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Comment: Is the Western coverage of Russian LGBT issues missing the positive angle?

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  1. The fact that the anti-gay propaganda law in Russia passed is evidence that reason cannot be expected from the Duma.

    Russia is at best a quasi-democracy – they have elections but opposition to Putin is ruthlessly suppressed. Journalists are murdered regularly. Opposition leaders are jailed on trumped up corruption charges or barred from standing.

    The fact remains that not 1 single Russian MP voted against the homophobic laws, despite its incredibly vague wording and all too sinister repercussions.

    If Putin has chosed the gays to be the scapegoats for Russia’s collapsing population and epidemic alcoholism, and to curry favour with the Russian Cultthen he’ll quite happily introduce legislation to remove children from gay parents.

    it is absurd to regard Russia as any type of western democracy.

    This article does not make much sense to me – it seems to be reaching for a positive conclusion by making some disjointed stories about hopeful elements.

  2. The so named “gay propaganda” law was absurd and ridiculous as well, and while we thought it would at least have some degree of opposition, it passed with every single lawmaker, bar one abstention, voting in favor of it.
    Do we seriously expect a legislature so unanimous in it’s decision to strip away the rights of gay people to speak and exist in public not half a year ago will suddenly u-turn and vote the other way on behalf of those very same gay people?

    1. The anti-gay vile “propaganda” law passed in June this year, barely over 2 months ago.
      I do not doubt there is opposition to these discriminatory laws but most do not dare speak out for fear of persecution and arrest.

      Russia is not renowned to have a corrupt free election system. If they had fair elections I doubt Putin would be in power or half of the religious freaks in the Duma.
      It is easy to whip up anti-gay prejudice against a minority hiding and unknown for the most part by the population, because of existing ignorance and discrimination. These laws are not going to help gay people be open so ordinary people can see these religious freaks are lying bags of scum.
      When your government lies about you and persecutes you and makes truth criminal it is difficult to counter.

  3. Coming soon to Pink News: Paul Canning tells how Hitler was soooooo misunderstood and that some of his best friends were gay Jews…

    Next week in PN: David Irving?

    1. paul canning 12 Sep 2013, 7:50am

      So who are Russian gay group Coming Out? Chopped liver?

      They think that this law is too absurd to pass.

      Why is it comparable to holocaust denial to report what they say? Could they not possibly have some idea of what’s actually going on?

      1. They are referring to the present bill, which is indeed too absurd to pass. Not the threat of further legislation in general.

        Also you will find that Masha Gessen does not refer to Zhuravlev’s proposal as the basis of her decision to move, but to Mizulina’s continued talk of the possibility of removing children from same-sex families. She made that decision long before he presented it, and considered it even longer. (That you would like someone to question it is frankly absurd.)

        You will also find that Gessen, along with virtually all of the LGBT movement in Russia, would agree that the homophobia of Russians has been highly overstated. That is simply not what this campaign of discrimination is about.

  4. What a f – – king tedious article.

  5. Michaelandfred 12 Sep 2013, 12:56am

    Seriously? Every single member voted for the propaganda law, yet you think in a year or two they are all going to apologize and say they were wrong? To point out a few cities that had rallies as the suggestion that everything is not that bad….

    I’m guessing when the Taliban took over Afghanistan women there thought it couldn’t get worse either. Far too many people have stuck their necks out to easily admit they made a mistake.

  6. “Is Russia’s ‘remove kids from gay parents’ bill the straw that will break Russian anti-gay forces?”

    Feed them enough rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves seems to be the positive gist of this article.

    I think the anti-gay forces need their faulty and fraudulent propaganda examined, exposed and countered with a strong opposition and hard evidence.

    It’s possible for the “religious” homophobes to fool people with lies and misinformation for a time but it doesn’t work long-term when placed under scrutiny, keep asking for explanations as to why these anti-gay laws are being introduced in Russia and counter the BS excuses they will inevitably produce.

  7. Well my goodness. What have we been going on about? Let’s crack out the vodka, champagne and fireworks and celebrate all things Russian.

    Ridiculous article.

  8. Given that the absurd “anti-propaganda” law passed the Duma almost unanimously, it is difficult to believe that any legislation is too absurd for the Duma to pass.

    And as far as the argument that bad things are also happening elsewhere, this is just an apologetics for Russian homophobia.

  9. Dave North 12 Sep 2013, 2:31am

    Bundles of words appropriated from various commentaries does not a comment in a gay newspaper make.

    Is there a point to this diatribe of tripe.

    I see nothing other than cut and paste drivel offering neither criticism or solution.

    1. paul canning 12 Sep 2013, 8:05am

      The ‘solution’ will come from Russians.

      When we’re not told that a major Russian gay group thinks this bill too absurd how is that supporting gay Russians? We know better than them? Everyone single negative comment here is ignoring what they said.

