.

      In Germany for example, Hitler was elected because he promised to bring prosperity and pride back to his tarnished country and sort out the “undesirables”. This kind of leader is irresistible to scared sheep.

      I think this is why we are seeing a shift to the right in places like Australia, and even the UK where parties like UKIP are gaining support

  22. Mister Fister 11 Sep 2013, 5:54pm

    I live in an area with huge numbers of Latvians, Lithuanians and Poles. The local slumlord, a born-again Negro points out to his numerous tenants where the local queer – that’s me – lives. The Police couldn’t give a damn when I report hate crimes. Welcome to the UK!

    1. “Negro”?

  23. It’s horrible situation in Lithuania with gay rights… I’m from Lithuania, but because our people who always abuse and bully because you are gay I left country.

  24. A couple of things you should think about before any comment:

    – at least a half of the Lithuania’s population would be delighted if the country were thrown out of the EU and borders shut (accession to the EU was just a political decision);

    – the government is not “evil” by itself. It just couldn’t care less;

    – no one really cares what impact those laws will have in reality. They are just trying to stop those “perverts” from “recruiting” people by any means.

    It’s so familiar to me. Those two concepts (the one of a “pervert” and another one of your “friendly gay colleague”) are never associated together. This is why you can spend time with someone in a party and two days later you enjoy covert homophobic slurs from the same person. Because, you see, they are no way directed to you personally, just to some unknown “perverts”. This is how a typical zomby mind operates. And it doesn’t care how you threaten it.

  25. Frank Boulton 11 Sep 2013, 7:56pm

    At least, Lithuania is in the EU. So, we stand a better chance of exerting constructive pressure on the government than we do with the Russian goverment.

    1. Where are the sources for this article? As I can’t find any other examples of this story online or in Lithuanian.

  26. Good job Lithuania

  27. Dymitr Ogonowski 12 Sep 2013, 4:05pm

    Mnie nie obchodzą litewskie pedały, ale problem w tym, że prawica bałtolitewska nie daje pełnych praw narodowych ludności polskiej Wileńszczyzny. Prawicę bałtolitewską trzeba zwalczać. Kiedyś ZSRR chciał zwalczyć w 1991 r.,to był krzyk. Myślę, że powinna być międzynarodowa interwencja w obronie mniejszości narodowych w Republice Litewskiej

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