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Survey: A quarter of people in the UK disagree with homosexuality, but acceptance continues to rise

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Reader comments

  1. You probably find a similar number of people who disagree with black skin or red hair or tallness… but are we supposed to take the opinions of these people seriously?

    1. I was coming here to make this very same point. You can pretty much write off a quarter of the population as hopeless because, even in the most progressive, enlightened, educated populations there seems to be an unmovable 20-25% who cling unwaveringly to racism/homophobia/misogyny/misandry/xenophobia/us vs. them mentality. These people have a lack of innate self-confidence and innate happiness and are dependent upon pushing down the “other” in order to lift themselves up. Sad really!

      1. You would normally find these type of people associated with the BNP or UKIP, if they are politically active.

      2. Spot on, Hayden!

      3. I think saying it’s down to a lack of confidence/happiness almost gives these people an excuse. I’ve had all kinds of issues with self confidence etc… and I’ve never taken it out on entire groups of people. They are just nasty, stupid people.

        1. Baroness Knight comes to mind.

      4. In my experience, they are stupid, ill-educated and boorish! The beer swilling, football obsessed idiots who think nothing of other people’s feelings or opinions. Make me ashamed to be working class.

  2. Which means 75% of people support same sex relationships! However, it would be against Pink News policy to write a positive headline…

    1. Indeed.

      And it isn’t even a quarter against. 22% is closer to 1/5th not 1/4th.

    2. I don’t think that’s a fair criticism of Pink News. I do think that Pink News is doing what it’s supposed to do– point out that there’s still a long way to go until we have reached full equality. The British public tends towards apathy. And given recent positive headlines regarding same sex marriage, we run the risk of falling into a lull of complacency. Pointing out that all is not perfect is a perfectly justifiable action.

      1. They are not pointing that out (tho I’m not convinced your hypothesis is true)

        Dodgy semantics, questionable use of figures, and misleadingly presenting stats for the purpose of creating greater “impact” is the Christian Institute’s game. There is no need for PN to do likewise.

  3. Odd terminology to use – I disagree with stupidity and vulgarity (and many another -ity come to that), but no-one’s polled me about those…

  4. I don’t agree with heterossexuality but I have to work and deal with these bastards everyday.

    1. And how we’re you born, may I ask?

      1. Beelzeebub 10 Sep 2013, 8:39pm

        By heterosexuals who despised that which they brought to life.

        Your point being?

      2. Oh, Jackie.,,, Yes, let’s never criticize the perfect heterosexuals and their heavenly reproducing powers, we owe our lives to them… are ya serious gurl?

  5. Expect a further positive change when we finally have Equal Marriage in England and Wales !

    Sooner or later most people will know of family members, friends, friends of friends, workplace colleagues etc who are in a same sex marriage. There will be no mileage in predicting that the sky will fall in when it hasn’t and clearly won’t.

    Religion will keep fading away, and with gay marriages becoming commonplace even the religious and those inherently against SSM will find that very few participants really have cloven feet and horns…

    It’s interesting to note that even the new Pope and the new Archbishop of Canterbury seem to be be realising that the homophobic dog whistle no longer works and that they will be isolating themselves from society, particularly younger people, if they persist with their outdated homophobic views.

  6. It could just be me but I never hear or get asked to be apart of these surveys that seem to be about me/us!

    Maybe it’s because I don’t live in the centre of London, but I don’t see how they can claim x amount of people believe x when I was never asked.

    They could ask two people and get 50% of english residents hate sprouts, the results are skewed.

    Just for the record I love sprouts :)

    1. That There Other David 10 Sep 2013, 3:17pm

      It’s called sampling. They probably only actually asked 3000 people or so, then extrapolated the results based on that.

    2. There’s a lot of maths involved and concepts of statistical significant and extrapolation and all that jazz. I’m sure someone on here is more clever than me and can explain.

      It’s the best way to find out support for something. Asking everyone would be impossible and the limiting factors, as always, are time and money.

