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Russia: Sochi organisers persuade Olympics Committee to help ‘stop this campaign’ over anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Simple. Get rid of the anti-gay law – we’ll stop the campaign.

    1. Exactly, and I would add, start arresting those that beat up, and in some cases, murder and torture LGBT people.

  2. How about no – the law seems to be functioning as state-endorsed incitement to hate and, as a consequence, there is a demonstrable danger to the safety, liberty and lives of LGBT citizens. What is more, the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye, and more radical legislation is proposed.

    If Russia is going to act like a hatemongering fascist cesspit of a nation full of vile brown-shirted thugs, then that will simply perpetuate (and escalate) the campaign.

  3. Dave North 9 Sep 2013, 10:50am

    Oh dear.

    Having an effect are we.!!!


  4. Justusboyz 9 Sep 2013, 10:56am

    The IOC and Russian Government continue to contradict each other so we can have NO confidence in a single word either say.
    There is no question in my mind that this is part of a wider agenda and we need to keep up our commentary and protests in support of lgbt Russians.
    It may take a while but we will succeed .

  5. Colin (London) 9 Sep 2013, 10:59am

    Look IOC and Russia don’t give a damn so we must go elsewhere as well as keep up the pressure.

    time to hit the media that will broadcast the games and show Russia to the world.

    Surely we can delete the broadcasters from our media boxes for the duration of the olympics. This hurts sponsors, Russia, tells state broadcasters we will hurt their pocket books. If the athlets don’t care we hurt them too.

    Just think we gay people 440m and say one straight friend and one family member….Thats 1.32 billion.

    Can we do this?

    1. Certainly worth a try! Hitting them in the pocketbook gets their attention. Rogge and whoever follows him should realize that this controversy will not subside, and the Sochi Olympics are permanently cursed. Still not too late to move the Games.

    2. Benjamin Bee 9 Sep 2013, 3:05pm

      YES!!! You are absolutely right!

  6. That There Other David 9 Sep 2013, 11:01am

    Seems like they’re getting worried, which means we need to intensify the pressure on the sponsors, the IOC, and Russian companies.

  7. Colin Cass 9 Sep 2013, 11:03am

    We Should UP the anti ,pile on MORE Pressure & Make Russia realise How Wrong they are!But that will not happen with that hatemonger Putin in power,Some- how he MUST GO! & the bigotory & Hate with him.

  8. The sponsors asking questions has had the biggest effect so far. We need to really push them.

    Does anyone have a list of the sponsors so we can write to them, we should all refrain from buying anything the sponsors make during the games and we should tell them that we will do this and urge our friends and families to do the same.

    Damage their takings so they associate the games with failure. If they think they are going to lose millions during the games they will rethink their funding.

    The 2014 games needs to be associated with hate, it will damage it beyond repair.

    We need to make people aware that what is happening is so similar to what happened before WW2. Make everyone stand up and listen not just the gay community.

    1. Found them, lets send them a message.

      1. Can you use a different company to supply your razor hair shampoo, clothes & dishes wash, fabric softener etc.

        Dont forget Proctor and Gamble.

        P&G includes – Fairy, Gillettee, Dreft, Pantene ProV, Always, Lenor, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Wash&Go, MaxFactor, Hugo Boss, Oral-B, Wella, Silverkrin, Fixodent, Dunhill Fragrance, Old Spice, Olay, Bold, Daz, Flash, Pampers, Febreze, Duracell, Iams, Tampax, Braun and others.

        1. And when they start emblazoning their overpriced crappy products with “Sponsor of Sochi Olympics” dump the lot of them, and keep dumping them forever-more.

        2. And in America: Many of those you listed plus, Tide, Bounce, Downy, Crest, CoverGirl, Scope, Pantene, Vidal Sasoon, Always, Mach3, Gillette, Herbal Essences, Pert, Secret, Aussie, Clairol, Ivory, Safeguard, Bounty, Luvs, Puffs, Cascade, Dash, Gain, Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Bold, Charmin, Dawn, Era, Cheer, Eukanuba, Joy, Prilosec OTC, Vicks…

        3. Bud Clark 9 Sep 2013, 3:56pm

          It’s really kind of a shame to hit P & G, as it is affectionately known.

          I lived for many years in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, where their corporate headquarters is. They have been steadfast supporters of human rights of ALL kinds since BEFORE it was fashionable.

          Part of the explanation for that might be that the Proctor family have been devout Anglo-Catholic socialists for generations.

          Mother Eva Mary Proctor founded the Sisters of the Transfiguration; the old Proctor mansion is the motherhouse.

