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US: Westboro Baptist Church protest scuppered by huge pro-LGBT counter-demonstration

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Reader comments

  1. What’s this …? Americans questioning ‘belief’?
    That’s one to put in the diary!
    Keep it up, you guys. :)

  2. Judging by the footage on YouTube, the bigoted from WBC where truly swamped by GLBT supporters.
    Here’s a clip of the event from YouTube.

  3. Not another Pink News anti American story about a cult with about 30 members who crave the space, and Pink News give it to them. Yawn.

    Why not write a story or two a day about the real homophobes – the Middle East & Africa, and the other countries where it’s ILLEGAL to be gay – where you can be killed by the state for being gay?

    Some people in power may start thinking you have an anti American and anti Christian agenda. Or maybe it’s just that the other stories are a bit harder to think about and can’t be copy and pasted?

    1. just like our local radio talk station LBC nothing is ever spoken about these homophobic countries – so many people like our politicians are so spineless – whenever anyone call the station they are accused of being racist. They miss the loin that a gay person can be black brown white also

    2. Yes, a story praising the hundreds who turned up to support the LGBT community and stopped the hate from the WBC impacting innocent passers-by is sooooooo negative. You sir are a twit.

    3. “A cult of 30 members” goes to a small town in rural America and is overrun by pro-LGBT counter demonstrators, and that is an “anti-American” story? I see it as positive. I grew up in Montana and this story makes me proud of my home state.

  4. how wonderful – heaven all those students and local will burn in hell now I guess

  5. MarKo Hubert 11 Sep 2013, 12:32am

    They will need to learn how to shut up. otherwise they will look so discredited with their bigotery. But as they would probably say: ” don’t care, God is with us”… in their dreams.

  6. soapbubblequeen 11 Sep 2013, 5:47pm

    Good. I’m glad they were outnumbered in such a positive way by the local community. Bunch of twats.

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