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Lib Dem President tables motion drawing attention to ‘deplorable’ LGBT treatment in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. In his haste to condemn Russian homophobic laws, what a shame Tim Farron forgot to vote for equal marriage.

    Typical Lib Dem: says one thing, does the opposite. Tuition fees, NHS, gay rights: take your pick.

    1. Dave Page 9 Sep 2013, 1:01pm

      Tim voted for the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill at Second Reading.

      1. And abstained on the Third Reading.

        And voted for some of the wrecking amendments, such as an opt-out for civil registrars from carrying out civil marriages if they were between people of the same sex.

        That’s how far Farron’s commitment to LGBT equality goes.

      2. Will Sarah Teather sign it?

        1. not a chance! Anyway she’s doing a runner from Brent and wont’ be standing again.

          1. Michael 2912 9 Sep 2013, 2:42pm

            Glad that someone’s mentioned Sarah Teather. The BBC’s 10 minute eulogy on this morning’s Today Programme was utterly nauseating. A classic case of jumping before being pushed surely while being allowed, for reasons that escape me, to go with dignity. Dreadful stupid woman.

      3. As Steve says Farron is not a friend of ours. Do not forget that he voted against the anti discrimination regulations. H is a committed evangelical Christian.

  2. “we must listen to those Russian LGBT groups and activists who urge very strongly that boycotts in any form or nature .. are not supported by them”

    But quite a lot do support boycotts

  3. I just don’t understand why the Olympics can’t be moved to a country which does not have anti-gay laws. The athletes would still get to compete and the civilised world will have shown Russia that we do not approve of any form of discrimination. If the games go ahead, the IOC and its sponsors will be colluding with prejudice and victimisation. I, for one, will not be buying ANY products in the future made by companies which support bigotry and relgioously-inspired hatred.

    1. johnny33308 9 Sep 2013, 7:52pm

      I agree wholeheartedly. Boycott is the only option against ALL of the sponsors of the games in Russia! There is no other rational recourse since the only thing corporations are concerned with is ‘money’. If we hit them in their pocketbooks, we will get their attention. Same with FIFA! Shame on us if we allow this sort of thing to continue uncontested….it is up to us to change this, and only us. We have the power to force change. We simply MUST use it, for the sake of all of our LGBT brothers and sisters all over the world….we cannot abandon them to their fate.

  4. I know that Tim Farron will inevitably and understandably get a lot of flack in this post for abstaining from voting for equal marriage. Whilst I agree with the people that criticise him for that, the focus here should be on Russia.

    Personally I’m glad that at least *someone* is trying to bring this up in Parliament, considering that nobody else seems to be in a rush to do so.

    1. As I understand it, EDMs are really just a way of giving the impression that you care about a subject and generating media attention. It’s extremely rare that they lead to any concrete action (or even a debate), and some MPs have a policy of refusing to sign any of them (plus, members of the government are not allowed to).

      1. They are.
        They’re usually about things like a football team in an MP’s constituency winning something, and only really mean the MP will try and get a nice mention in the local paper.
        Or, in this case, in the gay media…

  5. This is TIms decoy effort to take attention away from his own legislative homophobia.

    Not buying it.

    Don’t be so naive people. Even Rush Limbaugh throws the community a nice comment every once in a while.

  6. This is a badly written EDM by someone who does not fully understand the issues. and who seems to be trying to make up for his missteps over marriage with another ill-conceived manoeuvre.

    1. The legislation in Russia is far worse than Section 28. The Russian legislation imposes criminal penalties and restricts speech in every walk of life, whereas the Local Government Act was civil law and only applied to local councils. The Russian law is a terrifying attack on free speech the likes of which Mrs T never dreamed of.
    2. What is going on in Russia goes far beyond the laws that have been passed. Why no mention of the serious assaults and kidnappings that are occurring with impunity?
    3. Russian activists are divided on boycotts, not united in opposition as Mr Farron states. And why even incorporate boycott opposition into the motion unless to make a point that no business interests are to be threatened?

    I hope another MP will come up with a better-drafted EDM.

    1. This EDM is atrociously badly drafted, obviously by someone who does not have a grasp of the subject.
      Farron, Get some one who knows what gay rights are about and has an idea what is actually happening in Russia to redraft it. Appalling, do it over.

      And meanwhile, a draft law was introduced in the Duma (Russian Parliament) last week to remove from gay parents, their natural children or any children from a household in which one of the parents is gay. It is not clear yet what will happen if other children, 16, 17 to 18 year olds living in the household are gay.
      The age of consent is 16.
      It is at present thought likely to become law just as the anti-gay “propaganda” law did, it is reported to have wide support from Putins party.
      and the religious right wing members in the Duma of which there are many.

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