          One of the nieces or cousins (I forget which) was Cornelia Cushing Peterson, wife of the rector of the Anglo-Catholic socialist parish in Cleveland, St. James the Less on 55th St.

          “Aunta” Peterson, as she was fondly known in the parish, was assistant organist for decades. She donated the church’s Holtkamp organ. She also bankrolled the church (grin).

          REAL (but polite) pressure should be brought to bear on P & G, as they are LIKELY to respond favourably.

          1. Well there has been no visible response as far as I’ve seen from Proctor & Gamble.
            I wrote to P & G last month and told them I had resourced ALL the products and brands of P&G and would not be using any of them anymore until there was public acknowledgment from the company that their support of the Sochi Olympics was supporting anti-gay discrimination in Russia and publicising the issue, taking action and pressurising the IOC to act in public.

            I got a weak response –
            “Thankyou for contacting us.
            We are aware of the issue. “
            That was it!

            Not acceptable.

      2. Thanks. Just gave them feedback at the bottom of the web page.

  9. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2013, 11:18am

    No. This law came into effect after the games were awarded. This means the games were given on a lie.

    The IOC cannot make demands, surely when they themselves were lied to in regard of freedoms.

    All this looks like is very far from the sport but very much like a money pot committee.

    1. Those sponsors will hate to have their products associated with homophobic Olympics, won’t they?

    2. David Myers 10 Sep 2013, 1:17pm

      That’s known as “bait and switch” and its a form of fraud. The games should be moved, unless Russia withdraws its gay discriminatory legislation and dumps the proposed law, taking away the children of gay or lesbian families. If this doesn’t happen (moving the games) there should be large scale Olympic demonstrations – displaying the rainbow colors as symbolic of support for universal human rights (by both spectators and athletes, both straight and gay) to make Russian authorities and skin-head – “brown-shirts” realize the world is watching them and sees the similarities between them and the Nazis very clearly and we will call them out on it.

  10. GingerlyColors 9 Sep 2013, 11:36am

    These anti-gay laws have made considerable news on the mainstream news channels and not just the gay ones. Russia must get the message that laws like that are unacceptable even though they fall just short of recriminalizing homosexuality.
    Even when the Winter Olympics are over we must keep the pressure up, especially as Russia will be hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. And if Russia still hasn’t repealed it’s laws by the time the final whistle goes then we will carry on with our campaign.

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 9 Sep 2013, 11:40am

    “….IOC President Jacques Rogge said the Olympic body will remind athletes to refrain from any protests or political gestures during the games in February….”

    Will this include people crossing themselves, wearing religious symbols or thanking a god?

  12. Mumbo Jumbo 9 Sep 2013, 11:42am

    “….Meanwhile, a senior IOC member said sponsors are “afraid” of the fallout of possible demonstrations at the Olympic Games….”

    And here is a list of those sponsors:

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Sep 2013, 12:23pm

    Rather obvious the Russian authorities are feeling the heat. I say we must all keep up the pressure, no backing down. The newly intended law to remove children from their gay biological and non-biological parents is more than justification for athletes to commit acts of defiance. What does the IOC say about that I wonder?

  14. Waiting on the quadruple lock to be installed that will prevent any athlete performing any gesture of support for persecuted Russian LGBT’s.

  15. The IOC has a vested interest in the games going ahead. if they had any integrity they would have moved the games and banned Russia from participating.

  16. Marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg should be scared, as should the IOC itself and those who have been sponsors for this fiasco.

    There is a bill currently in the Duma that will strip parents of their rights, meaning forced removal of children from families with a LGBT parent. This WILL grow if passed, and include the break up of all families where anyone is LGBT. Will they remove the LGBT person from the family? If so, where will they go? Where will the kids go when removed from LGBT parents?

    CocaCola, P&G, McDonalds and others, you have been warned. You are backing this, you are turning a blind eye just like the IOC, the public around the world will hold you all responsible.

    The moment that new law is passed (and it will be) it’s time to really step up the campaign and make sure that people know to boycott those companies. Facebook campaigns, Twitter, articles, blog posts, street protest, in-store protests, we should use all legal methods to attack those sponsors.

  17. dorsetbob 9 Sep 2013, 1:05pm

    Grow a pair IOC. Can we expect to see an Olympics with no women athletes if its held in a muslim country ? They should move the games now before they set a trend of bowing to the crazy laws of every country.

  18. CH Brighton 9 Sep 2013, 1:10pm

    Clearly we need to boycott not just Russian vodka (and why only their Vodka?) but products of the companies sponsoring the Winter Olympics.