      Gay and pro-gay Russia does not get enough support. The Russian protests last week were almost ignored. People like Ksenia Sobchak are unknown here. Ask yourself where the fundraisers are for Russian gay organisation.

      1. Plain English please Paul!

  10. “if you compare Zhuravlyov’s bill with the antics of Tea Party members in the US Congress”

    This is supposed to make anyone feel better?

    The TEA Party people in Congress are DEADLY serious about repealing Obamacare, and will do so the moment they have a sympathetic Senate. And there position has broad popular support.

    If there the comparison here, gay parents in Russia need to be VERY worried!

  11. Common sense 12 Sep 2013, 6:41am

    Consider this: would Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Belorus now be introducing copycat legislation if it was not for the over the top “West knows Best” political movement sweeping North America and Western Europe.

    This is a fair and balanced article and some of the idiots, who thinking that shouting loudly at that Russians that they are bigots will change their minds, should pause for thought.

    1. They seem quite happy to be taking in board the anti-gay propaganda and junk social science studies being spread by the likes of US Scott lively and Mark Regnerus however.

    2. bobbleobble 12 Sep 2013, 7:44am

      Eastern Europe is not going after its LGBT citizens because of our response to Russia, how absurd. They’re doing it because Russia’s actions have given them the political cover that they need to target their own gay citizens. They are following Russia’s example and nothing more. Common sense? Pull the other one.

      And what exactly should we be doing while Russia continually erodes the rights of people like us? Sit back and count our blessings? Produce meaningless articles like this one praising a handful of Russians who don’t agree with Putin, none of whom are apparently in any position to actually do anything? Or sit and cross our fingers and hope that things get better?

    3. Oops! Hit ‘report’ when I meant to like – apologies to you and PN…

      1. Err, how can anyone dislike a post of mine that makes no point worthy of comment.

        Is it a reflex action now?


        1. I think its just a reaction against you

  12. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Sep 2013, 8:13am

    There are many flaws in different reports from Russia and the LGBTQ community. Also here in PinkNews. And many, many childish comments ! I’m glad the Russian gay organizations are working very seriously, in contact with opposition politicians and humanitarian organizations. Too much rumours and “gossip” in western media !

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Sep 2013, 6:30pm

      I register that some readers are somewhat ( or very—) prejudiced when focus is on the situation for LGBTQ persons in Russia. I’m not at all surprised. Why not donate instead of showing your ignorance : Details for bank transfers
      or : Donate through PayPal to

      Small or large donations will make life better for a lot of persons- Your sisters and brothers in lovely Russia. Thanks a lot !

  13. we are making a difference. keep up the pressure!

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Sep 2013, 8:23am

    To get info:
    Ligovsky pr. 87,office 606,
    St. Petersburg, 191040—Russia

    Tlf : +7 (812 ) 313 9369

  15. “The Sochi Olympic Shame”

  16. Who the hell is Paul Canning?

    This is the worst cut & paste journalism I’ve read in years.

    Painful to read even if you put the cocky eyed views to one side.

    Keep your day job luv!

    1. Paul Canning edits LGBT Asylum News – thanks for asking…

      1. Really…that dose not fill me with any confidence. How about you?

        1. It dose.

          1. Dave North 12 Sep 2013, 1:02pm

            Touche…… ;-)

  17. Speaks volumes that the most ‘disliked’ comment here comes from a Russian (presumably), broadly agreeing with the article and criticising unreliable reporting of this issue in the Western media.

    Still I’m sure those who ‘disliked’ it know better.

    1. Voting systems like this are very bad for free speech; people end up saying what they think people want to hear instead of what they think as an individual. Who cares if your post is +1 or -50, the most important thing is speaking your mind truthfully and not caring about whether everybody agrees or not

      1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Sep 2013, 6:42pm

        Mr. Pink ! Thank You a thousand times ! All Russian LGBTQ persons hate these laws forbidding neutral “gay information”. And thousands are fighting against this injustice. But they must fight within THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM- and take into account that – to put it simple- Russia is not UK ! Russia is not the US. Russia is not Sweden. etc etc.—

        1. Fighting within the system is something that makes sense in a democratic society, with reasonable legitimacy, a free press, a working legal system. Somewhere like say, Sweden, or even the US on a good day.

          Don’t pretend to be the mouthpiece of the Russian LGBT movement. You are not.

  18. I have to say my impression so far is that nothing seems to be too stupid for the Duma to pass, but if Nikolai Alexeyev (who should know better than any of us) thinks Zhuravlyov’s bill too extreme to become law then I have to say it’s rather a relief, and I so hope he’s right.

  19. As the media interest about this matter appears to dwindling, what will be the attitude about the FINA World Swimming Championships, in Qatar, next year? Homosexuality amongst men is illegal in Qatar, so will we see similar outcries, or was the Sochi situation more of a political stunt than a concern for actual homosexual rights?

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