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Guyana: Judge rules that crossdressing is legal unless it’s done for an ‘improper purpose’

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Reader comments

  1. it is a criminal offence……… to dress how you want?????????????

  2. Guyana is not in South America!

  3. nixiotemba 9 Sep 2013, 12:22pm

    I have to say it again (and again?)
    what has being trans to do with orientation

    1. I completely agree. They have NOTHING in common.

      1. Sexuality and gender identity don’t have anything “in common” in the biological sense, no. However, we are united in our struggle to be seen as equal amongst our peers. It is the unity of everyone who isn’t 100% heterosexual and cis-gendered saying “Hey, just because we aren’t 100% heterosexual or cis-gendered doesn’t mean you have any right to judge us or look down on us.”

        In the same way people of colour don’t splinter into fractions, neither should we. You don’t see black people saying white people shouldn’t be racist to them but it’s fine for asians; they stand together united against racism. There is no black, asian, middle-eastern or anything – there is only NON-white people standing up against WHITE oppression; and united we are much stronger.

        If trans has nothing to do with orientation, then why where they on the front line at Stonewall, hmm? Shouldn’t they have just gone to their special “trans” night club? ;)

  4. I bet they don’t arrest women for wearing trousers though.

    What a load of idiots!

  5. … and who exactly is going to be the arbiter of what constitutes an ‘improper’ purpose? Have these people got f**k-all better to worry about ….?

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