    1. BlokeToys 9 Sep 2013, 1:30pm

      CocaCola, McDonalds and P&G are the three main targets for a boycott and protests. CocaCola is the longest standing sponsor of the IOC – THEY ALSO BACKED THE NAZI GAMES IN 1936!

      A boycott and protest against these three corporations should already be underway, and if successful would severely damage the IOC and those sponsors, and also the image of Russia around the world. A fall in their corporate profits publicly attributed to a boycott would send an important message to all sponsors of all events taking place in all nations where Human Rights abuses go unchallenged.

      If we can get this boycott right, it will force F1, FIFA, the IOC and other global sporting events and their sponsors to really consider the nations they choose as a host.

      There is a massive opportunity here, hit them in the wallet, force consideration of these issues, and this will force nations to change their laws or become pariahs of the international sporting community.

      It worked with South Africa.

  19. It looks like we’re having an effect. Let’s not drop the ball now. Let each of the sponsors know that you, your friends and family will boycott their products unless they do something to help the LGBT community in Russia. We need to use a common hashtag like #SochiSponsors.

  20. Russian LGBT activists try to make protests in Russia, are attacked by thugs – and yet the riot police (OMOH) arrest the activists.

    Gay (and allies) athletes wish to protest at the Sochi Olympics, the Russian authorities attack this idea – and yet the IOC threatens to punish the athletes.

    Anyone notice the similarity here?

    The target here is not the craven and supine IOC but the sponsors.
    Continued pressure and ‘public naming and shaming’ will make them very nervous.

  21. Oh dear are they getting anxious about their pennies? Trouble at the olympics will spell disaster for FIFA and their sponsorship of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Anyway i thought we were only a small island who nobody takes any notice of – so don”t understand why Russia is so alarmed! I notice Lord Coe failed to vote in the Same-Sex marriage bill……. hit them where in hurts – in the wallet!

  22. Benjamin bee 9 Sep 2013, 2:58pm

    They are terrified! The West does not want just temporary guarantees to foreigners, the West wants an end to homotransphobic laws in Russia. This fear is a sign that the hotel reservations and tickets are not going as expected. Of course, the civilized West does not tolerate homotransphobia. Athletes will compete for medals without human value, only value inhumane.

  23. I don’t know what more he could expect the IOC to do to shut down the awareness campaign. As far as I can tell they’re doing absolutely everything they can to support Russia and Putin and doing everything they possibly can to shut down any protests of Russia and the Olympics. They’ve threatened to send any athlete home who protests the law while at the same time declaring that they intend to keep an outspoken homophobe in her position as youth ambassador. They’ve done rhetorical back flips to avoid talking about the law and how it affects RUSSIANS and instead distracted, deflected and confused the issue with conflicting statements about how they’ve received assurances that no ATHLETES OR GUESTS will be affected by the anti-gay laws. They’ve done everything short of buying pro-Putin ad space on the BBC. What more does this guy want?

    1. Benjamin Bee 9 Sep 2013, 3:11pm

      COI is mercenary.

    2. And IF an athlete does protest or a group of athletes protest is the IOC going to disqualify them all and send them home?
      If an American or Canadian athlete or a coach is disqualified what then does the whole team leave Sochi in protest?
      Do all the athletes who feel strongly go on strike and refuse to take part? what then?
      If one athlete or coach is affected for a protest does the IOC dare to react?
      If they do will they experience a mass protest?
      What then IOC – do they start sending whole teams home?
      DO you dare. Rule 50 try it!

      Solidarity against injustice

  24. Mr Chernyshenko pretends to be confident about the position of Russian law, and it’s alleged compatibility with IOC rules. Were he so confident, he would not need to plead with the IOC to get involved.
    And as for the IOC, it is repeating past statements that have had almost no effect whatsoever. Just yapping out “rule 50”, ignoring the fact that being gay is not a political position, unlike the legislation against it. And it is not a religious position, unlike the opposition to it. And it is not a racial position either, though the prohibitions against both race and sexuality take similar forms.
    While they are able to do so, nobody in the room is willing to ban Russian participation in the games, as they did with South Africa to protest its racial laws, contrary to rule 50. And as they threatened with the Arab states, to protest it’s religious laws, contrary to rule 50.
    The LEAST they can do is now ban Russia to protest it’s politics, likewise contrary to the so often ignored rule 50.

  25. Looks as if Russia might have just blinked first…

    Time to redouble the pressure on the sponsors, methinks.

  26. Staircase2 10 Sep 2013, 1:40am

    Is he as stupid as he sounds…?

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