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Japan: Government district in Osaka becomes first to support LGBT human rights

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Reader comments

  1. Go Japan! I have always been a huge “Japanophile” – what’s bizarre is they LOVE cross dressing over there. Every last one of their rock bands dress and look just like girls – because the girls just love it.

    So good to see things progressing there, one step at a time :)

    1. That and the fact that yaoi is big over there with teen girls haha (hell, it’s big over here, this lesbian teen loves it). I love Japan, i’m so happy about this haha

  2. Japan has long been a very strange place for LGBT people.

    It’s an incredibly odd society, where sexuality is very diverse, and generally accepted by the youth of the country all throughout media, but where the government never created any protections for those groups.

    Perhaps this makes them better than many other nations? It seems to have been the most natural progression, where sexuality really hasn’t been deemed as an important issue for the general public – protection of LGBT has never really been NEEDED that much in Japan.

    Japan has always been a diverse place, and while there is some discrimination against LGBT people in business, people generally keep themselves to themselves and let others live their lives as they wish.

    The latest news is good though, it gives a green light to active support rather than maintaining quiet acceptance.

    1. Yes, despite the lack of legal protections and low LGB awareness or visibility I found Japan a far better place to live in as a gay man.

      I occasionally got the odd insensitive comment (laughing when I said I’m gay because they thought I was ‘joking’) but it was always through ignorance and never malice. I NEVER at any point felt threatened or in danger, or self censored my sexuality to avoid homophobia.

      I get the impression it’s because Japan never had that whole western shame over sex and sexuality – the fact that we moralise obsessively over sex has meant that we’ve even started associating ALL nudity with sex and have arrived in the weird place where it’s even unusual to see members of your own family nude – which is a fairly uniquely western oddity. They also never criminalised homosexuality (the worst it seems to get is a ‘haven’t you grown out of that yet’)

      Japan still has a long way to go, for sure – but I think I’d still possibly prefer to be LGB there than here

  3. GingerlyColors 11 Sep 2013, 2:58pm

    I hope that this will set a precedent in Japan and show the world that the decision to award the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo was the right one.

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