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Canada: LGBT education co-ordinator targeted with letter encouraging her to ‘repent sins’

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Reader comments

  1. LGBT woman stands up out and proud – good for her. Magic-worshipping cultist plays snivelling coward, both in terms of cowering before their asinine fairy tale bogeyman (crying about “sins” is worrying that Skydaddy will be angry), and by not even having the guts to stand up for their beliefs.

    And to think some tosspot had the gall to scold us in another thread for mocking these ridiculous fools.

  2. Have you ever noticed how anything that goes against Christian teaching or anything that contradicts their ideology can very conveniently be attributed to “sin” or “satan”?

    If you live your life in fear of God you live your life in fear of Santa Clause; both are all-seeing, all-knowing beings who have a big list of everything you’ve done and decide whether you’ve been nice (heaven and gifts) or naughty (hell and coal)

    So to live your life in fear of God and Sin is literally living your life in fear of Santa Clause.

    1. At least Santa actually gives you stuff.

    2. What I always ask bible thumpers is, ‘Is god ‘almighty powerful’?’. When they of course reply ‘Yes’. I say, ”Then why doesn’t he just smite satan dead”? The look of confusion is a joy to behold. Monotheistic religions NEED a ‘satan’ to explain all the awful things in life – chidhood cancers, famine etc – all of which affect the ‘innocent’. The problem is that ‘belief’ is just that … ‘belief’. And if it’s ‘unshakeable’, you have little chance of undoing the conditioing of YEARS of exposure to the brainwashing they’ve suffered.

  3. Sin, an imaginary disease invented to sell you an imaginary cure.

    1. They keep forgetting, sin is not a sin to anyone who doesn’t believe in their delusional self inflicted god in the first place. Only to them.

  4. damn! i thought the punishment for sin was 10 bloody marys and a how’s your father! i’m doomed! but then again, i’ll be dead so won’t care!? saying crap like this to kids makes them look powerful. saying crap like this to adults makes them look petty and, indeed, threatening. ah religion, weirdness purveyed by weirdoes.

  5. Barry William Teske 11 Sep 2013, 4:04pm

    Sin may be thought of as bad for those with inner turmoil, but I choose to take that concept of sin and say…
    I own my actions and quite frankly am better off for it. The true nature of sin is owned by the accuser using it as a tool to further personal inability to face the criminal action of ingrained and forced self loathing.
    I will not pray for you, instead I will continue to trust your life’s journey and that it will get you to where it is you need to be.
    As painful as it is.
    Reach out to those that are human enough to show you that trust – walk away from the belief you have no right to understanding of your self.

  6. Christopher Coleman 11 Sep 2013, 4:28pm

    As I understand it, all human beings are sinners. It is an inescapable part of being human. May one assume that the letter writers have openly admitted their own sins? If not, they are guilty of not paying attention to what was said by Him whom they claim to follow. In which case they are not sincere and should be ignored.

  7. I hope she pursues them through the courts for having sent ‘hate mail’. We HAVE to show these ‘religious’ outfits that their ‘belief’ can NEVER be a licence to peddle hatred. ‘Believe’ what the f**k you like but stop ‘believing’ you have a right to impose those ‘beliefs’ on others. If I said my ‘beliefs’ allow me to target christians with insults and pathetic pleas to ‘renounce their belief’, how would THEY feel?

    1. They would whine that their religious freedom was being denied, because they could not exercise their beliefs against others,
      The fragile little things cannot stand any questioning or disagreement with their “faith”, that would mean thought and real freedom of religion, which of course also includes freedom FROM religion and the freedom to reject their “belief” with rational criticism. The indoctrination runs deep, but cannot withstand questioning by the indoctrinated, from within.

  8. Deanna Joy Hallmark 11 Sep 2013, 8:21pm

    No doubt the author would wish to remain anonymous. This is hardly worth the effort to comment, even though I just did!

  9. Martin Gavet 13 Sep 2013, 7:28am

    Firstly: Jesus said love thy neighbour as thyself. Seems they forgot this passage of the Bible.

    Secondly: The Bible says “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    Thirdly: the Bible was written by Man for Man. Leviticus and other books cited by orthodox Christians is just a selection of ancient laws. Laws change as we become enlightened. If we stuck to Leviticus we would not wear mixed fibres like polyester, or eat shellfish.

    And finally: this pamphlet Mme Doucette received just shows the cowardice of these people. If you have the strength of your religious convictions, whether right or wrong, then you should not be ashamed to be open and sign the pamphlet or say it to her face. These people do not think for themselves, they are brainwashed idiots. If you are a true Christian you love everyone unconditionally, no matter what their credo, colour or sexual orientation. The Dalai Lama, said: “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness”. Need I say more.

  10. white squirrel 28 Sep 2013, 8:33pm

    Too lazy to think for yourself ?

    then get religion and have long dead ancestors do your thinking for you

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