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India: Archbishop of Mumbai says being gay is ‘not a sin’

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Reader comments

  1. Being gay is not a sin!

    So long as we’re celibate and alone and remember that our love is vastly inferior to straight people’s and our families are due no recognition.

    Big deal. It’s amazing how even the weakest, most pathetic sorta-condemnations from the religious get so much praise

  2. Ah, another one of those ‘being gay is okay as long as you don’t have sex’ clerics.
    Nothing new really. How does this help the lives of the GLBT?
    We’re still regarded as second class citizens by these pious elderly virgins in frocks.

  3. Errmmm – and which version of the bible is HE working from? This is religion’s problem. As times change, they and their ‘rule book’, look increasingly out of step. So, tover the years, they’ve convenintly and selectively dropped most of the ‘sinful’ passages because they were being ognored nby the vast majority of people anyway. Just goes to show what a silly, childish game they play and those people who continue to support organised religion are guilty of collusion and self-delusion

    1. Can whomever gave me a ‘negative’ for the above possibly explian why …?

      1. maybe it was the spelling?

        I compensated, gave you some thumbs up.

  4. Godric Godricson 9 Sep 2013, 3:37pm

    No, No, No! Roman Catholics can’t chop and change like this. I want to see the Church holding on to their risible beliefs so that they appear more and more ridiculous.

    1. de VIlliers 9 Sep 2013, 6:46pm

      Why would you want that? Why would you not prefer everybody to live with mutual respect?

      1. Personally, I would love them to treat us with mutual respect

        But I don’t think that’s going to happen. We get speeches like this – similar to the tripe Welby has been spouting – sounding nice but ultimately coming down to “but you should still be single and you’re still lesser people.”

        The problem is far too many homophobic apologists buy the homophobia said in a nice tone. I’d rather they be openly disgustingly homophobic and rejected, than smile during their homophobia and then people demand we swallow it

    2. This has been the formal position of the RC Church for decades.

  5. Personally I find it strange that as gays we have suffered so much discrimination, yet at the first opportunity we have no problem beating Christians, or ‘organised religion’. Actually there are huge numbers of gay men and women who are members of organised religions. Maybe a more graceful tone is appropriate rather than the trendy atheistic secular western agenda.

    1. It may well be because more gay people have suffered than benefited as a result of organised religion in its various forms (though there’s no way of quantifying that one way or the other, I know) and are not especially keen on being gracious.

      And there’s nothing “trendy” about rationalism, or wanting religion to play no part in government (not that it is in this particular instance, but there’s been a lot of interference in government worldwide).

  6. Hi,

    The man has just gone SENILE and Apostate not fit to serve in God’s church causing the faithful to sin. Who’s has given Ozzie the UNILATERAL mandate to decide that an ABOMINATION like homosexuality is NOT a sin?

    Even a cursory look at the Bible would indicate the will of God the Father regarding homosexuality – look at the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    This man has started implementing the agenda of the DEVIL many years ago by turning a blind eye to or rather facilitating the appointment of a KNOWN PRACTISING homosexual designer as the god-father of the son of a MIXED-marriage (Muslim actor-producer father- Christian item-girl mother) from Bandra. Only when the parishioners out there LOUDLY protested did he feign ignorance about the IMMORAL activity and tried to blame the decision on the then Parish priest there.

    Remember, canon law explicitly states that ALL Sacraments are to be DENIED to practising homosexuals, lebsians and abortionists.

    Today this CUR states that hom

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