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Russian gay rights activist vows to out gay lawmakers who vote for anti-gay legislation

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Reader comments

  1. I have no problem with it at all.

  2. If you are in public life, you have no right to be in the closet, let alone be in the closet and support pro-hate laws!

    1. Well you can be a politician and in the closet, but if you vote against gay rights then it’s completely acceptable to out such a person.

      (For example Nigel Evans voted 3 times against equalising the age of consent)

  3. Colin Cass 10 Sep 2013, 5:44pm

    YES She is right! i would not condone outing people normally as it can destroy lives,but these polititions are already destroying Other peoples lives !.

  4. Go for it. I only wish I could help with getting the evidence.

  5. they should be strung up and hanged-a traitor to your own kind is the lowest form of life-same with gay republicans

  6. Absolutely, out them! How dare they live behind a smokescreen and vote to hurt others!

  7. The hoax Regnerus study was used to hate-monger against gays in Russia.

    1. I’m sure that Scott Lively and his accomplice Bryan Fisher were behind this.

      1. Showing how the Regnerus junk science study was being used in Russia
        in February 2013
        The page is in Russian but will translate if you click the prompt

        “First published shocking scientific facts about the families of homosexuals”

  8. This is Dr. Philip Cohen’s explanation of why he is boycotting the journal that published the Regnerus hoax:

    “Taking for granted the unethical behavior of Regnerus, and Brad Wilcox, on whose behalf Regnerus acted, the real failure here is by Wright. Instead of seriously reviewing the paper, he essentially whispered into an echo chamber of backers and consultants, “We should publish this, right?”.

    I believe the paper should be retracted because the conclusions are demonstrably wrong, because the author lied in the paper about the involvement of the institute that funded it, and because the peer review process was compromised by conflicts of interest. As long as this remains uncorrected, and James Wright remains editor, the integrity of the journal is indelibly tarnished.

    While Wright is editor, I will no longer review for or submit to Social Science Research. I hope others will join me in that decision.”

  9. Who is Mark Regnerus?
    Mark Regnerus is the NOM/Witherspoon Institute shill who authored a paper from the so-called New Family Structures Study.

    Though Regnerus did not in fact study children of gay parents, he wrote a junk science paper defamatory of gay parents.

  10. I hope she has a file with names and details of the closeted politicians same-sex activities and that this information is stored in a safe and secure place.

    Russia being Russia, it would not be a surprise if she ‘disappears’.

    And I hope she has the common sense to inform the politicians in question that it is their moral duty as politicians to oppose homophobic laws.

    Actually I think she should reveal a few names already.

    The Duma voted UNANIMOUSLY to introduce the recent homophobic legislation.

    How many closet cases voted in favour of this law?

    She needs to make an example of a few high profile ones, to let the rest know that they cannot get away with suppressing human rights and avoid consequences.

  11. That There Other David 10 Sep 2013, 11:46pm

    Dangerous game this. I suspect her apartment has already been mysteriously burgled, her employers raided for obscure reasons, and if she lasts this year without suddenly finding herself on charges of tax fraud I’ll be very surprised.


  13. I wonder if this disgusting scumbag Putin is among them. Given the hypocrisy and retarded mentality of most Russians, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  14. Wars are not fought with roses, it’s a perfectly legitimate weapon, and a fair one at that. bring it on

  15. Tread carefully – these are dangerous times in Russia to be LGBT or in anyway ‘different’.
    I suspect Putin’s people are even now campaigning for his Nobel Peace prize now he’s ‘saved’ the Middle East.
    Be safe , be patient – the mighty always fall – the LGBT community needs to play the longer game. Putin’s arrogance and desperate need to control everything will ultimately cause his downfall.
    I can understand people want to do something now but now is not the right time. Putin’s power is still on the ascendance – wait, he will go too high and when he does fall his descent will be quick.
    In the meantime just make sure the world knows what’s going on and stay safe.
    Sad times I know.

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