      1. Beelzeebub 10 Sep 2013, 8:42pm

        In other words these surveys bear no relation to reality and are purely mathematical exercises based on assumptions and survey companies desire to not go bankrupt.

  7. It is a VERY strange way to headline what is obviously a positive story. Wouldn’t it have been better to say ‘78% of the population agree that being gay is just fine’?

  8. ‘Disagree’ – what a strangely redundant word to use in describing a quarter of the UK discovered to be ignorant, religious or both –

    I disagree with the way heteros abuse the right to marry and then critizise us for wanting to marry too –

    Why do these unevolved, hateful humans have to impose their ignorance on everyone else?

  9. “Disagreeing” with homosexuality is like “disagreeing” with the sun or oxygen – ludicrous. There is simply nothing to disagree with if you know the facts, and of course everybody would know the facts by now if the state actually bothered to teach them

  10. Disappointed that you didn’t just go with ‘are homophobic’ in the headline…

    How does one ‘disagree with homosexuality’?

    Can you ‘disagree’ with race? Can you ‘disagree’ with the sky? Or gravity?

    1. Very good point! I disagree with rain … but I’d never phrase it in that way …..

      1. that’s not fair. the rain has a right to its opinion. if you’re going to disagree with it, at least be respectful!

        (and yes, I “agree” that “disagree” is the wrong word. You can’t disagree with a thing that is, but you can disagree with an opinion or a statement… I disagree with those who think a 3000 yr-old book should be used to run modern society.)

        1. I have no problem with rain. In fact some of my favourite days have been rainy. Just so long as it isn’t rainy in public or tries to inflict it’s raininess on the rest of us…

    2. What’s even crazier are the levels of “disagreement” you can have – “it is always wrong”, “it is sometimes wrong (???), or “it is never wrong”

      Whoever come up with the questions in that survey need a slap !

  11. Ian Bowerr 10 Sep 2013, 3:56pm

    The headline doesn’t make sense. How does one disagree with a biological state? It’s like saying one disagrees with have blue eyes.
    The rest of the story does make sense even though still a bit depressing.

  12. “Disagree with homosexuality”? Statements like these really make me want to vomit.
    Do these people who “disagree” also have opinions on left-handed people, ginger people, people who like jazz, or people who keep fish?

    Why the f do people need “approval” from others, and what the f gives anyone the right to “disapprove” of anything that HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON THEIR LIVES!?

    Enough with the complaining about whether we are accepted or not. It should not be an issue. I couldn’t give a rats behind even if 90% of the population don’t “approve”, I neither need nor want “permission” from others to live my life as I see fit.

    By repeating this nonsense we are giving the impression that we give a damn, we shouldn’t care. They have NO RIGHT to even give the impression that their statistical facts matter.

  13. We know who these 5% are – Muslims. As for the rest, I imagine mostly old people and ignorant individuals.

  14. What percentage think that mix race marriage is wrong?. I can imagine answers like ” I’m not against mix race marriage as long my daughter doesn’t marry one”
    FFS we live in a secular society. I don’t like chips – so you shouldn’t eat them!!!

    1. Stephen Mole 10 Sep 2013, 10:59pm

      mixED race, please.

  15. It’s a promising result. However, as some of the comments above point out. There will most likely be a point where a section of the society will be hopeless causes.
    Any form of minority, from hair and eye colour, to skin and gender, there will never be a 100% acceptance.

  16. Live and let live - don't dictate! 10 Sep 2013, 4:20pm

    I think it is wrong to sleep with another human being, straight or gay unless they have green skin with orange spots on – or belong to my religion/non/belief system. My dogma is the only dogma that counts… after all this is 1956 not 2013 !

  17. I want to know how this survey was conducted and how the data was collected. Are we talking about 25% of people old enough to still have a land line telephone in their homes?

  18. Always annoys me that people have the gall to say they disagree about something that nothing can be done about. We don’t need your or anyone else’s approval to exist thanks. Do they also disagree with trees, the grass, the sky, the sun, the moon…?

