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US: Pro-equal marriage Mayor of Philadelphia accused of discrimination for not officiating gay wedding

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Reader comments

  1. bobthebrewer 10 Sep 2013, 8:31pm

    This is not discrimination. Pennsylvania law currently bans same sex marriage and the Mayor cannot break the law. This couple can get legally married in NY-Delaware. They can get the Mayor to perform a commitment ceremony in Pennsylvania. The ACLU already has a case in Pennsylvania. The Mayor will marry this couple once all couples have right to marry in the state of Pennsylvania. This story needs to provide an accurate representation of the facts.

    1. He can break the law through good old civil disobedience like our friend in New Mexico; but he chooses to take the safe option and wait. Do I blame him? No, he’s a guy who wants to keep his job and probably has a family of his own to support, so I’m not going to put him down for simply following the law in order to keep his job.

  2. Oh for Christ’s sake (as it were), is it really necessary to turn on our supporters now?

  3. I would do the same thing and I am gay. I think he is right to wait until it is legal. What is the point in officiating weddings which could be illegal.

  4. No it’s not discrimination. Our community has to learn to stop shouting ‘discrimination’ at our allies every time things don’t go our way (as we see it). The Mayor is right to not officiating any gay weddings until it becomes law in Philadelphia. Same goes for New Mexico!

  5. I endorse all of the above. The guy is just being responsible – elected politicians can’t with integrity pass or advocate laws and then break the ones that don’t suit them. The point is clearly to oppose unjust laws and campaign legally to change them.

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