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Gay figure skater fears he could be ‘beat up on streets’ in Russia – but still opposes Olympics boycott

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe he needs to read up on apartheid.

    1. Maybe you need to.
      How is this anything like apartheid?
      The comparison is morally obscene.

      1. Gay people are being singled out for separate inferior treatment and their human rights are being abused, their jobs, families, freedom of expression, safety and lives have been put at risk just as black people experienced under apartheid.

      2. Sexual Apartheid is everywhere you go my friend, it’s just disguised very well. Whenever you go to a gay club, go on a gay cruise, stay in a “gay” hotel or even this very website; all of these things are a form of apartheid. When a gay kid loses touch with his “normal” friends/family and finds solace in a group of other gay people, that is a form of apartheid too. It is everywhere, but increasingly in Russia.

      3. South Africa was forced to end apartheid through the boycott of their participation in international Rugby.

        You really need to learn some history before you mouth-off and start criticizing others about their opinions when you clearly know less than them about the given subject, you make yourself look incredibly stupid and immeasurably ignorant.

  2. This guy is a skater and he obviously thinks like a skater too.

    Skating about politics and human rights is like dancing about architecture and design, in other words, not very informative or to the point.

    Primarily Johnny Weir doesn’t want to miss his opportunity to shine while skating on the Sochi Olympic Stage.

    1. Dancing about architecture! LOL that would spice up Grand Designs i’m sure

  3. why is he wearing russian military uniform????

    1. Must be what all “Olympians” are mostly wearing these days now the IOC his colluding with Russian anti-gay law.

    2. My typo error
      “his colluding” should read “is colluding”

    3. Because he felt like he should share a revolting little fetish with us? I suppose the outfit of tyranny makes a change from arsing about in bloody Spandex.

      1. Unfortunately he looks very like he’s joined the Hitler Youth movement in that getup.

    4. So we all know he’s a traitor.

    5. He wears it because he can just like every sellout may he rot in hell.

  4. Most people are not suggesting a ‘boycott’. The are demanding a ‘change of venue’. What’s the problem with doing that? The athletes would still get to compete … just not in a country which treats its gay citizens with utter disrespect for their human rights.

  5. Considering he is placing his own greed and stupidity above human rights then perhaps he deserves to be beaten up on the streets.

    He is a wretched, spineless collaborator with human rights abuses.

    1. words are cheap

      he is doing more than most are doing / have done to further the cause of acceptance of gays by being successful and visible, and out and proud – he is also an artist and art is powerful

      I believe he is right that the best thing an individual athlete can do is to be successful as a gay person over there (like Jesse Owens or the black power salute)

      whether or not there should be a universal boycott is up to pressure groups / government / the IOC to negotiate – it would be great if the WHOLE Olympics was able to be moved

      but for an individual athlete to withdraw would achieve nothing, and in fact less than if he turns up and is successful

    2. de Villiers 11 Sep 2013, 12:43pm

      > perhaps he deserves to be beaten up on the streets.

      Surely human rights apply to everyone equally?

      1. Absolutely. And seeing as Weir refuses to stand up for human rights (he says that his silent presence is enough) then he deserves the same treatment as hisbown community which he has abandoned.

  6. “I am celebrated in Russia and I’m here competing and me being gay has nothing to do with what I’m doing on the ice.”

    Wise words from an inspiring young man.

    With so much homophobia already in the world – not things Russia – anyone who thinks things will improve by boycotting a mainstream event watched by bilions are merely fanning the flames of hatred towards us.

    We are exacerbating the plight of gay Russians with our armchair militantcy.

    Social change in Russia must be fought via policitcal means:- leave the Games alone!

    1. Oops, “not least Russia” I meant to say!

    2. Yes – but why does he insist on competing in Russia – a country which seeks to deny him – and all gay people – their human rights? Why doesn’t he demand, as I would in his position, that the games be removed from Russia and given to a country which is not so backward in its attitudes and is so blantantly homophobic …?

      1. because he’s not a political activist, he is a figure skater

        he does his bit for gay rights through being visible and successful, others can do their bit by lobbying government, protesting etc

        I think moving the games would be great, but i’m not sure how practical it is at this late stage. others (like him) probably know more than me on that

        1. And he does more for the Russian hate laws by wearing a stupid Russian uniform to show his “allegiance”.

          He’s an apologist, unashamed and embarrassing, disgusting and loathsome.

      2. Because he’s selfish, vacuous, ignorant to the truth, and more interested in personal gain than in the Human Rights of others.

        His opinion on the Nazis and what they did probably stops at “the SS uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss!”