    1. Keith in SALFORD 10 Sep 2013, 6:49pm

      I just posted more or less the same….then read your post.
      Exactly so.

  19. The survey also said that the highest disapproval of all is found among non-Christians (Jews, Muslims and Hindus), 61 per cent.

  20. People are wondering why it’s not a positive headline – I don’t think it is that positive – less than the majority – 47% – of British people think that being gay is ‘not wrong at all’. And the people that think that being gay is ‘always wrong’ has risen 2% in the last 2 years.

  21. Interesting that Catholics are more accepting than Anglicans, obviously the leadership’s tactics of being utterly bonkers, rather than marginally bonkers, drives people away from following their dogma more quickly. Who’d have thunk it?!

  22. I doubt that is correct but re. your question – no you shouldn’t and yes you should if people feel homosexual activity to be wrong (although to concede a point that the survey seems to highlight, some of the prejudice against gay folk e.g. not allowing them to work when this has nothing to do with their sexual choices is also wrong). .

    1. apologies, comment in the wrong place – I was replying to the first comment.

    2. It’s not a CHOICE, any more than black skin or red hair or tallness. It’s what you ARE.

      1. @Gerry: I agree having a same sex orientation may not be a choice but engaging in sexual activity of any kind IS a choice. As I see it, to disapprove of someone with black skin or red hair is wrong, but to not condone sexual activity outside of of marriage as God intended it (one man, one woman) is an entirely different matter.

        1. Beelzeebub 10 Sep 2013, 8:51pm

          God does not exist.

          Revisit your comment under that proposal and rethink it.

          I will NOT live my life under the alleged authority of mentally sick people too unintelligent to understand our miniscule place in this cosmos and that there is no great overseer.

          Grow the F up and STOP holding humanity back.

        2. as God intended it (one man, one woman)

          God apparently intended nothing of the sort, if the accounts of the Patriarchs’ home lives is anything to go by. Or did God just change his mind somewhere along the line?

          1. I take it you are referring to polygamy, which Abraham, Jacob and David all practiced. I agree it is a problematic area since it goes against what God intended when marriage was ordained in the garden of Eden and has caused me to waver in how I view same sex relationships.

          2. Polygamy – or, more accurately, polygyny — yes, and also the delightfully exotic practices encapsulated in the story of Judah and Tamar. But come now, JohnB, are you seriously saying that the relationship (there was no marriage, at least not as we know it) supposedly created in the Garden of Eden (for pity’s sake!) is the template for modern marriage? In that case, what about the celebrated marriage, blessed in a church, of the Prince of Wales and the post-menopausal previously-married woman (to a man still alive) now known as the Duchess of Cornwall? Isn’t that invalid in God’s eyes?

          3. Thanks Rehan for your comments – I had to check out the Tamar story ( and I agree there are things difficult to understand.

            For me the key marriage texts are Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:3-12 and nowhere is it hinted that it can be between two members of the same sex.

            Charles and Camila – should that marriage be sanctioned by the church – probably not given reasons for divorce & re-marriage are inadequate. By being inconsistent on divorce the church loses authority when pronouncing on gay marriage.

          4. I certainly agree with your last sentence, JohnB.

            You really didn’t know the story of Tamar? For shame – I expect nothing short of encyclopaedic knowledge of every chapter and verse of you! Seriously though, you will agree it’s a pretty disgusting example of theory in practice?

        3. Now I know you aren’t referring to your 2000 year old propaganda manual on an LGBT news site

          Keep your fairy tales in your designated fairy zone please, we do not care for it here.

          Sexual activity is NOT a choice. I am gay all the time – not just when I’m getting down. Even sitting here typing, still gay.

          To expect people to go celibate their entire lives because 2 lines in a roughly translated propaganda manual can be interpreted as saying so is absolutely abhorrent, and the idea that these people have a “right” to “disagree” with “sexual choices” is absolutely insane.

          NOBODY has a right to tell others how to live their lives in a democracy and free world, nobody.

