Reader comments · Actress Chloe Moretz defends brothers from anti-gay bullies: ‘They were treated horrifically’ · PinkNews

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Actress Chloe Moretz defends brothers from anti-gay bullies: ‘They were treated horrifically’

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Reader comments

  1. Wow, well said, Chloe. Her brothers are fortunate to have such a ‘kick ass’ supportive sister. Not everyone can say the same.

  2. You go girl! But what anyone tackling homophobia fails to ask is, “WHY are you homophobic? What is it about gay people that gets you so agitated?” And of course, the ONLY answer, is that they have their own subconscious ‘issues’ about same-sex attraction. Someone who is comfortable in their own sexuality is NEVER homophobic. It’s only EVER those who project their inner-fears onto those whom they perceive represent that about which they feel the most self-loathing: gay people.

  3. Well said but I hope it’s not just because of her two older brothers’ experiences.

  4. It’s terrific that she’s so publicly supportive of her siblings, but unfortunately this idea that blood is always thicker than water is exactly what can cause such a lot of grief for gay people whose families are less enlightened or accepting.

  5. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. I’ve completely disowned my immediate family over their homophobia, hatefulness and hostility. My real family are my friends.

    1. Gay people often make their own ‘families’. I have family but, to be honest, I’m much closer to my friends. I just have much more in common and I’ve never bought into the view that ‘blood is thicker than water’. You can choose your friends. Sadly, you can’t choose your family.

  6. Alberto De Jesus 10 Sep 2013, 11:02pm

    Glad she is supportive of her brothers. I’m the oldest of four brothers and the youngest one and myself are gay while the other two are straight. We are all supportive of each other.
    P.S. Hi from Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A

  7. Id be scared to talk shit about men who have a sister who has obviously been trained in fighting skills! My hat is off to you Chloe! MUCH LOVE!!

  8. An old and wise head on young shoulders, I liked her and now I know I do. May you have every success Chloe.

  9. 2 gay brothers, 2 straight brothers and a sister – what an awesome family! Their parents must be very proud and I bet Christmas at their place would be great.

    Thank you for your kind support Chloe

    Wish I had a family like that :(

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