  7. Auntie Babs 11 Sep 2013, 12:55pm

    Go win your blood stained medals my son…just don’t expect me to be in the least bit impressed by them or you. Just remember you get to come home safe and sound after the event. Your Russian brothers and sisters have to stay there.

  8. Why pay any attention to this self-centred git? He’s another of the hand-wringing but do phuque-all non-entities who think they have something to contribute to this debate. Another of those who, rather than trying to do anything about the persecution of gay people in Russia prefers to slag off those who do and to put “me, me, me” before anything. I hope this hypocrite and coward bombs on the ice.

  9. In other words… “I want my moment in the spotlight, the money and the acclaim, and I don’t want the fact that hundreds of thousands of other LGBT people in Russia are being attacked to get in the way of my personal glory and profit!”

    There, that’s what he means to say, he’s just too spineless to say it.

    He’s an apologist, just like the thousands of Gay people, Jews, Journalists and business men who followed the Nazi regime and refused to hold any moral stance against it, because they would lose out.

    I have no time for this little waste of skin.

  10. The boy is an idiot. What more needs to be said.

    1. “Mad as a snake” as my old Ma used to say.

  11. I wish this guy would just keep his mouth shut.

  12. How very ironic that while the militant gays sabre-rattle in their quest to demonise Russia, the mainstream global populace is currently indebted to Russia for pulling the world back from World War III and potential oblivion.

    Yes their gay rights record is atrocious, but this is a clear cut case of – as my old ma used to say – sweating the small stuff and losing sight of the bigger picture.

    Russia is the only reason Obomber isn’t blitzing the hell out of Syria right now, and then on to Iran on the back of a back of lies, and as a gay man I am indebebted to Putin for his global diplomacy.

    1. Beelzeebub 11 Sep 2013, 2:49pm

      Go live there then and then tell us how warm and cuddly Papa Putin is!

      1. You militant types are so blinded by your own short-term interests and shortsightedness it’s unreal!!

        I would remind you that Obomber who professes to love us gays is fast being seen as the enemy of the world and the wolf in sheep’s clothing he really is.

        But so long as the gay lobby has a drum to bang it couldn’t give a fig’s ar@e about humanitarian issues in general:- just its own foot-stomping, hysteria-driven agendas.

        Well you don’t speak – or should that be scream and bleat? – for me!!

        1. Justusboyz 12 Sep 2013, 2:10am

          Samuel B! Your beginning to sound like a right wing southern baptist.
          I get your point but and I have nothing against this young man only it’s a shame when you have a public platform not to use it and condemn the Russians and these absurd laws.
          I would never put winning a medal above people’s lives! .
          I don’t believe a boycott would be effective but I’m damn sure moving the games would.

        2. You come off as more than a little hysterical and foot-stompy yourself there, sparky. Seriously – “Obomber”? What are you, twelve?

  13. You need to give this guy a break.

    Johnny Weir is the biggest and only gay power in figure skating today. In a sport where WELL over 50% of the male athletes are gay and lie about it…including long retired ones, Like 50 year old Brian Boitano. or closeted ones like Jeremy Abbott who recently compared Russias anti-gay Laws to different choices in interior decorating.

    Johnny Weir was told by the Canadian media to get gender tested in Vancouver 2010. This is figure skating today, not just in Russia.

    1. If they’re as shallow, selfish, tacky and dim as Johnny Weir, I’d just as soon they kept right on lying. I mean, honestly, this guy’s enough to make ME feel homophobic.

      1. in my opinion that says more about you than it does about him

  14. As an LGBT and human rights activist Weir demonstrates he is a very talented ice dancer.

  15. For someone who stands no realistic chance of making the US Olympic team as he is long past his best as a skater (I follow figure skating), he’s been making an awful lot of statements about the Sochi Games, but I wonder whether he hasn’t allowed his judgment to be clouded a little too far in Russia’s favour by his obvious penchant for Russian guys. At least he now actually recognizes there’s a real risk of violence, that’s a step forwards from some of his earlier naive statements.

  16. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something very wrong with Johnny Weir.

  17. Your gay brothers are already being beaten up on the streets. You could do something by standing in solidarity with them by boycotting.

  18. Please add the full interview here as this article misrepresents Weir’s views. A little research wouldn’t hut either: Weir is a strong advocate of the Russian lgbt community. Also: Johnny Weir wearing a Red Army jacket, booty shorts, and wedge ankle boots is like giving Putin the middle finger. Well played Mr. Weir, well played!

    1. ia self servering … weill i think you know tat last word.

      1. that

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