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Amnesty urges Zambia to drop charges against two men accused of having sex ‘against the order nature’

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Reader comments

  1. Why isn’t the UN doing more about anti-gay legislation / regimes among its membership? Surely, a UN resolution to, say, impose sanctions against these vile places could produce a positive reaction? We are in the middle of the last, big human rights struggle. The UN should be playing a far more active role ….

  2. I love how they used to argue it was a “choice”. As if anyone would actively and unnecessarily enter into a derided sexual subset for kicks. Now, they have switched to this “unnatural” nonsense. Well, then nature should have designed rectums to have a 90-angle just inside the anus.

  3. To be vetoed by …….. Russia

    They (Russia) have recently tried to get “Traditional Values” written into Human Rights protocols in Geneva.
    Effectively negating parts of the UN Human Rights Charter if it had been accepted.

    1. …”Traditional Values”? Like what?
      Slavery, witchcraft, heresey?
      These places are scarey.
      Do we learn NOTHING from history?
      Problem is, that little man is JUST like Hitler was pre-WWII. Emasculated and belittled by the collapse of their former empire. So, he’s looking for ‘scapegoats’ … and the parrallel between that and what Hitler did to the Jews is VERY FRIGHTENING!

  4. Zambia needs to move into the 21st century. If they really believe homosexual acts are abnormal then they still live in the dark ages.mItbis their laws which are abnormal and it’s time the UN took hard action against homophobic regimes such as Zambia.

    1. Grown people ‘believing’ in fairy stories isn’t normal. Yet belief has influenced governments, has runied lives and caused untold suffering and torture for millions throughout history. If ‘religion’ was a person, it would have been tried and executed for crimes against humanity centuries ago. As it is, it seems to have a mystical ‘protection’ from being attacked. It is LUDICROUS that countries are STILL legislating against homosexuality based on some obscure passges in an old novel. LAUGHABLE – if what’s happeing in Russia for instance – isn’t so serious.

      1. I’m afraid it is normal, the statistics alone prove it: irrational, foolish, absurd, certainly – but perfectly normal.

        Look at even the way all UK newspapers now have horoscopes, something that was unheard-of 40 years ago. It’s being rational and intelligent that’s abnormal.

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