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US: Caribbean cruise to feature ‘mass commitment’ ceremony for same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. David Cade 10 Sep 2013, 4:05pm

    Better to marry on land and in full view of the public, surely, than completely out of sight on the high seas, achieving little more than filling the coffers of an exploitative cruise company?

  2. Too, too tacky

  3. Sounds like a weird Mooney mass wedding.

  4. Yes the carribbean is mown for its enlightened views about homosexuality. Why not have a day trip to Moscow next time

  5. I hope they paid you for this silly ad.

  6. I would *love* to be part of this event with my partner at the beach on St. Thomas. We have just seriously considered it before deciding regretfully that it’s beyond our reach. Unlike the five cynical commenters before mine, I think the occasion may attract worldwide positive publicity as the first event of its kind ever, bringing together a concentration of thousands of people comprising same sex couples and their families and friends, stating or restating their lifetime commitment to each other just like opposite sex couples the world over do too.

    1. Committed couples on a gay cruise? I give them until the second day of the voyage before they are shagging other passengers!

      1. In some cases that may well occur, yes.

        I fail to see your point, though. You do, I hope, understand that “committed” and “monogamous” are not necessarily synonymous when describing couples. It’s entirely up to the couple concerned. And that goes for both same sex and opposite sex couples. We aren’t living in 1952 anymore.

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