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US: Westboro Baptist Church’s local city council to hear gay rights proposal

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Reader comments

  1. that’s one heck of a name:

    chad manspeaker

    1. Godric Godricson 9 Sep 2013, 4:42pm


      1. spank me hard ace

        (you can see the kind of thing my mind automatically floats to…)

        1. Impressed 9 Sep 2013, 5:35pm

          You sir, deserve a medal!

  2. The WBC will be so pissed off. Please keep me a ringside seat!

  3. Long overdue that people will openly stand up against the WBC. They are not liked in Topeka – I’ve ready that property values around their compound have crashed and that they tend to have a rather menacing air (being money-grasping litigation-provocateurs, I’m not surprised, no one wants to get served).

    Honestly? If I lived there, and my hometown was forever associated with that filth, I’d want this rule to pass just to spite them.

  4. About f***ing time! What took them so long …?

  5. Will be interesting to see how things unfold, not to mention the reaction from the westboro bigoted church

  6. BlokeToys 9 Sep 2013, 6:08pm

    In any decent society these people would be called what they are, mentally ill.

    They should be information on mental health services wherever they go, maybe eventually someone in their cult will get the message and actually seek it.

    I wonder what will happen when their cult leader (who looks suspiciously like that preacher who led the people into the caves in the Poltergeist horror series) finally dies?

    I mean, he looks like a character from the Walking Dead already, but we must assume that he’s not yet dead and it will come eventually.

    That will be a nice day. The city of Topeka should turn out in massive numbers to protest at his funeral, with placards reading “Burn in Hell Bigot”.

    1. I think more than just Topeka will turn out for that celebration.

    2. But … we ARE talking about the USA – the Land of the Free …. free-reign that is, for those of religions to say what the heel they like. Some of the vile utterances of Bryan Fisher for instance about gay people would, in ‘any decent country’ be regarded as incitement to hatred. But, seemingly, where ‘belief’ is concerned, it has total protection under ‘freedom of speech’ laws. Freedom comes with responsibility. Pity religions in the USA are so irresponsible.

  7. This is going to be good.
    I’m sure a few legislators will favor the proposals for no other reason than to spite the WBC. Such is what happens to those that make no friends.

  8. If property values have plummeted in that area and they do pass the bill, oh what a wonderful payback it would be if gays bought up all the homes in the neighborhood, totally surrounding that hateful church with an upscale gay ghetto. I’m trying very hard not to wet myself from laughing so hard.

  9. Christopher in Canada 10 Sep 2013, 2:18am

    This church and others like it only serve to prove that it’s time that we as a developing species leave religion behind.

  10. Found an interesting insider’s account from Fred Phelps’ granddaughter here who four years ago turned her back on the cult…

    It’s hard to tell from her account how much they buy into their own BS and how much it’s simply a trolling scam which hinges on suing people under the first amendment, but Libby Phelps seems convinced that those further down the chain of command genuinely think they’re doing god’s work cause Fred told them so.

    Similar in that respect to the findings of the Milgram experiment.

    Good to see that she’s abandoned it now though.

    1. I recall some discussion about her a while ago, with people saying she should be given support and respect for leaving. I came to the conclusion that she didn’t deserve any respect at all from me.
      She was old enough to know better, but she still participated for years in attacking other people. A change of mind in her beliefs is just not good enough to absolve her of her participation in preaching violence and hatred.
      People were acting as though she deserved some reward or praise for leaving, while I think she just deserves criticism and disdain for remaining for so long. No decent Human should ever think that those actions are right, not as an adult.
      I was just happy to see fracture in their cult, I couldn’t care less about her as a person.

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