  23. ‘Disagree with Homosexuality’, its NOT a fuckin’ concept…

  24. Keith in SALFORD 10 Sep 2013, 6:47pm

    How can you “disagree” with homosexuality?
    You might as well say that you “disagree” with the wind or the yellowness of the daffodil.
    Homosexuality “is”.
    Deal with it.

    1. put like that, disagreeing with homosexuality does seem a nonsensical statement in the same way as disagreeing with the yellow in the daffodil – but if what is meant disagreeing that homosexual activity is right then that is a different matter. Moreover, if you happen to believe that is God’s view on the matter then it does make sense and is right.

      1. Beelzeebub 10 Sep 2013, 8:53pm

        od does not exist.

        Revisit your comment under that proposal and rethink it.

        I will NOT live my life under the alleged authority of mentally sick people too unintelligent to understand our miniscule place in this cosmos and that there is no great overseer.

        Grow the F up and STOP holding humanity back.

      2. If you disagree with homosexual activity then stick to heterosexual activity and leave the homosexual activity to those who don’t disagree with it.
        All you are saying is that homosexual activity is against your religion.
        Your religious rules are a problem for you to deal with, to keep or ignore but it is not everyone else’s problem as you seem to think.

  25. ‘Disagree With Homosexuality’, you having a bleeding laugh?!!!?

    Being Gay is NOT a F – – KING concept .

    1. I disagree with zebra’s, it’s not their fault that they are zebra’s but the act of being stripey.
      If they stopped the being stripey activity then I would stop disagreeing with zebra’s

      1. “being stripey activity” LOL!!

  26. From June, 2013: “The survey conducted by the Washington-based Pew Research Center last week asked participants if society should accept homosexuality and found significant divisions among the 39 countries included. The organization published its findings last week in a report called “The Global Divide on Homosexuality.””

    Britain 76%
    Canada 80% (after 8 yrs equal marriage)
    USA 60%
    Spain (highest) 88%

  27. it’s a loose’n battle…their train of thought to nowhere will become exstinct like the dinosaurs!

  28. Richard the Big Bunny 10 Sep 2013, 8:13pm

    They “disagree” with homosexuality? Errr, so. I don’t care if they “disagree” with homosexuality, left-handedness, ginger hair or detached earlobes — it makes no difference to any of these natural occurrences & their unconquerable natural resilience.

  29. Dave North 10 Sep 2013, 9:50pm

    Religion tends to deny nature.

    Its one of the reasons we got battery farming.

    What with all that “man holds domain over the animals etc etc.”

    Great excuse to lose empathy over killing everything in sight.

    I couldn’t kill ever.

    Clearly I am not religious.

  30. Stephen Mole 10 Sep 2013, 10:56pm

    Should have asked why people think it’s wrong, then we’d see just how irrational (religion) and homophobic (dislike/hate brought about by fear and misunderstanding) these negative reponses are.

    1. Yes, “22% of respondents thought that “sexual relations between two adults of the same sex” were “always wrong.”
      …always wrong what? why? when? where? how? wrong for whom?
      Are they talking about it being wrong for two heterosexuals of the same sex? or for two homosexuals of the same sex?

      Institutionally homophobic religions and religious homophobes often say they are accepting of homosexuals so long as they stop being homosexuals… which is not acceptance at all.
      The homophobes problem is that they feel uncomfortable about homosexuality and so they expect homosexuals to adapt and change because it makes the homophobe feel more comfortable.
      The NHS should be offering therapy to obsessive, outspoken or violent homophobes so they can address and overcome their fears of homosexuality and/or discomfort when in the presence of homosexual people or people they imagine are homosexuals.

  31. soapbubblequeen 11 Sep 2013, 5:43pm

    Who are these people? They probably vote UKIP. What business is it of theirs anyway?! Get on with your own bl88dy life darlings. If you have one!

  32. …..homosexuality has been going on for ages–literally, it’s not something that will go away, but it actually isn’t too surprising that these ignoramuses in society who get upset because they simply can’t handle the image of two men having sex is really bizarre considering the whole issue doesn’t involve them–or are they denying something??

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